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The Good List: The Podcast!

The past few weeks I’ve both chilled and enjoyed the holidays, and I’ve been working furiously to get this new baby off the ground… Well, I’m thrilled to tell you that The Good List is finally here!

The spirit and motivation of this new show largely comes from a quote from one of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver: “Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

When we pay attention to the small things in life, we’re more apt to be astonished at how beautiful they are, at how much we have to be grateful for, even when life is hard. And when we talk about these small things, we remind each other the many good things we have within our reach.

Sharing what’s on our good lists is a small but powerful act of resistance to cynicism — and it’s all too easy to sit in cynicism these days. Instead, how about we walk alongside each other, pointing out the lovely view along the way?

I’ve been twiddling my thumbs, waiting impatiently on Apple Podcasts to approve the show’s feed — sounds silly, but since so many podcast players gather their show’s feeds through Apple, until The Good List was present in their ecosystem, you guys likely would not have found it in your preferred podcast player. Annoying, but true.

But the Apple powers-that-be finally said ‘yes’ to The Good List, so I can now move forward! I’d love you to have a listen — head here to see all the episodes and their show notes, and subscribe on your favorite player here:

Episodes will go out Thursday mornings for now, each one around 15 minutes, max. I’ve given you four episodes right away, to celebrate the show’s beginning, but most of the time, I want to honor your time and get right to the point in each short episode. (The more I listen to podcasts, the more I’ve become a fan of shows with short episodes.)

You’ll also occasionally hear voices from other people — listeners, mostly — sharing one small thing currently on their good list. I’d love you to join them! If you have one idea, habit, work of art, or thing that’s making your life better, would you tell us about it?

All you have to do is one of two things: either call and leave a voicemail at (401) 684-GOOD, and I promise it goes straight to voicemail; you won’t have to talk to a soul. Or, simply record yourself straight from your phone, then email the voice file to

With either method, please state your name, where you’re from, and your quick thoughts about what idea, work of art, habit, or thing is making your life just a bit better. Short is great (preferred, actually).

For now, happy listening, and I hope it’s both an enjoyment and an encouragement to you.

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  1. Holly Deutsch

    Seeing the episodes are around 15 minutes made me very happy since I can likely finish them them in a sitting or a drive. I’ve downloaded the first few episodes and look forward to listening to them soon. Also, I think I want to put that Mary Oliver quote up prominently in my house.

  2. Louise Harvey

    Love this! Definitely a fan of shorter podcasts and rarely listen to anything longer than 30 minutes now. Not the point of the post but I’m intrigued by the idea that people really seem to hate phone calls now – are we so used to email and text that we can’t do the live and unedited version as much anymore…

    • Valerie

      Some of it is based on personality. I’m an introvert and have disliked making phone calls my whole life (even with friends and family sometimes). Knowing I don’t have to call in and have a conversation with a stranger makes it more doable to me.

  3. Debbie

    Will you be doing your other podcast? I am not a fan of short podcast but I’m sure it’s great either way with you. Love a list of easy dinners for working moms with crazy kid schedules.

  4. Tracy

    Yep. I will miss the longer episodes and the discussions. I loved listening in. That said, I absolutely LOVE The Good List episodes so more of that is going to be amazing. I have already subscribed in Podcast Addict, so I’ll go and get those first four episodes now. Wahoo! Congratulations on a new launch.

  5. Rachel Nordgren

    HOORAY! I for one am thrilled about the shorter episodes…I love the longer ones and the longer discussions too, but there are so few podcasts in my feed that I can get through in less than 45 minutes. Thank you! So excited to hear more!

  6. Holly

    I listened to the first two while doing errands today. Good to hear you exploring something new and sharing as you go!

  7. Sheila

    I binged listened to all the ones that dropped and am excited about what I hear. I’ll be able to keep up with this one! Thanks for shortening it! 🙂

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