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The Art of Simple

I‘ve written this blog post for days in my head, and now that it’s time for me to ACTUALLY write this post, I don’t even know where to begin. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. To say we haven’t been busy this past week would be a Big Fat Lie. To say my kids have not eaten perfectly executed meals because Mom and Dad are up to their eyeballs in work to make this happen would be The Truth.

So here goes.

As of today, this blog is no longer called Simple Mom. It’s called The Art of Simple.

What what? you may be asking. Why on earth would we change the name of a six-year-old, well-established blog? A good question, and one that, quite honestly, kept me from doing this for the past three years when I’ve wanted to change the blog’s name.

But a few weekends ago, I was bemoaning the name Simple Mom to Kyle for the eighteen-thousandth time, and he finally said, “Well… Why don’t we change it?”

“We can’t!” I replied incredulously.

“Why not?” he asked. I paused. And then I paused some more. “Well, because it’s too established. You can’t just change a well-established brand name.”

“Sure you can. Brands do it all the time,” Kyle retorted.

I had no answer.

So we thought about it, racked our brains, and tried on all sorts of possibilities. For hours. We knew we still wanted something about simple living, because well, that’s what this blog is about. We thought about the tagline—the art and science of simple living. That was a bit too long, but there was something there.

And then it hit us. The Art of Simple. It was so… simple. And yet, it felt exactly right as soon as we tried it on. I love that it’s just… simple. Not simple living. Not living simply. Not simple something. It’s simply the art of simple—what it means as a way of life, a way of thinking, a way of being, and why it matters both now and for eternity.

It feels just perfect.

Simple Mom is now The Art of Simple!

We’ll still write about parenthood occasionally, like we always do, but now that we don’t have “Mom” in the title, we can better include our non-mom readers, as well as write for an even broader demographic.

Because you know what?

1. Believe it or not, we have a sizeable non-mom audience.

According to statistics, 20% of our readers are male. (We’re pretty sure you’re closet readers, you males.) And according to commenters, we also have quite a few women readers who aren’t parents. As The Art of Simple (or AoS, for short), you’ll feel more welcome. Because you are.

You may even feel more comfortable sharing posts from here now. I heard from a twenty-something guy who said he reads this blog, but never shares posts he likes because then he’s admitting to reading a blog called Simple MOM. Understandable.

2. It became apparent to me around 2010 that the blog is more about living simply than about parenting.

We write about parenting issues, of course, but it’s all under the larger umbrella topic of Simple Living… and we like it that way. A0S better matches the content we already publish.

3. My name isn’t Simple Mom.

Never has been. It doesn’t happen much anymore, but when people meet me, or when they refer to me online, they sometimes call me “Simple Mom.” I never saw that coming. I’ll be standing in the grocery aisle debating diced tomato brands and I’ll suddenly hear, “Hey! Are you the Simple Mom?”

It’s funny, really. Since the blog is a community site, the focus can now be on the content, and not so much the name. AoS embodies the discussions we have here collectively.


So… What now?

In all honesty, the blog’s not really going to change that much. The name now simply better matches the content. We’ll still write the same sort of stuff, but perhaps we’ll be able to draw in an even wider audience—people from all walks of life who are interested in living a bit simpler.

Please be patient with us as we tweak and polish and spit-shine the blog. There are lots of changes, as you may imagine, so it’ll be awhile until everything’s set in stone. We’ve gotta fine-tooth comb the blog to make sure all the verbiage is consistent with AoS, and update all our social media and the other places where we have a presence on the web (such as the podcast). It’ll take a bit for everything to be consistent.

There’s nothing you need to do to keep reading AoS. redirects here, and all outside links to the blog should still work (we hope! Oh lordy, do we hope).

The Art of Simple on Vimeo.

I’m not one to be bothered by lurkers (people who read but don’t comment)—in fact, I’m a lurker on other blogs 99% of the time, and according to numbers, the vast majority of our readers are, too. Totally okay by me.

But. I’d love, just this one time, for you readers here to pop on over to the comments and introduce yourself. Would you do that? Just a short, simple comment telling us who you are, and maybe where you’re from. If you’d rather not, that’s okay. Totally no pressure. But it might be fun.

So… who are you, dear Art of Simple readers?

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  1. Angela Mills

    I love it! I’m a mom and so it’s never bothered me, but I admit I occasionally think of you, Tsh, as “Simple Mom” 🙂

    My blog is Homegrown Mom, but my tag line is “The art of being home.” I really like your new title and it fits!

    • Tsh

      Yes, I know your blog! Great tagline. 😉

    • Janice S.

      I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum – as Tsh put it, a non-mom, but I still loved reading the blog.

      The new name is just beautiful.

    • Alana in Canada

      I was a stay at home Mom for 17 years, working on projects at home: now I work part-time and I am still trying to do everything I did before, including writing my blog. All of a sudden, my life has very little margin. It’s quite the change.

  2. Alicia

    I too have thoughts of broadening my name to be more inclusive, so kudos for being brave and taking the risk. It’s innovation like this that makes you more successful.

    • Tsh

      Well, it certainly adds butterflies in the stomach, that’s for sure! Thanks for reading.

  3. Julia

    Hi Tsh! My name is Julia, I am originally from Germany, but have been living in Austin for a long time now. I am married to a native Austinite and we have 3 beautiful, boisterous boys, ages 5 and 3. I stumble upon your book Organized Simplicity a couple of years ago and have been reading your blog ever since, sending my husband links to stories I think he might find interesting… which is a lot. You came along at the right time an reinforced a lot of changing perspectives within me, so thank you for that. I LOOOOVE the name change, but I’d read your blog regardless 🙂

    • Tsh

      Thanks so much! And say hi to Austin for me. I miss it. 🙂

  4. Alison

    I’m a Mississippian living in Chicago- quite a change for this slow-paced family!

    I love what you’ve introduced me to: simple. It’s much more me. Thank you!

    • Tsh

      I’m so glad!

  5. Robyn

    I love it!! You are truly one of my inspiration for becoming simpler. Yes, I’m a mom but it goes much deeper than that. I was raised by a bit of a hoarder and have always wanted to pack my stuff up and travel around the world if I wanted to! And I have! Our basement flooded last Feb. and forced us to get rid of about 50% of our belongings so that was a good kick in the pants. But I started a blog about the continuing journey. But, honestly, I wouldn’t have known how to start this journey w/o your tips! Thanks for all you do!!

    • Tsh

      Massive high five! That’s awesome to hear.

  6. Crystal

    Love this!

    • Tsh

      Thanks, Crystal!

  7. Missy Robinson

    I’m Missy, and have been a reader for years. I think the name change brilliantly describes this place and it is an easy transition. I’m a single mother now remarried and step-parenting with the love of my life! There is nothing simple about our relationships, so we try to keep everything else simple: schedule, home, etc. Best Wishes!

    • Tsh

      Yes, Missy, you have been a long-time reader! Thanks so much for your loyalty. Means a ton.

  8. Janna

    I’m a lurker! A homeschooling mom of 4 living in Boston, MA. Thanks for your blog. I love it 🙂

    • Tsh

      Hi Janna! Thanks for saying hi, and thanks for reading. Glad you’re here.

  9. Morgan

    As a very single, kidless, twenty something year old girl currently traveling the world for an undetermined amount of time, I am so happy with the name change. Every time I talk about Simple Mom– one of the blogs I keep up with and connect with more deeply than any other blog I read– I am always, ALWAYS, met with confused faces and the response of “But you’re not a Mom!” Love the name change. Love it.

    • Tsh

      Ha! YES. This is why we’re changing it. Love this.

  10. christie elkins

    Love this! I have been teetering on a rebrand/name change since summer and you are spurring on bravery in me. I think the thought behind it is beautiful and sensible, just like you 🙂

    • Tsh

      Be brave!

  11. Rob Wilcox

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now, and I’m a Dad.

    Great that you’ve made this change, I wish you all the success in the world!

    • Tsh

      Hi Rob! Glad you like it. And thanks so much for reading—I appreciate it.

  12. Kelli W

    I’m Kelli from the burbs of Chicago. I’m newer to your blog. But I love your message of simplicity. I’m mom to two littles (5 & 2). Keeping our lives organized feels like a full-time job. But I’m also a Communications Prof. And a new blogger. Simplicity is a goal that I strive for but am not always great at. A work in progress. Thanks for what you do!

    • Tsh

      You’re welcome! Love doing it.

    • karen

      I know Kelly! 🙂 Glad you posted… now I can follow a new blog from our dearly-loved Chicago.

  13. Becca

    Hi, I’m Becca, a Twenty-something, childless college student and self-proclaimed lurker. I read your blog almost every day – I think your tips for living a simpler life are ones that can apply to everyone, not just moms! So, needless to say, I love the name change!

    • Tsh

      Yay! Thanks for reading, Becca.

  14. Dee

    30-year-old from California, not a mom (yet) but love the content!

  15. Karen

    Hi from Cape Town, South Africa 🙂 Enjoy ‘meeting’ all of us lurkers!

  16. Crystal

    I’m Crystal – a freelance writer and blogger from Indianapolis. Congrats on the new name! Love it!

  17. Shay

    I’m liking the new name! Clearly it’s something you’ve thought long and hard about, and I really love getting the back story here. Best wishes on the website transition. Looking forward to reading more!

    (Married, 20-something, no kids (yet!), from Texas)

  18. Julianne

    Hi Tsh! I am from Central Point, OR and recently moved to my husbands hometown in Kona, HI. I love this blog and look forward to the changes. 🙂

  19. Erika @ Overflow

    I am a young mom (23) of two (20 months and 2 months) from idaho! I love the rebrand! 🙂 I’m still fiddling with my blog and intentional or mindful living is falling into being one of the focuses. So the Art of Simple is one of my favorite resources.

  20. Anne

    Hi! I’m Anne from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m so excited about the name change! It was seeming like every couple days I was saying to someone, “I was reading this thing on ‘Simple Mom’, which is a dumb name ’cause it’s not just about motherhood…”. So, thank you, because now I can talk about the ‘Art of Simple’.

  21. Jackie Rice

    As an occasional reader who is not a mom, I’m excited about this change. Thanks for being brave enough to do what’s best, especially with all the work and risk you’re undertaking.

  22. Angela

    I’m a Chicago stay at home mom of two beautiful girls. My oldest is almost four and my youngest is five months. I started reading Simple Mom when I was on maternity leave with my oldest. I can’t remember how I was first introduced to your blog, but I loved it from the very beginning. It was the first blog I ever followed and most of the ones I follow today were first mentioned on or contributors for Simple Mom. I love the new name! Good luck with all of the changes!

