by Amy

Amy writes daily about natural family living, attachment parenting, organic gardening, and cooking on her site, Progressive Pioneer. She and her family try to live simply and be as self-sufficient as possible while living smack dab in the middle of the city.


8 tips for stress-free camping

Family camping trips always seem blissful in hindsight, but when you’re piling the station wagon full of coolers, tents, first aid kits, life jackets, and extra water bottles, it can seem the very opposite of relaxing. The dread of packing and unpacking so much gear can leave many a mom wary of the family campout, and can make for decidedly fewer outings.  I have a goal this summer to sleep under the stars significantly more than last year. And so I’ve decided to make it easier on myself by planning “bare essentials camping trips,” trips that make camping out even easier than staying at home. Here are a few tips to streamline your own family adventures, and hopefully encourage you to have a few more this summer. Read More
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