4 easy DIY decorating projects

When I have had spaces to fill in my home, I’ve often felt uninspired by the overpriced trinkets and generic art that stores and catalogs have to offer. It can also be overwhelming to consider taking on DIY decorating projects because so many of them are complicated, take lots of materials, and require skills or time that I just don’t have. Perhaps you’ve felt the same way.

Here are some quick and easy decorating projects that can be done when you are short on time, money, or materials.

1. Canvas Wall Art

Photo by Emily

When my children’s rooms had bare walls, I wanted to come up with something that would add a little character and not be over the top. Tutorial and other examples can be found at Living Locurto. Tsh has also shared other fun ways to decorate your walls in creative ways in this post.

2. Repurpose It

Photo by Emily

An old chair (stools work too) with some new paint can instantly become the perfect side table with a little imagination.

3. Pillow Covers

Photo by Emily

Pillow covers are quick and easy way to make a small change with big impact in a room. They can be changed with the seasons or just for the fun of it. If you aren’t afraid of your sewing machine, there’s a great tutorial: How To Sew a Pillow Cover in 10 Easy Steps. Even easier, here’s a tutorial for No-Sew Cloth Napkin Pillow Covers.

4. Photo Displays

Photo by Emily

The quickest and easiest photo display I’ve put together in my home didn’t even require picture frames. There are so many unique ways to display photos and putting photos into jars or hurricanes in this sweet and simple photo display is one way to reuse items around your home and show off the faces of the ones you love.

The greatest thing about DIY decorating is that it is a perfect way to bring unique touches to your home so that your home can tell your unique story. By using what you have, thinking outside the box, and getting creative, you not only make your home a more beautiful place, but you are making it a place that reflects you, your family, and the time of your life that you are in right now.

Have you done any DIY decorating in your home? Share your ideas below.

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Emily Walker writes about making your home a haven, and is a stay at home mom to two littles. While she and her husband have fixed up their 1960s ranch home, Emily has learned lessons along the way in do-it-yourself, making do with what you have, simplifying, and living life to the fullest. When she's not busy bossing her husband around on remodel projects, Emily blogs at Remodeling This Life.

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  1. I love these ideas. I would never think to put pictures in glass jars, but how cute! I’m going to have to give it a try. 🙂

  2. Angie Becksfort says:

    the link to the pillow sewing didn’t work 🙁 did it move?

  3. Angie Becksfort says:

    nevermind, sorry 4th time’s a charm i guess

  4. I love the photo idea! What great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  5. My walls are so terribly bare. I look at the huge, empty space and I feel intimidated – what can I possibly hang there that won’t look lost or out of place??? Glad I know some great blogs to give me inspiration 🙂

  6. So many awesome ideas! I particularly love the photos in a jar one! It’s so simple and cute–how could I possibly mess it up?!

  7. YEs, these are all such great and easy diy ideas. I love the photo’s in the glass jars. So simple, but makes such an impact. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I LOVE the repurpose! I did some of that this week:


  9. I hate to sound like a broken record, but the pics in the jars is an awesome idea! There are plenty of cute glass vases at the dollar store or even yard sales!

  10. GREAT collection of ideas, Emily. They’re all so do-able at any DIY level!

  11. I love these ideas. I’ve been trying to use old things around the house to make new for my kids rooms.

  12. Thank you for this! We are renting so no painting the walls. We have big white walls. I am excited to try the canvas art with modge podge, in two weeks that is when I am not in over my head with food and clothes. :). I am so thankful I found this site when I did. I thank you, my husband thanks you and my mom thanks you.

  13. I like the canvas wall art. Other ideas are awesome too…

    I had recently done a DIY wall art with photos:


  14. little baby pictures of your children and/or pets in teeny baby food jars are sweet looking too! ;o) i wrap ribbon around the mouths of the jars, loop it up top and hang a few of them on my christmas tree during the holidays, hang a few in windows here and there in the smaller windows of our home and scatter them on our deep window ledges and shelves in unexpected places – i’m always moving them and changing out the pictures. i love them!

    and the bedside ‘tables’ in our master bedroom are extra chairs from our diningroom that we don’t need unless we are having a bunch of people over – they save room in our diningroom and are very charming as bedside ‘tables’ in the meantime.

    great ideas! let your imagine go!

  15. I LOVE the idea of putting pictures in old mason jars! And to think I was just about to give a bunch away!

  16. We have a zillion jars. Thanks for the great photo idea!

  17. I did the photo in glass last year when I saw it in the same magazine 😉 I love it!

  18. Jars as picture frames! I absolutely love that! And I’ve used chairs as quirky side tables before, out of necessity really, but I always loved the results. Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Not going to lie. That photo in the jar is a little bit creepy.

  20. Love the idea about the jars! I just bought a set of 4 vintage yellow jars just because I loved them but was not sure where to put them. Now, Im going to put a photo of each of us in our family in them and display them in our living room.
    You are a genius!!

  21. I love these ideas! I like to decorate my home, but I don’t want to start complicated projects that I’m not going to finish anyway. So these ideas are just great! Thanks 😀

  22. My favorite thing to decorate is my kids framed artwork!!!! I wait until the frame store has a sale and then take it in. Mix the frames up have fun. I have added photos and inexpensive textiles to mix up the textures. I love that our artwork is original, meaningful and makes my kids feel great.

  23. Thank you so much for including my tutorial in this write-up! I am honored! And all the other tips look really good, too. Great post! And thanks again!

  24. I’m all about easy decorating too. One thing I like is to have beautiful plates decorating my wall. I’ve found some amazing ones at thrift stores.

  25. These are some great ideas. Really like the photos in the jar. Your last picture of the chalkboard reminds me of one I’ve used…I’ve painted the entire pantry door with chalkboard paint. Makes a great spot for the kids to doodle as well putting up a simple little chore chart or a shopping list reminder.

  26. Chairs have so much charm and I’m always using various wood finish techniques on old chairs. I love the look of the chair pictured and thi sis so achieved by painting 2 colours and then sanding through.

  27. I wanted to come up with something that would add a little character and not be over the top.

  28. What great tips!! I love the photos in the jar. Thank you so much for mentioning my tutorial, I really appreciate it! 🙂 ~Angela~

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