  23. Jen

    I’m a homeschooling mom of three. I love the name change! Kudos to you for going with your gut and not being trapped by your previous success.

  24. Sarah O

    I’ve been reading for a couple years; not sure if I’ve ever commented; enjoy listening to the podcasts while I bake bread. I’m from WA, married and moved to FL, but we’re living in Idaho for the winter/spring. I’m a steward of 3 little men, so far. Loving the Northwest again… looking forward to the updated version of this site. Blessings.

  25. Amy

    Hi, I’m Amy. Have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and so thankful. I’m “simply” trying to reconcile who I am with what I am and this blog helps give words to my thoughts

  26. Rachel Reeves

    I’m excited for you! It’s a lovely change and your audience isn’t going anywhere…
    I have so loved finding your site and it’s perfect for the stage of life I am currently in. Thank you for all of the interesting and encouraging posts!

  27. Sarah Caldwell

    I got your newsletter, and read this WONDERFUL news last night. I LOVE IT, love it, love it! I too am a childless gal who has come late to the ‘Simple Mom’ party, but SO resonate and connect with most all of your content, so I am cheering your new brand/new name/same wonderful blog. I don’t think its a huge change honestly – like you said, your content has been along those lines for so long anyway. I briefly met you at Allume (in Erika’s mind-blowing session, when I was also talking to Emily Freeman). I’m from Kansas, and my husband and I have been traveling back and forth from Wichita to our home in Fort Worth. We are excitedly moving home permanently to Fort Worth. I’ve travelled a lot ‘in my previous life’, but now make my home with my hubby more permanently. I miss globe-trotting for work, so I absolutely adore and love hearing about your traveling ways. Thanks much for all you write, and all you give to the world through this online space!

  28. Melina Kastle

    Love this! Been a “lurker” for about a year and have loved learning here at SimpleMom…not a mom yet but hope to be soon.
    The Art of Simple – yay! Thank you for posting such great content!

  29. Hilarie Laughman

    Hi, I’m a 40-year-old mom to two girls. We’re originally Oregonians (born and raised), but we spent the past two years in Florida and then just recently moved to Tennessee. Thanks for sharing here!

  30. Laurel

    I’m a wife, mother of one and homemaker residing in Northern California. I’ve been reading your blog fairly regularly now for about half a year. We’ve been living a fairly simple life due to budget constraints, but want to continue this way of life even if we are blessed with more wiggle room later on down the road. I don’t like the burden of so many ‘things’.

  31. lyn

    Total lurker. I’m a mom from CA, and I love the name change! I don’t identify *just* as a mom–I’d be pursuing simplicity whether I had kids or not, so here, here! I agree. Keep it up, Tsh! I like lurking here.

  32. Dee Cee

    Born in D.C., raised in Texas, now a Hoosier with my Hubby and two girls 12 and 9…I love reading your blog! The new name is great! Happy Lurking!

  33. Alva Lee Harley

    After reading your comments, I realize I’m not your “normal” reader. I’m a 72-year-old wife, mother, grandmother, retired managing editor. I bought your book, “Organized Simplicity” when we were in the midst of scaling back our four-bedroom house and farm to move to a MUCH smaller space with our son and his family. I’ve not read your blog because I wasn’t a “simple mom.” I got here today by chance and find your blog will appeal to me in our wonderfully simple life. The change of your title met me where I am.

  34. Lacey

    Hi! I’m excited for you and for your name change because I think it’ll draw in a broader audience, which is great, because more people need to read this blog. Your messages are always so clear, needed, and perfectly simple. I found your blog from Kari Patterson ( and I’m so glad I did! Also, even though I’m a blogger myself, I often don’t comment…. I often read posts through my Feedly ap on my phone and that makes commenting challenging. But I know how fun it is to receive comments and feedback on your content, so I’ll try to be better about it. 😉

  35. Amanda

    I’m Amanda and I live in Dallas, but I’m from Iowa. I have four kids (5, 3, 2, newborn) that I homeschool. I started reading this blog a few years ago because my friend Ivy knows you and pointed me here.

  36. Katie

    I like the change. I love your work – especially the podcasts! I am a mom so either way would be fine, but one time I wanted to share your blog with a friend who is not married, but was afraid she would be offended that it was a “mom blog”. hope all goes well with the transition!

  37. Shauna

    I am a lurker, a mom, a professional woman, and so on. I love the new name and even though I am a mom myself, the new name resonates with me much more. Looking forward to more good stuff.

  38. Kristen

    Hi Tsh! I’m a wife, mommy, architect, and sometimes musician. I’m 38 years old and live in beautiful Raleigh, NC. I’ve been reading your blog for several years after a friend of mine recommended it. Congratulations on the name change!

  39. alison

    hi! I’m a 32 year old mom in MN, with a 4 and 2 year old boys and 6 week old girl. I found your blog a few years ago, probably because of searching mom blogs or something but stayed because your blog is peaceful and inspirational and different

  40. Tara

    Tara in Texas, here. I’ve read for years…and love this place. I’m glad to hear the direction of the blog won’t be changing – and I love the new name. I’m also enjoying your personal blog, Tsh. Thanks for all you do!

  41. Lauren

    Oh Tsh, I’m so glad you finally followed your heart. The best things usually aren’t easy, but what a great thing to feel like it all ‘fits’ better now. I’ve been a reader for years, and I’m not a mother (yet) but the content has always struck a chord with me. So happy for you and your team. The Art of Simple feels like home. 🙂

  42. Kaitlin Jenkins

    Love the changes! I’m not a mom yet, but the title never bothered me.

    I’m from Portland, OR glad we share the same home state 🙂

  43. Amy

    Waving from South Carolina! I think it’s a great change. Congrats!

  44. LeeAnn T.

    Hi! I’m a wife and mom of 2 littles – 4 and 18mo – living in the Triad of NC. Your podcasts are my favorite and I have loved getting to know the other bloggers you chat with. Through that you introduced me to Emily Freeman and her book Grace for Good Girls and I am forever grateful! Excited about The Barn event in a couple of weeks…right around the corner from my house. Amazing really. Thanks for all you share of your life with the blog community. Your authenticity is refreshing. Looking forward to following along with your trip around the world next year!

  45. Cortney

    I am a long time reader and I love the name change! 😉

  46. Stacey

    Hello. I’m a 28 year old wife and I’m from Hanover, Pennsylvania. I’m not a mom (yet), and it never bothered me but there’s something about the new name that I just love. Congrats on the name change!

  47. Camille

    I love that the name is changing. I started reading the blog before I was married and I just gave birth to our first child one month ago, so Simple “Mom” didn’t apply to me until really recently, but the blog has always applied to me. Even reading the parenting stuff has been really helpful to prepare me for different stages of child-rearing that my husband and I will be going through in time. I’ve loved this blog, Organized Simplicity, the podcast and One Bite at a Time from the moment I began with them. Thanks for all of your help along the way!

  48. Kelly

    I am a mom (2yr old and 4 mth old) who works FT and reads your blog daily here in beautiful Colorado. Best of luck!

  49. Sara P

    Cool! Good luck. I’ve been reading for YEARS. I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented. I think I’m a lurker and I’m a silent “liker” on instagram. But I love cloth diapering thanks to your great blog years ago…. And your site has been a resource for me in homeschooling and traveling…. As well as tons if other things.
    Just this morning I decided to reread your first book. I think I’m in a good place to implement it.
    Good luck with your rebranding.

  50. Julia

    Congrats on the name change! I think it’s perfect and I agree it allows you to reach a broader audience. I’m a 32 year old working mom of one toddler girl. I’m in Ottawa, Canada and I am a die hard lover of your podcasts. I’m also an atheist (former Christian) which may or may not be of interest to you but I think it’s worth mentioning. Keep up the great work and all the best 🙂

  51. Steph

    I am a mom of 3 kiddos, living in Ontario, Canada. Your sharing has helped our family ‘keep it real’ in everyday living.

  52. Britanie

    Hi! I’m Britanie. I’m a 24 year-old mom and photographer. I started reading this blog when I was pregnant with my first and stumbled upon it in my search for information on cloth diapers. I’ve been here ever since. I don’t comment much usually but I’m here. The baby that brought me here is now 3 years old and I have a 15 month old as well. Also we are still using cloth. So thanks for teaching me about it!

  53. Roo / NEON FRESH

    Congrats on the rebrand! I did it earlier this year (for some of the same reasons; not wanting to alienate my dude audience), and it was a couple of months of irritation, but I’m so glad I did. The Art of Simple is awesome. (I’m Roo from Connecticut, and I’ve been reading your blog since before I started blogging.) 🙂

  54. Alyssa

    Hi! I’m in my late 20’s, from SoCal, and currently my only child is my dog. 🙂

  55. Kimberley

    Love the change. My theme right now is Keep it Simple. We are currently in Virginia. This was our seventh move in the last decade.

  56. Angela

    A mom of three, from Colorado, desperately trying to simplify our life!

  57. Fabiola


    I found you looking for tips to

  58. Brynn

    I am a mom from Alaska. I love your site and I think the name change is great. I started listening to your podcast when I was pregnant (with our first, now 10 months), I was trying wrap my head around this whole concept of raising whew ones.t I love to travel and loved hearing how you do it with your kids. I still listen to your podcast when I get a chance and love your desire for simplicity and your down to earth approach. Keep doing what you love and thank you for sharing.

  59. June

    Hi Tsh! I’ve been following your blog for a year now and enjoy listening to your podcast as well. I’ve always admired and aspired to your philosophy of simple living. The renaming of the blog works for me! Keep up the wonderful writing and work you do.

  60. Emily

    Hi Tsh, I love the new name! I’m a native Texan living abroad abroad. My husband and I met while we lived in Egypt and now live in Ecuador. I miss home!

  61. Ali

    Hi – my name is Ali, and we lived in NW China (with the Rhodes!) for the last 7+ years. We have 3 girls and we just love your blog. Wish we lived closer so we could be buds. And I am so wishing we could fit in your suitcase when you leave on your big trip. That has been a dream of ours for forever. blessings on you!

  62. Anne

    Mom of 2, just moved back to the beautiful northeast but my husband’s military service has brought us all over the world.

    Started reading before the babies came along. I think you’re right, I might be more likely to share now!

    Your writing (blogs and books) have helped me so much. I’m very excited about the broadening audience for your work.

