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The best of 2012

Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home

We’ve already jumped right into 2013, and I’m definitely excited for what this new year has in store.

We’ve come along way since we started as Simple Organic a few years ago, and boy do we have some great resources in our archives. My vision right now for Simple Homemade is that using our natural living roots, we inspire in you 2013 to get creative.

That might mean dusting off your sewing machine instead of heading to Target (gasp!), whipping up your own batch of your favorite beauty product, or turning out something fresh with a paintbrush and a notebook.

But first, I wanted to take a few minutes today to look on back on our favorite posts of last year (yours and mine), and so I decided to pick out a favorite or two (or thirty-one) from each month of last year.

So there they are, our favorite posts of 2012.

Feel free to catch up on ones you missed or pin some of your favorites for later.

 January —

 February —

March —

 April —

May —

July —

August —

September —

October —
  • I have to cheat a bit and mention all of the 31 Days of Sewing School. It was such an accomplishment to blog every day of the month for me personally, and I loved sticking to the topic of sewing for  a while. And feedback told me that many of you were stoked on that series as well.
November —

December —

Thanks for reading, and for being such an integral part of the Simple Homemade community. I’d also love to take this time to thank my wonderful contributors (who wrote many of the posts listed above)– it’s a pleasure to work with them to bring this blog to you!

What was your favorite post on Simple Homemade in 2012? What’s one thing you’d love to read about here on SHm this year?

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  1. Karen

    The oil cleansing article fascinates me. I want to try it, but haven’t as of yet. I also liked the immunity post in September. I do the garlic clove thing, but the lay off sugar bit? SO HARD. I need to do that too, though. 🙂

    P.S. The link for the 31 days of Sewing School link is missing its ‘:’ after the http and so doesn’t work.


    Nice to be here and see your post! Thank you for sharing so much!

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