  63. Fabiola J


    I originally found you long time ago looking for tips on how to use cloth diapers. I loved your style and you definitely helped me to survive the first six months of parenthood (minus cloth diapers husb was never on board… thank goodness). I fell in love with your style. And as my daughter got older your blog grew up. My daughter is now 4 1/2 and your blog six years wow. I’m not about to change her name, but I love the name of your new blog. You can follow my personal blog at

  64. Kristina Morris

    Kiristina here, from Winston Salem, NC. I love your blog and the fact that you think it’s ok for me, a wife and mom of 2, to be in love with the Harry Potter series. And I didn’t start till age 29!

  65. eila

    love the name name– and am wish you so much success in this wonderful transition. i am such a fan of your blog, and love that you had the vision to keep growing. cheers

  66. Taletha

    Total lurker here! Not a mom, yet, but the name never bothered me. I’ve been following for the last year or so.

    MN born and raised, now living in WI while my husband finishes school.

  67. Sharla Orren

    Hi!! This was actually the first blog I ever read that introduced me to simple living. I have been in love ever since! I am excited about the change!!! I’m from Hope, AR by the way! 🙂

  68. Emily

    Long time lurker, first time commenter 🙂 I’m a 25 year old fellow simple liver from MN. I love the new name, and keep up the great content!

  69. Myah

    I’m Myah – a homeschooling Mom of 3 from IN! I’ve been reading for years, and I am also enjoying your personal blog! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  70. Rebekah

    I love it. It’s perfect and seems to better fit the content. Way to be brave!

  71. Myah

    HI! I’m Myah – a homeschooling Mom of 3 from IN! I have been reading for years, and I am also enjoying your personal blog!! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  72. Sharon

    LOVE the name change! Fabulous. I’m a mom to 5 from MN, a (crazed) full-time grad student and lover of the simple things.

  73. Stefanie

    I am a 30 year old stay at home mom to 2 boys and a girl, ages 11, 9 1/2 and 5 1/2, from New Mexico. I have been reading this blog for a few years now, listening to the podcasts and also a reader of your personal blog. I love the new name! Congratulations!

  74. Jessica

    I love that you’re making the site all the more welcoming to people who aren’t moms. The new name is simply perfect.

  75. Heather

    Hi. I comment occasionally but must admit to lurking quite a lot on most of the blogs I read. I’m Heather and I live in the North-East of England. I don’t have any children yet (and when I do it’s likely I’ll be a mum, not a mom!) so I don’t really identify with the name Simple Mom. I’ve felt a bit odd sharing posts in case people think it’s a not-too-subtle way of announcing a pregnancy! Good call changing the name, I think the new one fits a lot better too.

  76. Audrie Patterson

    I’m a new mom from Texas looking for ways to simplify and cherish the things we have and do. I’m on a new journey to implement Montessori practices in my home which in many ways is about simplification.
    I look forward to seeing how and where your blog evolves. Cheers to you!

  77. Jessica

    I’m Jessica. A mom of 3 + one in January, designer, wife, (note, not a designer wife…) simplicity seeker. Not specifically in that order. Way to go to provide clarity to the collective voices on your blog. Love it.

  78. Mandy Rose

    We met at WDS this year and I may or may not have been one of the people who said “Hey, Simple Mom!”. Sorry for that. LOL!

    I love that you are following your heart and doing what feels perfect and right to you! I will follow anything you write..whether it be about simple moms or not…I like Tsh and the community. And to me, that has nothing to do with the name of the blog.

  79. Anne Judd

    I’m a mom of 2 little ones(4 1/2 an 17 months) and started reading as I embarked on cloth diapering and trying to keep the house by being overrun with toys. I think the new name is a better reflection of the blog- totally makes sense! Also love the podcasts! Congrats on making a change that feels like a fit!

    • Anne Judd

      Oh and I meant to add I’m just a little north of you in Port Moody, BC, Canada 🙂

  80. Grace

    A big “Hello!” from a big city in the MidEast! I’ve followed along for a couple years now, and always felt the name kept me from sharing the site with non-Mom friends. Well done!

  81. Christina

    Hey Tsh! I’m Christina. My husband and I are community developers living in Madagascar. We’ve been married for 3.5 years, don’t have any children yet, and originally hail from Tulsa, OK. Love the new blog name…I have always like “the art of_______” type names; I think it really encompasses the purpose of your blog. My blog is called Simply Smith – finding joy in simple living. I really enjoy reading your blog!

  82. Sarah @ Powers of Mine

    Hi Tsh! Congrats! I’m Sarah, and I’m Meagan Francis’s editor at The Happiest Home. We went from The Happiest Mom to The Happiest Home in April so this is a familiar story, and I know you and Meagan have bonded over this in the past. Just wanted to say hi. Love your work and all you do for this industry! -Sarah

  83. Sara

    Hi Tsh! I’m Sara, and I’ve been a mom for almost 9 months, but I’ve been reading your blog for longer than that :). I live just a short drive from you in Redmond…and I’m not so thrilled with the cooler temperatures.

  84. Jen D

    I’m in my 30’s, a youth pastor’s wife, a stay-at-home mom to 3 sweet girls, a semi-homeschooler (a K12 Virtual Public School), a part-time day care provider, a hobby Etsy seller and a Midwest girl through and through.

  85. Rain San Martin

    I think it’s a great blog name! I read your blog primarily for the simplicity lifestyle inspiration even though I have children.

  86. Margie

    I’m a mom of two in Houston, Texas. The name never bothered me, but I can totally see the driver for the change. I have you under the “minimalism” header in my Feedly app, but as with all good blogs, it should be hard to put a one word label on it. Once a mom, always a mom, just not only a mom.

  87. Allie

    Hi there,

    I’m a 23 year old reader from DC. Not a mom, not married, but immensely enjoy your blog. Even when you post about cloth diapers. 🙂

  88. Melissa

    Hi there – I am a newer reader. Can’t remember how exactly I discovered your blog – but made a connection somehow online since you had lived in Turkey, which is where I grew up. I think the name change is a great idea – as a newer reader, I am not married to your brand name and feel the new name is more descriptive of your site. I can appreciate the thought and effort that must have gone into this – I had a blog once upon a time that started off as a lifestyle blog but then sort of shifted into mainly food. The blog title did not fit any longer, and I felt stuck. Mine had low readership and was not a brand, and eventually just went away, so nbd I think your audience will appreciate the more fitting name for your blog. Looking forward to continuing to keep up…

  89. Denise

    Hi! I’m a married (12 yrs) working at home mom in Kentucky. We have four little ones. Simplicity in general is what drew me to your blog though so the name change is no biggee to me.

  90. Priscila

    I’ll be honest, it will take me a bit to get used to it. But I’m one of those people that loves things to stay the same (even though I’ve lived in three different countries, and have made 4 moves in 4 years… Or maybe because of it?). I’ve been a reader since the beginnings of simple mom, so I’ve always liked the name, it resonated with me. But truly what resonates with me is the content, so as long as I get the same great stuff on my inbox, The Art of Simple works for me. 😉

  91. Darla

    I’m Darla. I live in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. I have four kids ages 14, 11, 9 and 6. Even though I am mom I have always come to your site for the simple living posts over the mom posts. I am completely addicted to your podcasts. Love the new name. Thanks for all you do.

  92. Laura

    I am a 29 yr mom to six, working on making simple and natural more of our home life. We are an adoptive, transracial, homeschooling, evangelical Christan family.

  93. Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time. Sometimes I comment (when I have something to say) and sometimes I just enjoy it and move on.
    I love what you’ve done here and changing the name really does seem natural.
    I actually am a mom to 3 and have a wonderful husband. We live in Florida so while most bloggers are talking about snow, we are just planting our Fall garden. LOL!

  94. Amanda

    Hi! I am a homeschooling mom of 3 (soon to be 5- adopting from Ethiopia) living in Central Minnesota. I found Simple mom some time ago through Simple Homeschool. Great idea with the name change!

  95. Leigh Kramer

    Love the new name and design, Tsh! As a single, non-mom, it does make me feel more welcome here. It may be a semantic thing because I still popped over to read here from time to time. But by removing Mom from the blog name, it seems like there’s more of an openness to all readers no matter who they are or what their background may be.

  96. Faith

    Hi Tsh!
    I am originally from Columbus, Ohio but just this past summer our family made the move to Aguascalientes, Mexico. We work at an orphanage, are dorm parents to 28 boys, and are living out our dream of putting our faith into action for our children to see. We are homeschooling, for now, our 4 children – 12,10,8,7, but intend to send our kids to the local schools next year.
    I found your blog a couple of years ago and you speak my language, sister! I love it! I have both of your books that I reference from time to time, but I can not wait for your new book to come out!!!

  97. Lizelle

    Hi – I’m Lizelle from Cape Town, South Africa 🙂 Love the new blog name!

  98. Mari

    Homeschooling mom of 2 from Missouri! Love the name change! Lurk on!

  99. Rachel

    I’m Rachel, born and raised in East Texas! As a mom, I never had a problem with the blog name, but I totally get it and approve! Way too move forward!

  100. Kay

    I am a ‘simple mom’ of 4 kids. I live on – and write about – a working ranch in SE Wyoming. I enjoy the blog here – whatever the name. 🙂

  101. Alison

    I’m a mom from Richmond VA trying to extricate myself from what the world wants for me and figure out what God wants for me. Simple Mom was great, but I truly love The Art of Simple and it sounds like a perfect step for what your corner of the web has evolved into. Hope the transition is a breeze!

  102. Kayla

    Tsh, I adore the new name. It’s…simpler. I live in Austin with my husband Jordan, my son Josiah, and the little guy in my belly.

    Excited to keep on “lurking”, reading, and learning.

    – kayla

  103. Cindy

    I may not be your typical reader in that I’m an “older” mom (54) of 8. I’m in my 23rd year of homeschooling, with only 3 at home now. I appreciate organization and simplicity, and that’s why I read your blog!

  104. Jen

    Love the new name! Perfect.
    I am a 40ish year old mom…three kidnicks ranging from 3rd grade to freshman in college. Living in Central California country.

  105. Sherlynn

    Hi Tsh,

    Art of Simple I love it! I’m a 26 year old Mom of a preschooler and toddler, Armywife, and Children ministry Coorinator. I need to simplify for peace of mind. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us!

  106. Katherine

    Glad to hear about the change! For two reasons: 1. It sounds like something you’ve been craving for a while and 2. It is that much more inclusive. Good reasons to switch it up!

    I’d be curious, should you ever want to follow up, how you see your blog following change with this. I know a lot of people fear rebranding, but I am curious if you would actually see the big fallout in numbers that, I think, is part of the fear.

  107. Denita

    I might be the only one who’s first reaction to the news was to be a little sad. I am completely a “simple mom” and have been reading for years. But I do realize that your blog applies to SO many different types of people, so I also applaud the change. It’s like your blog got married and changed it’s last name- haha! Still the same, but looking forward to a many more years to come. I guess that’s what happens when you are so good at what you do and grow with your audience! I live in the Denver area with two girls and a boy, ages 5-9. We homeschool and strive to live simply (because that’s the only way I know how!).

  108. Laura

    Way to go Tsh! I really like the new name. I know it’s a great deal of work to switch over but I think it’s important to follow your intuition too. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  109. Sarah Mae

    I love it. It’s beautiful and perfect. Great choice, great job! 🙂

  110. Breanne

    I’m a mum, living in Nova Scotia, Canada with my musician husband and our two little girls. Love the change! Honestly, I come here for more life stuff then mom stuff and think it’s fantastic that you took the brave plunge. Also, now my husband can freely read it. 😉

  111. Teresa

    Hi Tsh! I am Teresa, originally from East Texas, I now live in Turkey. I have a three year old and a newborn. I’ve been reading for a long time!

  112. Sally Hackney

    Hi Tsh, just found you from a suggestion on Facebook. I’m a mom of five and grandma of 13 (with 3 on the way!) I’m from central Illinois and look forward to checking out your blog.

  113. Joy

    Lurker here! I read so many blogs that I would never expect one blog to meet all of my needs but the name change makes complete sense as it does fit the content better. I’ve been looking for more deeply specific stay at home mom sanity saving (not practical – emotional) even spiritual guidance about mothering. But that is just this week. Sometimes it’s recipes, sometimes it’s just something to read, etc. So great for you being brave! You are an inspiration with what you have been able to create!

  114. kelly summers

    great choice! i’m a 25 yr old wife with no kids, though we plan to have them in the next few years. we’re trying to drastically change and simplify our life a little bit at a time. i really enjoy this site and i’m excited to see where it all goes next!

  115. Leigh

    I love it. I’m a mom, but I need to learn the art of simply living in all aspects of my life, too.

    I’m in Richmond, VA…

  116. Faith

    I’m 25 years old and married in Des Moines, and we’re expecting our first little one in a month. Your tips and philosophy have been inspirational as I try to pare down on all of the excess in preparation for the expansion of our little family. Also, I love this branding change. I have a lot of 20-something friends who I’ll feel more comfortable sharing your posts with now. (;

  117. Kim

    Long time reader here in HB, CA, not sure if I have ever commented though. Love your site and I think the new name is great but to be honest with you I come here for the amazing content so either name is fine with me. I’m striving to move my whole family to a simpler way so I’ll be sticking around no matter the name.

  118. Katherine

    Will feed readers automatically update, or do we need to resubscribe? I’ll check over the next few days, but was wondering what to expect.

    I am a lurker. I am also a pastor’s wife and stay at home mom in Wisconsin, who likes food, organization, and craft projects, and who is trying to simplify in the midst of kids. I think they just naturally attract stuff. 🙂

  119. Laura

    I love love love the new name and identity! I agree with all of your reasons and I think it will be GREAT! Congrats! 🙂

  120. Jan McClarty

    I am usually lurking; sometimes commenting, but mostly admiring you, Tsh, since you were a little girl. I’m so proud of the way you bring us all together. Getting inside your head keeps me more in touch with the world in which my daughters/daughters-in-love live. Simple is good art for everyone. We all learn from you.

  121. Rebecca

    Lurker in residence! Rebecca from Columbia, TN, and have been a reader for over a year now (incidentally correlating with the age of my first child). Though I AM a mom, the name change still seems a positive move – moms and non-moms unite! (because really, aren’t we all in this life thing together?!?)


  122. Jennifer

    I love the new name – congratulations on this new juncture!

    I’m a 31 yr old mom of three. My husband and I left the South Carolina coast (my hometown) and relocated to the Midwest this past July in order for me to start my Ph.D.

  123. kate@stillroomtogrow

    I love the name change! I first heard you via your podcast 4 years ago. While I was an avid podcast listener I only shortly started reading your blog. I love it! I am a newbie home school mom, of 3 lovely kids ages 3,7 and 9. I take so much inspiration and advice from your posts and podcasts. I feel like we are old friends, except you have no idea who i am! Love your stuff Tsh!

  124. Heart and Haven

    I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m a wee bit sad that “Simple Mom” is going away. It was the very first blog I’ve ever read (introduced to me by…my husband! lol) And the first blog to introduce me to the wonderfulness of Blogland.

    With that said, Tsh, YOU are the one that makes this blog special and what keeps me coming back reading day after day. I love the potpourri of topics you post about. And I also know that your blog will continue to be special, no matter the name, because of what you bring to it.

  125. Tania

    Congrats on a new chapter! 🙂 I’m married, with no kids and just like reading about people who live biblically and well.

  126. beth lehman

    perfect…. simplicity is how and why i came to your blog in the first place.

  127. Jenny

    Hi, I am a married mother of 3 from Pennsylvania. My children are two sons 13 & 12 and a daughter who is 5. I’ve been a lurker for about a year now. First discovered you from a share on Facebook. Love your tips!

  128. Mariann

    I’m a 66 retired female reader from Tx. I love reading great blogs, that means yours is on my list. Doing simple reaches many age groups, keep up the great work you do, I for one
    enjoy it.

  129. Pam

    I love it! I agree that it fits much better with the blog’s content, and I love that the logo is essentially the same. Congrats on just going for it!

    I am a regular lurker named Pam from Buffalo NY, with a 4 year old daughter. 🙂

  130. Carole

    Hey, I’m Carole, from Châlons-en-Champagne, France. I’ll keep reading 🙂

  131. linds

    Howdy, Tsh!

    I told you this already, but wanted it public – changing the name of Simple Mom to The Art of Simple means the world to me.

    My husband and I have spent the past five years struggling with infertility, but we also have a strong commitment to simple living and love this blog. It just always, on some level, hurt to read it because we felt on the outside of the club.

    Now, thanks to the immeasurable grace of God, we are expecting our first child, but we’re still quite sensitive to two things: first, our experience wasn’t unique – many people have the same reaction and we love to see sites like this become more consciously inclusive this way, and second, that though we get to become parents, that won’t ever be all we are and it’s good to remember that these are the habits of good people, not merely good parents.

    So hurrah for The Art of Simple! Love it.

  132. Miet

    I’m a stay-at-home mother of two (1 & 3 years old) from Belgium, living in Ontario, Canada. Love the new name!

  133. Ashley

    I am a Canadian mom-to-be that’s been reading your blog for about 6 months now. If I’m honest, I’m glad that this will not be just a parenting blog… I haven’t even had my baby and I’m already sick of Mommy blogs! Can’t wait to keep reading your excellent articles on living simply! Keep up the great work!

  134. Melissa

    So I’m a stay at home homeschooling mom of four with one on the way. We make our home in SW MO. We try to live simply which mostly consists of not being planned to the hilt. Still working on the simplifying the STUFF…AKA purging. A lurker as well, guilty as charged, lol.

  135. Kristi

    Hi, Tsh. I’m a lurker, have been since I found Organized Simplicity for free on my kindle and devoured it! I’ve been devouring your blog posts since then 🙂 I’m a newlywed youth pastor’s wife in New Jersey, and it’s been an adventure pursuing my growing passions for living simply and homemaking (among other things) so far. My husband and I read Organized Simplicity again together on our honeymoon and wrote a purpose statement together. Thanks so much for your great work!! I love the new name AND the fact that it’s the only thing that’s changing….looking forward to learning more from you in blog posts to come! God bless!

  136. Michele

    I am a single non-mom living in Austin. I run in some circles with friends that either actually know you or act like they do. :0) Have enjoyed your blog and other writings I have come across. Thanks.

  137. Alison

    I’m a mom from Richmond VA trying to extricate myself from what the world wants for me and figure out what God wants for me. Organized Simplicity introduced me to “intentional simplicity” … Simple Mom was great, but I truly love The Art of Simple and it sounds like a perfect step for what your corner of the web has evolved into. Hope the transition is a breeze!

  138. Jill

    Hi Tsh! I’m a total lurker. 🙂 I rarely comment on anything. I’m a central Oregonian, though valley-raised. I have 3 little ones and and “simple” is coveted around here. Thanks for your great blog!

  139. Anne

    Love this. I’m a nearly 50 nana to a little girl my husband and I are raising. Love this blog since I discovered it through a link in another blogpost. I almost didn’t click because I thought it would be a “skinny jeans mommy, I need more Ikea furniture and time for yoga” kind of a thing. Ha! Glad I was wrong!

    • Anne

      Forgot to add, I’m in StL MO.

  140. Laura M.

    I live in the Kansas City Metro area and stumbled on this blog a few years ago, shortly after I became a mom and have been a reader (who never comments) ever since. And after a while I thought it was funny when I put 2-and-2 together because I “knew OF” you and Kyle before you were even “You and Kyle”…… friend Jennifer was in Kosovo with you guys and I had heard so much about you (10 years ago or so)! What a crazy small world! 🙂

  141. Rachel

    Ok, guilty as charged- I am a big- time lurker of your blog, but I am a huge fan and have been reading faithfully since about 2009. Also love the podcast! Please know that your blog impacts lives. It impacts mine significantly. Thank you.

    P.s. my family and I recently moved back from living overseas and ended up in…Austin, tx. I am pretty sure we attend your home church and have some mutual friends:)

  142. Shelley Hopkins

    I am a retired home school mom of 3 kids, that are now 24, 21, and 17. I started blogging because I just needed to write, write, write, and in researching blogs I discovered yours. My dream is to travel the world someday, like you are about to do, but since my kids are older maybe it will just be my husband and I. I’m from NC, but have lived in GA, WV and now am back south in SC. I love your blog, and really am fascinated by the entire blogging community. Great new name!

  143. The Orchard

    Congratulations on changing things up to better suit what you (and the blog) are all about!

    I am a mom of 3, from Canada, but currently on sabbatical in jolly-old England.

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time and am also enjoying reading about your latest travel adventures. How incredible!

    All the best!


  144. Jane

    I think the name change is a great idea. More in tune with what you’re doing. But I have to admit, though I find you pretty in your picture, I don’t like the sunglasses and the smug look. Just saying how I, one small person, perceive you in that photo. Would rather see a nice, open you in that photo.

    • Jane

      Oh, and sorry, I forgot to say. I’ve been reading you for years, have five kids and live in the south of France.

  145. Zoe - SlowMama

    Hi, I’m Zoe and I’m an adoptive mama to twin five year-old girls (born in Ethiopia), a writer, and a life coach. I run — a blog very complimentary to this one. Yours is an inspiration to me.

    Your new name makes perfect sense! (And sounds like a future book title??) Looking forward to following along as ever…

  146. Bethany

    I’m Bethany, SAHM to a 1 year old boy, wife of a third year medical student, avid quilter and crafter, and proud homeschool graduate. We live in the great state of Mississippi but God only knows where we’ll land after my hubby finishes school in a 1 1/2 years.

    Love the name change! I most interested in frugal living ideas and money saving advice. And BOY crafts, it’s so hard to find good boy friendly craft ideas.

  147. Rachel

    I’m Rachael.I have 2 boys,5 and 3.I have been reading this blog for a few years now and I love the change of name.I come to this website for encouragement for everyday simple living and the new name couldn’t be better than this.

  148. Jennifer Rae

    Hi Tsh! I read your blog from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. So looking forward to your new digs.

  149. Trina Holden

    I’m Trina, and I am a mom of 4 who embraces simple living several months out of the year when we make house in a converted bus.The more time I spend on the bus, where I’m forced to simplify, the more I appreciate it as a way of life. I’m slowly trying to bring ‘bus life’ back to my bigger house.
    Thanks for bravely and beautifully rebranding–love your heart to server your readers well and to do it with finesse.

  150. Alessandra

    Hi! I am Italian but I have been living in Edinburgh (UK) for years. I’m a postgraduate archaeology student who’s been lurking around Simple Mom for a few years, in search of advice on simple living between my piles and books, writings and hectic schedule. I love the new title, and I do agree with the other single non-parents people who have been commenting above: it does make me feel more welcome, and I won’t feel weird anymore for the daily ritual of checking on your posts at uni!

  151. karen

    I’ve been around awhile, but I’m Karen, lazy writer and mum of three, from the midwest and now back in Dublin, Ireland. 🙂 Growing out of a name/brand is hard, but I think great things are ahead.

  152. Heidi @ Mt Hope

    Perfection. The new name captures everything you already were, Tsh. I know you’ve struggled with the idea of a name change for a long time, so this wasn’t a light decision. I think you’ll feel a huge sense of relief now that it’s done.

    (I’m a homeschooling mom of four in Oregon, but you already knew that. 😉 )

  153. Erin

    I’m a homeschooling mom of 3, and I’ve been a reader for years! Our lives have slowly taken on the cloak of “simple” over the last several years and have been much richer for it. My favorite thing you do? The podcast! Love it. It makes the dishes go by quickly and my Amazon bill go up…and I’m always nodding along! Thanks for executing your vision faithfully.

  154. Amy Rogers Hays

    I love the new name Tsh! I’m not a mom (yet!), but I play one from 9-5 — nannying a 5 month and 3 year old. I think I’ve been reading your work for almost 3 years. Your vision of writing and simplicity and perusing calm wholeness was really a big part of my own journey these past 3 years to leave a PhD program and become a writer. Thank you for the way you share out of your heart and life and mind!

  155. se7en

    Just saying hi from Cape Town, Love your new ideas, love that you change… and love your site… keep on, keep on!!!

  156. Katie

    I love the new name!!! I am a mom and I stumbled on the blog years and years ago (just after our first child was born). I think it was the Daily Docket that hooked me. I’ve been around ever since. We live in CO with our 3 kids.

  157. Caitlin

    Hi Tsh! I am so excited about the change. I am one of those women who reads, but isn’t (yet) a mom. I enjoy some of the parenting content (and mentally squirreling it away for the future), but did sometimes feel out of place. I love the idea that it is more inclusive now! Thanks for the awesome site and writing! Blessings!

  158. Jessica

    I love the new name…it fits! 🙂

    I am a twenty-something Alabama raised mom living in Idaho. I began reading your blog around the birth of my first child four years ago and it is still one of my favorite blogs to read. 🙂 We have the same birth order as you- a girl followed by two boys and I am SO looking forward to when we can have our own version of “Tate dates”.

    Congrats on the fresh start!

  159. Kaytie

    Another lurker checking in. Love the new logo! I’m a former physical therapist, now SAHM with my 16 month old little girl in the craziness of DC. The “old” posts about living in tiny spaces, cloth diapering, and living on a shoestring pulled me in, and I’ve been reading your blog for about four years now. Glad you’re making changes to make it fit you better!

  160. Deb @ Home life simplified

    I love it!

    I am an american living permanently in Australia (loved hearing you speak at Problogger) and have been a reader here since the beginning!

    I have 2 girls almost 9 and 10 1/2 who love to travel as much as their parents do (we met while traveling).

    I asked you at Problogger about rebranding and you were so helpful – thanks – i am going to be changing my site name too since I am moving in a new direction adding in jewelry design. Looking forward to continuing to follow this site for years to come – congrats xx

  161. Archer

    Hi Tsh! I think you know who I am by now since I also follow you on Instagram and like to ask lots of questions. I’ve been reading your blog since April 2009! I love the name change, and I confess, that even I was referring to you as “Simple Mom” instead of “Tsh”.

  162. Emily

    Tsh, I love the change! I’m one of your non-mom readers so I especially appreciate the fact that the name now reflect what I’ve found to be true anyway… that your site is just as useful and welcoming for us non-parents as it is for parents. Thank you!

  163. Cascade Hiker

    As a longtime lurker, I’ve enjoyed the content, especially now that I am a mom to a 2 1/2 year old and can identify with parenting challenges, but I’ve always been a little adverse to the name Simple Mom. I am a human being with a career, considerable education and community interests and I would like to think, despite loving my son to pieces, my primary identifier is not my role as a mom. Reading over my shoulder my husband once commented, to the effect I sure spend a lot of time on the mom 101 site, simple mom.

    I recently returned to Portland OR to simplify our lives after a decade living in SoCal.

    FYI I enjoy the intellectual grownup posts, miss simple design, and wish the homeschooling focus could be compartmentalized for those who care. I am committed to supporting and improving public education for all.

  164. Constance Ann Morrison

    I’m a grandma from a farm in Midwest, a fan of simplicity. I’ve been reading your blog for years.

  165. EMI

    Hi! I am a 43-years-old mom of two terrible twins aged 4 and I’ve been reading your blog since the kids were newborns. I do like the name change and the new contents which are not ‘limited’ to parenting. I am reading you from Italy. Wish you all the best for the Art of Simple. Emanuela.

  166. Natalie

    Natalie from Iowa-mostly a reader but willing to stop and comment occasionally. Love the new name, the posts, and your podcasts.

  167. Kate @Wild Tales of...

    Hi Tsh! I’m Kate from Seattle, WA. I love the name change & think it’s a great next step for you! Thanks for creating such a welcoming space & I wish you all the best.

  168. Katie

    A way of life, a way of thinking, a way of being, and why it matters both now and for eternity.

    Love that. And good job being brave and making it happen!

    I’m a Texas native who married a Michigan and
    Now we farm up here in Dutch Land.

    Great to hear you talk a bit at Allume!

    • Katie

      Oops. That should say “married a Michigan boy”

    • Katie

      Oops. That should say “married a Michigan boy”

  169. EMI

    Hi! I am a 43-years-old mom of two terrible twins aged 4 and I’ve been reading your blog since the kids were newborns. I do like the name change and the new contents which are not ‘limited’ to parenting. I am reading you from Italy. Wish you all the best for the Art of Simple.

  170. Lori

    I absolutely love the new name. (I’m an older (46) mom of a 9-year-old boy.)

  171. Rosanna

    Hi Tsh! I’m a devoted reader and podcast listener…happy to de-lurk today. I’m a mom from RI with two sons, 2 & 13. After my younger son was born, I knew I needed to get more intentional about how I ran my home. I barely knew anything about blogs but I started by searching for the word ‘simple.’ Yours was one of the first I found, and you helped introduce me to many other great blogs through your weekend links. I think the ‘Art of Simple’ describes perfectly what you are about.

  172. Kirstjen

    Hi! I’m a new-ish reader. And a mom to three boys age
    6, 2 and 2. We live in Austin/Round Rock. Love the new name and design!

  173. Joanna

    Hi, I’m Joanna, mom to one 2 year old and hopefully more at some point in the future. Yours is definitely one of my top 3 blogs; a must read every day. 🙂 And, actually, I’ve been reading since before I had my daughter so while the Simple Mom fit me now it didn’t when I first discovered you. Great change!

  174. Lisa

    I am Lisa from Idaho…I love the new name, it totally encompasses what you offer here, plus it is broad enough to encompass so much more without losing your simplicity. 😉

  175. Karen Fritsch

    Hi there from Sweden, my name is Karen, i am a mom of three teens ( yes time flys ). I really like the blog and the new name fits perfectly. Thank you so much!

  176. Mandy

    I’m Mandy and I’m a SAHM (my phone wanted to say “sham”- hah!) in South Carolina. I’m glad you changed the blog name- always trying to get my hubby to read posts and while he loves other “simple” bloggers, I can tell he hesitates to read anything that sounds like a mommy-blog 😉

  177. April

    I am April, married for almost 10 years to my Prince Charming and mom of 4 blessings. I love your blog and the name change is fitting. Thank you.

  178. Leni

    Hi Tsh. I am Leni from Delaware. New to your blog and I love it, name change and all. Wish I had found you sooner! I am a lurker and I read your blog every day! Thanks for the great tips and inspiration! All the best!

  179. Leni

    Hi Tsh. I am Leni from Delaware. New to your blog and I love it, name change and all. Wish I had found you sooner! I am a lurker and I read your blog every day! Thanks for the great tips and inspiration! All the best!

  180. julie

    I’m a mom living in South Carolina who was initially attracted to your blog while living in India. I so appreciate the “global” emphasis of the blog. Love the name change and look forward to continuing to recommend it to my friends.

  181. Mara

    Hi! I am a 36 year old mom of 3 that are 5 and under. I am also a CPA. We live in San Jose, CA. I enjoy your blog 🙂

  182. saul

    I’m one of the dudes that lurks your blog 🙂 and I want to make sure you know I think that you and Kyle are GENIUSES in every possible way. What a great change and way to kick off another season and adventure. Thanks for leading and taking your readers along for the ride!!

    And just because I typed this verse 5 minutes ago for a post tomorrow, I thought it would be appropriate to share it here:
    “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.
    See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
    I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”
    Isaiah 43:18-19

  183. Janel

    Great name change! Love it! I’ve been reading for a few years but never commented. But LOVE change, so had to send a little affirmation. Live in So Cal and write for a kid-friendly travel website, but like you we want to encompasses all kinds of families-in all shapes and forms.

  184. Jodi

    I’m a SAHM of two boys in Phoenix, AZ. I’ve been a reader for a loooong time but don’t comment too often. I think the name change is great! I recall sharing a post on FB and a male friend shared it as well with the disclaimer “I don’t read mom blogs…” I know your blog benefits many people, not *just* moms 🙂

  185. Cornelia Cone

    Hi! I’m Cornelia. I’m a vegan homeschooling mom of three. I’m a native of Pretoria, South Africa and divide my time between South Africa and upstate New York, which is our home in America for now. My husband is an Army Prosthodontist so we move frequently. When I’m not traveling with my family or homeschooling, I read, run or sew. I love your blog and have been reading it for about three years now. I’ve also read your books. I love the new name!

    All the best!

  186. Melro Azul

    woo hoo. a week without visiting and… this major change!

    I just love the content, reading it on a regular basis makes w.o.n.d.e.r.s for my mental sanity (2 kids, husband on shifts, full time work for me also. not easy…). the art of simple is fine!

    a warm hello from Lisbon / Portugal (a pity you don’t include in your 31 days series… just take a look to what you’ll miss )

  187. dawn

    The Art of Simple.

    I’m from a simple little fledgling farm in Luther, OK (near OKC). Homeschooling mom of three – TEENS.
    Thinker. Writer. Instigator. Jesus lover. And blog stalker.

  188. Mystie @ Simply Convivial

    I’m Mystie, and have been reading for years. I love the Spring challenges. And I love the site’s new name! It is quite appropriate, and sums up the reason I read it.

  189. Louisa

    I adore this, I adore the new name. The Art of Simple – so perfect! I’m inspired. My blog partner and I pussy footed around for 12 months, we knew our name was limiting. Well a few months ago, after problogger and hearing you speak, we finally decided to make the move – its taking longer than we hoped, but we are doing it – so much work! Thank you so much, I wish you a fabulous journey for this new chapter in your blog!

  190. Renae

    Hi! I’ve been lurking for years and while I’m not a mom, I am an aunt, a friend of many wonderful mom’s and a nurse in a peds office. I strive for living more simply and have found your blog to be helpful in all the topics you have covered!

  191. Katie Di Filippo

    Hi! I’m Katie and recently began reading your blog and listening to the podcast while I work. I’m not a mom yet, but I love the ideas about life that is written about here!

  192. B

    Hi 🙂 Long-time reader, possibly first-time commenter! I’m from a small town in South West England, mum to two gorgeous boys, and one waggy-tailed girl; and writing anonymously at the moment, just to keep track of what’s going on in my head. I suffer from some long-term mental health issues, so my fledgling blog is kind of a form of therapy for me!

    I look forward to seeing where the site goes next!

  193. Rachel

    Hi, I am from Northern Virginia (near DC). I have a 9 yo daughter and 7 yo son. I work PT, but also complicate my life with lots of volunteer opportunities. Yesterday, I created my 2-week menu plan (using google calendar and a delicious site) and was so grateful for all of your wisdom and advice to simplify one aspect of my life. Thank you and love the new name!!

  194. Brian Gardner

    Phew, NOW I can finally comment on your blog, since I’m a guy. #grins

    As a person who helped you move to the new design and consolidate a few of your sites, it excites me to see you make this bold move.

    Some folks may not understand why you’ve done this, but as a guy who rebranded to StudioPress, I empathize.

    Long term and big picture, this is the right move for you.

    Props to Kyle for challenging you, and props to you for being bold! 🙂

  195. Jessica

    Hi Tsh,
    I’m Jessica, 38, married to a wonderful guy with two great kids living a uniquely interesting life. We keep it simple and I enjoy your blog from up here in northern Vermont.

  196. Sharon

    When you told your story about being on the mission field and battling depression at Relevant/Allume you got my attention. I’m de-lurking. I’m on the east coast.

  197. Lisagrace Alsbury

    I’m not a mom, but I’ve been a reader since 2009 (shortly before I became a wife). I adore your blog, and although I’ve never felt excluded, I think the new name is a much better fit! Thank you for starting this blog and for sharing so much of your life with us – I’ve greatly benefited from everything you write, Tsh!

  198. Shirley

    How funny! I was a reader of Simple Bites, first, and knew about this blog but never ever clicked through to even see it until I was pregnant. I’m guessing I would have done that sooner if I wasn’t deterred by the ‘mom’ part.

    –from Toronto, Ontario in Canada. First time mom.

  199. Jenny

    I’m Jenny from Washington. I’m still feeling out how to simplify our lives – I have an almost 4 year old, a 2 year old and one due in February. So we are still working on things like sleeping through the night! But I try to make little changes when I can handle something new. Baby steps, right? Thanks for writing!

  200. Melissa Q

    Hi, there! I’m Melissa Q and I live with my husband and two little boys (3 and 5) in Kalispell, Montana. We moved here two years ago – a dream-come-true for suburbanites like us. Out of necessity, we’ve become more simple than we ever imagined and are embracing our new “suburban-rural” lifestyle.

    Thanks for being bold to go with your heart. “The Art of Simple” captures a feeling, an inspiration really, that resonates with me and I’m sure will resonate with others. Besides, aren’t we all re-inventing ourselves, one decision at a time?

  201. Christie Ryan

    Tsh! I am overjoyed for you on this brand new, refreshing change! This is so much more of who you are and what you are about. I found you a while back, through Homefries, listen to your podcast religiously and LOVE it! I am in my early thirties, married, with no children. You touch on so many things through your blog and podcast that are relatable to all people, all walks of life, and the friendly, down to earth, tell all vibe is very inviting! Keep up the great work, you and Kyle do amazing things!

  202. Joy Cherrick

    I can hardly believe I’ve been following you on since 2008! I was newly pregnant with my first and frantically googling cloth diapering… Just looking for the practicals!
    I’m so thankful for the gift you share for simplicity!
    Your book, Organized Simplicity, helped me organize my way out of a season of depression.
    Of all the blogs and articles I come across through the years, I’ve enjoyed coming back here to be encouraged to keep my eyes on Jesus and to remember to Keep it Simple Silly.

    This is an exciting step. God bless, Tsh!

  203. Rachel C

    Funny, I have long thought you outgrew the name simple mom! I found your blog about 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child and researching cloth diapers. I think I spent the majority of my free time for the next week reading archived posts- I was so inspired by the idea of what could be! Having grown up with parents who were, frankly, pack rats I had no clue how to make my life and home what I wanted it to be. So thank you for showing me! Looking forward to continued inspiration!

  204. Heidi

    I’m guilty of lurking too – I just don’t comment on blogs. But I’ve been reading forever, and I think the name change is lovely and appropriate. The mom thing never bothered me (four boys here!), but it does match your content better. I will still be reading from northeastern MN. Thank you for inspiring us all!

  205. Bree

    Hi! I’m Bree. Born, raised and currently living in SE Michigan. “One Bit at a Time” is one of my favorite books. Congrats, on the name change!

  206. Alix

    I’m Alix, born and raised in Baltimore, MD, now living in Alexandria, VA. My husband and I are raising three busy boys, ages 2, 4, and 6 and a lab mix named Daisy. I have been reading your blog for at least 3 years and have turned many mommy friends into readers as well. I think change is always a good thing.

  207. Becky

    My name is Becky. I’m a single non-mom listener. I found your podcast and then blog through Joy the Baker. I love the new blog title! Whenever I shared something with my boyfriend I found on Simple Mom, he got a little squicky about me reading a “mom” blog.
    Much love to you!

  208. Kellie Brown

    Hi Tsh!
    I’ve been a reader for several years, follow on Instagram, etc… and LOVE your podcasts. (I’ve found out about so many other great and interesting bloggers that way…. thanks so much!)

    I’ve shared my love for “Simple Mom” with friends, SO many times. And because I’m a Mom, I’ve never thought twice about your blog name. But I can understand your reasoning for change. 🙂 (Also? I loved the video!!)

    Oh…. and I’m so glad to share my PNW “home” with you. 🙂 Born and raised, and currently raising my family on the Olympic Peninsula in WA. My Husband’s Uncle and family live in Bend, which allows us the opportunity to visit as often as we can. You live in a beautiful place! Keep up the great work and inspiring reads. Thanks for all you do!

  209. Megan

    Love the new brand! I’m a 30 year old mom from Spokane, Washington. And right now I’m chasing dreams as hard as I can!

  210. Sarah G

    I comment a decent bit on here already so introducing myself seems a bit strange, but I’m a SAHM of 1 who has been following the SLM sites since 2009 during my pregnancy. It changed the way I thought about what was “needed” for having a baby and I am sooo grateful! We’ve simplified in other ways since then, but it all flowed from that starting point.

    I think this is a perfect time to change your name, you’ve already updated the blog in so many other ways and you’re about to publish a book that appeals to a much broader audience than moms as well. Kudos for being brave and following your heart : )

  211. Carrie Taylor

    I love the new name! I am in Alabama and I am a homeschooling mom of 2 boys and a caregiver to a little girl and her little brother. I enjoy your blog b/c our family is also chasing a simple life. Thanks for all you do!

  212. Virginia

    Hi Tsh, I’ve been enjoying your blog as a lurker for 5 years (found your blog on my smart phone while nursing my first baby in the middle of the night!). I’m a mom of 2 in Nashville, juggling a part time professional career. Thanks for all the great posts. I also enjoyed reading your book

  213. nicole

    Grew up in East Tennessee, home is now Northern California. I’m a stay-at-home mom of two.

  214. Stephanie Precourt

    PS reading from my sweet simple little town Bandon, Oregon! xoxo

  215. jamie

    I’ve been reading your blog for at least four years now, but have never commented. Since you asked this once…New York girl living in Panama. Love your message of simplicity – it has inspired many changes in the way I manage my home. Thanks! Excited for the change.

  216. Jessica

    I’m a lurker. I’m single with no kids and from the Midwest US. I love learning about simple living. Your blog and books have been an inspiration and encouragement to me. Thanks!

  217. Wanda

    Funny you would change the name of your blog now. I read it often as a means to stay current with two sets of grandchildren that live in different states and homeschool (or will when old enough) I often think when I read the old title yes I am interested in simplicity in life and I am a mom but without all the responsibilities that entails day to day allowing me to do things a bit different and try some new things. Thanks for modeling not being afraid to step out a bit of the comfort zone ; )

  218. Dawn

    Hi, I’m Dawn, one of your many resident lurkers no doubt! I am born & raised in Sunny Southern California. The blog name, while I loved it, did sort of narrow your target audience. I think it’s a great & suitable change! Kudos for giving it a go, I know these things aren’t easy! I think you could call yourself just about anything and the fans & friends you’ve made would follow anyway. 🙂 Enjoy! Best wishes!

    • Dawn

      I meant to say also that I have been reading your blog for a long time now AND also, probably the name never occurred to me because I am a mom of an impossible now 5-year old boy! I love your posts & all your different ideas, I’ve been trying to shift our lifestyle to be much more similar to yours, it’s not an easy task all that you do. One day though.. one day!

  219. Collette

    Tsh – I love your blog, love your books and love your philosophy on life. It makes me feel good just thinking about it. I’m a mom of 4 that has lived in Utah for 15, but still consider myself an Iowan. Thanks for sharing with me and the rest of the world. You really are inspiring.

  220. Kristen

    Twenty-something non-mom here who has been reading this blog for such a long time. I love all the content & celebrate this change with you! Cheers to many more years walking down the Art of Simple road together.

  221. Clara

    Hi. I’m Clara and I’m from Portugal. I’m glad that you and your family are coming to Portugal next year. I really think that this change makes sense.

  222. Jennifer @ Planted by Streams

    Tsh! I have been a reader here possibly since the very beginning. Yours was the very first blog I followed. Formerly, I was a call myself a pretty consistent blogger… now, not so much. I’m a very-close-to-40, homeschooling, big wide world loving, pastor’s wife and mom to three living in Washington, DC daily seeking simple, intentional living. In everything. Love the new name. Praying God uses you even more widely!

  223. Erika

    Hi Tsh! I’m Erika, a single 23-year-old marketing specialist and lifestyle blogger from St. Louis, MO. I am no where near a Mom (but I do really love most Moms…) so I LOVE the name change! Kudos, can’t wait to see what more you have in store!

  224. Jaime

    Hi. I’m a wife and mom of three, ages 7, 3 and 20 months. I’m from Fort Payne, Alabama. Thanks for the great blog. I love it.

  225. Diane

    41, mom of two, wife, designer, big fan but I usually just lurk 😉

    Moving to Japan for 2 years for hubs job so like your global perspective.

  226. Erin Ulrich

    I’m Erin, mom of two girls, designer, writer, and homeschooler … currently living in South Carolina.

    What do I love most about this change? I love that you knew this was the right move for your blog and business—and you went for it. You didn’t let the fear of what people might think stop you from moving forward in the right direction. And I always admire a person who does that! 🙂

  227. Becky

    Yes I lurk! Becky from Austin/Pflugerville and old school Grace. I admire what ya’ll have created and like the name change!

  228. Bethany

    Hi Tsh!

    I’m an Army wife and stay-at-home mom of two sweet girls (two-and-a-half and ten months). Your ideas about simplifying life have really helped us, especially since we move every 18 months to 2 years. One of my favorite things–You inspired us to create a family mission statement. Here’s part of it:

    “We desire to live with simple and sincere devotion to God, not by earthly wisdom but by His grace (2 Corinthians 2).

    To that end we will focus our time and efforts on developing our relationship with God, our relationships with others, a love of learning, a heart of generosity, and a habit of discipline.”

    Thanks for all the work you put in to this blog. I look forward to reading more!

  229. Karen

    Hi Tsh! I’m your Mom. I love the new blog name.

  230. Amanda E

    Tsh, I have enjoyed your blog for some time! I find it incredibly helpful and I think that the name change is a great idea!

    I am a homeschooling mother of 4 beautiful children. Married to the love of my life for almost 15 years. I live in the hills of Colorado just outside of Colorado Springs. I like to blog and would like to do so more often… life happens though! I am in process…. as we all are 🙂

    Thank you for creating a very helpful, inspiring blog!

  231. Jill Foley

    I love the new name – just watched the trailer and I love it. I love your focus of living simply so others can simply live. I love your mention of how this can have an eternal impact.

    I’m Jill and I live not too far from you, in Portland. My motivation for simple living is based on Biblical principals and our family chooses to share our wealth with kids all over the world by sponsoring kids through Compassion International. Living simply allows us to sponsor even more children.

    Thanks for all you do here and hopefully someday I’ll meet you!

  232. Marcy

    I’m a wife, mom of 3, part time nurse and a lurker living in New Hampshire. Love the name change even though I am a mom….I am many other things…including a woman fiercely determined to declutter my lego/stuffed animal/clothes infested home. (Just finished One Bite at a Time, I’m motivated!)

  233. Andee Z

    It’s funny that you posted this today. I am nowhere near the blogger you are, but lately I’ve been feeling my own site doesn’t reflect everything I write about anymore. The network site, BlogHer, actually changed the category my blog is listed under on their site. At first I was irked. Now, I wonder if my new “category” should be the direction I go. I don’t know. Feeling pretty confused.

    Looking forward to your change! (Or lack of change.) 🙂

  234. Jen

    Love the new name! I am a long-time reader/lurker and love what you have to share. I am a Colorado girl who just moved to Hawaii with my hubby and three kids. I love how grounded in intention and faith your work is. Thank you, Tsh!

  235. Andrea

    I’ve loved Simple Mom for a few years now but almost never comment. Love the new name. You actually helped inspire the latest post at my blog. Thanks for the great article on the chocolate industry a few weeks back.

  236. Kate

    I am a subscriber to your blog, but for sure a lurker. I am a mom of 2 (boy, 4 years old & girl, 2 years old). I live in Portland, OR. LOVE the name change. I always forward posts to my husband, and now I think he will read them more seriously. 🙂 Not just another Mommy Blog as he would say.

  237. Babs C.

    Challenge Accepted…First time commenter here, occasional reader, 2nd or 3rd time visitor to your site and one who appreciates living simply! Our connection is through (in)Courage and some of your co-blog writers there. Today, I selected the link in Emily P. Freeman’s post delivered to my in-box from her Chatting at the Sky blog. I adore the mutual support, encouragement and honest love/friendship I observe amid the (in)courage community and will forever be grateful to DaySpring and Holley Gerth for “introducing” me to this wonderful group of people. Though I do not have a website or blog, and only recently arrived even on FB, one day I hope to share in these formats myself. One step at a time. Non-Mom am I, so I can express appreciation for your sensitive understanding shown through your thought processes leading up to the blog name change. Nicely done! I love the new name. Well, forgive me if I lurk from time to time, no need to fear. I don’t let the wind blow me about, but do follow the Spirit and so know it will again lead me here. Bless you Tsh in all you do!

  238. Darla

    Hi Tsh!

    i have been following/lurking your blog for a couple years i live in a place called Peculiar! 🙂 in the mid-west of the USA i am trying to learn simple living my 8 children are mostly out of the nest. Like the name change & agree it just seems to fit. really enjoy your learning blogs for moms.

  239. April

    Here from Nova Scotia… Mostly lurking for the past two years of reading, but love it every day, and love the new name.

  240. Martine

    Bonjour Tsh,

    I’m from Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada. I love reading your blog and I truly feel the new name you’ve chosen fits it much better. Tks for all that you bring to us!

  241. Sarah Silvester

    I’m from New Zealand and I love this blog and am an avid podcast listener too. I’m a parent, we have 3 kids 5 and under.
    I like the new name. I hadn’t thought about it before now, but in this country we say mUm not mOm, so every time I told someone about a post or podcast I’d heard here I had to do a weird “mOm, it’s American, you know” explanation. I’m kind of happy that I don’t have to do that anymore!

  242. Sarah Westphal

    Brilliant! Love the new name! (I was surprised you didn’t change your brand name when you re-vamped your site.)

    I live in Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada. I have 3 kids-3.5, 20 mos, 6 mos (and pregnant) and work at home with our coffee roasting business. I recall being directed to your site through an interview you had with Gretchen Ruben that had been emailed to me… 3.5 years ago? Goodness you were my FIRST blog ever to follow and I have been hooked ever since.

    Congrats on taking that leap!

  243. Katie

    I am a mom of 2 (7 and 4) and a preschool/childcare provider of 15 years in Maine. I came across your blog when I began my minimalism/simplifying journey. Love your blog-keep up the great work!!

  244. Andee Z

    It’s a coincidence that you posted this today…I also posted about wondering if I should change the direction of my blog. For me, the blog is a hobby, not our income. Even though it wouldn’t be near the big deal as changing yours is – it’s still a small inconvenience I haven’t wanted to deal with. But, maybe your change will motivate me!

    Whatever you decide to call it, I’m sure I’ll still enjoy reading. 🙂

  245. Beth

    Hi, I’ve never commented but I like your blog and your name change! I’m a scientist in Missouri.

  246. Kali

    I love the new look and branding. Fabulous. I really am enjoying your personal site as well and think the connection between these two is wonderful. And yeah- I’m a mom of 8, a native of Victoria BC and a fellow lover of all things simple…by necessity!

  247. Sarah

    Hi Tsh, love the new name & logo! I’m a single twenty something from Bristol, UK (South west England 🙂 ) I love your blog & have been lurking for years, I used the orginal pocket docket printable a lot at one point when I was a teenager & slightly more recently have felt little awkward pinning content from your awesome site wondering if people find it odd!!

    Thanks for making your name as inclusive as your site 🙂

  248. Beth

    I’ve been reading for the past year or so and got hooked on your podcast this past spring. Love your content both of the blog and on the podcast. Thanks for all you do! I’m 28 from Charlotte, NC and have 2 little boys…and a new baby on the way!

  249. Andrea

    I’m Andrea, originally from NW Iowa, and have been living in Washington State (west side!) for 6 years. I started reading your blog in the fall of 2009, shortly after getting married. I’m not a mom, but I’ve always loved your blog. I’ve recommended it to so many people, and have always felt slightly weird to admit that I read and love a “mom blog.” However, you’ve given me lots of wonderful stuff to think about if/when we do have kids. I think the name change is great. Best wishes!

  250. Linda

    Whew, that took me a while to scroll down the comments on my phone! : )

    I’m happy with the name change, it’s just beautifully simple really.

    Currently living in Puerto Rico for my husband’s business but have been a reader for about 3 years at least. I was reading your book recommendations list over the weekend & wanna get most of them, and in fact we got the Harry Potter series for our son’s 9th bday. I feel like I’ve learned so much through the years thanks to you! God bless your family!

  251. sarah

    Hey there,

    My name is Sarah, I live in Massachusetts, and currently I’m a stay at home Mom with one 8 year old boy. My husband (one of those Lurking Males, no doubt) introduced me to your blog a couple of years ago. I love reading your blog, and think the name change is great!

  252. Jackie

    Hi Tsh! Brava! Happy about this name change, it really suits the site’s content. I am a mother of 2 littles and stumbled across your blog about a year ago when I was looking for mom-related podcasts. So I first listened to you and have been enjoying those conversations ever since. You’ve been very inspirational to me – the podcasts about women/moms starting small businesses, your wonderful One Bite at a Time e-book (which I tell everyone I know to buy!), and also the Dave Ramsey stuff. I must’ve been living under a rock, but hadn’t heard of him ’til I read about him on your blog. Now my husband and I have been rolling along with the debt snowball and we’re feeling better about our financial security than we ever thought was possible. Thank you x infinity for that!!

  253. Holly F

    Thanks for making it easy with the re-direct. I think that helps a lot. Been reading your blog for years but don’t comment much.

  254. Jessica

    Jessica from Northern Indiana, mom of two girls, part-time ESL aide, part time homeschool mom, with dad filling morning teaching duties. Love all that you share with us.

  255. Carole

    Hi! It’s funny – just last week I considered forwarding a post of yours to a single, non parent friend of mine. And then I thought about the long caveat I would write backing myself out of the “mom” part of the link. So I didn’t send it. No big deal, and yet…. I do think this will broaden your impact and audience.
    Speaking of, this reader 😉 hails from upstate NY and has been a fan since the beginning.

    • Carole

      Oh – and I have 4 sons and 1 baby girl. We homeschool and live in a big old city home and hope to try urban bee keeping in the near future.

  256. amber

    Hey there! Amber here newly moved to Lafayette, LA after living my entire life in the northeast. Mom to an 8 year old and 10 year old. Your blog resonates with me as I strive for a more “simple” life yet more meaning-full!

  257. Deborah

    Love your blog! I’m a regular reader/lurker 🙂 and also a mom of three littles. Love the new name, too! Really appreciated your recent piece about the sourcing of chocolate.

  258. mandy

    Hey….I am lurker;) love the blog and the new name…less stereotype ish;) I am a SAHM now, formally a high school English teacher for the past 16yrs! I am 37 yrs old, married with 3 kids (8,4,1) and I live in Charleston, SC!

  259. Anne Marie

    Oh, dear. I hit the “Post Comment” button before I commented. I shall try again. I am from San Francisco, and love the write-ups under the old moniker. However, I LOVE the new name, “the art of simple.” What a great name! And, of course, it was the suggestion of someone to change it when “we all KNOW it can’t be done.” Out of the mouths of babes, right? I hope this continues to be a growing site – I love these suggestions/musings/thoughts. Thank you!

  260. Kathy Ellen Davis

    I’m a 30 year old simple liver in Santa Cruz, CA.
    I work with kids, and am a picture book writer,
    and just love all these posts.
    Keep up the good work!

  261. mandy

    Lurker…SAHM of 3 kids (8,4,1) love the blog and name change…I hail from Charleston,SC!

  262. Jesse Hoover

    Love the new site! As a ‘dude’ it will be easier to say “over at The Art of Simple” as opposed to “Simple Mom”. Hailing here from Amish Paradise in PA.

  263. Tameeka

    Hey there… I thought the idea of delurking (unlurking?) sounded fun so here I am 🙂 My name is Tameeka and I am from central Victoria Australia 🙂 I am Wife of one and Mum of one!
    I dont tend to comment on any of the blogs I read (long time lurker here;)) just because I am from Au so the time difference make it a lil tricky to get a response etc and other things then happen etc!

    Looking forward to the new site sound like a fun new chapter! Have a fantastic day/evening/night/morning 🙂


  264. Anjali

    Hi Tsh –

    I totally LOVE your blog and am addicted to it ! I am a SAHM of 2 little boys and live in PA .GL with the blog and all the fun travels next year!

  265. Patrícia Rizzi

    Hi, I’m Patrícia from Brazil, I don’t have a blog yet cause I didnt find a name yet!!!! So I know how u feel! I liked the old name, cause I’m a mom, but the new one is good too.
    I’m a dance teacher, I have a 3 years old girl, and I love your blog!

  266. Katherine

    I’m a mom of a 4.5 year old little girl from Boston, MA. I’ve been enjoying your blog and book for the last few years. A dear friend introduced me to your blog after one of our conversations on intentional parenting. I love the focus on keeping life simple. A struggle in this day and age, but completely worth it!

  267. Karen

    Single girl from Alberta, Canada, not a mom yet but hopefully soon! Love your blog, and the name change is great!

  268. Susan

    I’m one of those lurkers – been reading for years and this is the first time I’ve commented. I love the name change; while I am the mom of three boys 20, 19 and 17 yo, I read this because of all the different aspects, not just the motherhood.

    • Susan

      Oh, and I live in Northern California 🙂

  269. Melissa

    Hi from a mom in Dallas, Texas!

  270. Dannielle

    Hi Tsh! I’m Dannielle. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I blog at Style for a Happy Home. As I’m not a mom, I’ve never commented before, but I love the new name and I can’t wait to keep following along.

  271. Virginia

    Hi Tsh, I’ve been reading your blog for about 5 years now (I guess I’m a lurker!) I think I discovered your blog on my smart phone, probably in the middle of the night when I was up nursing my first baby (I now have a 5 and 3 yr old). I’m from Nashville, a Christian, trying to juggle working part time and also be present for my family. I appreciate your blog so much, it has really inspired me over the years and help me focus on the things that really matter. I also bought and enjoyed your first book too, by the way. We have a family mission statement on our wall, inspired by it! I once dreamed you were my therapist, which was entertaining to try to explain the significance of your blog to me, to my real therapist! =)

  272. sabine

    Hi Tsh,
    Great name choice! As a marketer, I totally understand why you wanted to change your name.
    I am a fairly new reader of your blog but really like it!
    Like many of the commenters before me, I am also an expat – as I am currently living in Argentina!

  273. Debbie

    I’m a married mom of two from NY and have been reading for years. I love that a wider audience will now feel more welcome here. Congrats on the new name!

  274. Jo Evans

    I’m a lurker, but a very regular one. I often listen to your podcast, Tsh and follow Istagram stuff. I’m a mum (with a U because I’m in Melbourne, Australia, that’s how we roll). Reading your stuff was sanity saving for me after the birth of my first little one, Joshua, 17 months ago. Now with another on they way I’m hoping that connecting, learning and growing through some quality reading will help after THE CRAZY hits when #2 arrives. I’m an ENFP so quite frankly, I need the conversation, input and yes, organisational help (from your older posts) that this blog provides. Thanks so much – you’ve blessed me heaps, Tsh and crew. Great name, great vision.

  275. Rachel

    Hi, Tsh! I’m Rachel from Alabama. I’ve been reading Simple Mom for several years now (so long I can’t remember how I got here in the first place!) and I never minded the “Mom” part even though I only actually became a mother 8 months ago. But I understand your need to change the name. 😉

  276. Bea @ Bea's Bites

    Hi Tsh, I’m Bea. I’m also a mid-20s woman, single and childless, but I started following your blog after discovering your podcast through Joy the Baker. Congrats on making your name change! So exciting!! I always connected with posts even though I don’t have children, and I can only expect that to continue.

  277. Lauren

    Hi, I read loads of blogs but never comment. I had no idea that this was called “lurking” or that it was something that bothered bloggers! Ooops! Thanks for enlightening me on that subject. Anyway, love the new name, it definitely is a better it, in line with your content and message so well done. xx

  278. caroline

    Hi Tsh! I’ve been a faithful lurker for a number of years, and love popping in to see what’s going on. The new name is brilliant and fits this space you’ve created perfectly. Good on you for taking the bold step to change it! We’ve been trying to carve out simple in our days here in Cambodia, and now, on the cusp of returning to Australia after six years I know there will be lots of redefining and reshaping what simple is for us as individuals, as a family and as part of a community. The Art of Simple will no doubt remain a great go-to place to remember and remind myself of the importance of simple in the everyday.

  279. DeniG

    I’m one of those lurkers that silently read every post. I came across SimpleMom several years ago when I was looking for ways to simplify our lives, our budget, and my mindset. Back then, I didn’t know anyone that didn’t buy paper towels in bulk and proudly answer “Busy!” when asked “How are you?” I was looking to spend less money at the store, and more time at home with my husband and kids. You helped me find ways to do both. Thank you!

  280. tacy

    Hi Tsh! I have loved reading your blog for years, and a change in name will do nothing for my admiration for your work, and dedication as a reader, here. My husband and I hail from TN, made our home in MD for 5 1/2 years, and have returned to our old stomping grounds now! God bless you in your endeavors! You are an excellent writer.

  281. Jill

    I live in Michigan and my kids are grown. Change can be good. You have a wise husband.

  282. jasmine

    I’m Jasmine from Southern California, and I’m a stay-at-home mom (my daughter just turned one). I’m an occasional reader, but I always listen to your podcast! It’s just easier for me to listen to content rather than read it these days! I’m hoping you continue talking to your regular lineup of moms. Listening to two moms talk, even when they’re not discussing parenting, is why I love the podcast. Staying at home all day with a little one can get lonely so I love having your company while I listen. 😉

  283. jasmine

    P.S. I miss Hayley from The Tiny Twig! It seems like she hasn’t been on in awhile!

  284. Jodie

    I’m a mum (yep and an Aussie), two daughters 2 and 4. Grew up as a third culture kid. Love reading, love the name change.

  285. Kelli

    I have been a fan of the way you encourage others toward simplicity for a long time. I probably can’t count the number of times I have checked out Organized Simplicity & re-read it. I am a mid-forties wife & mom of 3 teens. I love all things home & family. I spend my days homeschooling my kids & keeping everyone fed & in clean clothes 🙂 My passions are gardening, art & cooking. I definitely LOVE the name change. It’s perfect.

  286. Lisa

    I’m totally a lurker 🙂 I’m a first-time mom to a 7-month-old and a Registered Nurse – but I started reading your blog years before I was ever a mom. I found you guys because a friend gave me her copy of Organized Simplicity a couple years back and I loved it! What you all do is great. Thanks for being a part of my life! (oh, and I LOVE your podcast too!)

  287. Joyce

    Hi Tsh, my name is Joyce and I’m a lurker. I’m not a mom but have been reading your blog for a few years now. It never bothered me that it was called simple mom, but the art of simple is such a better fit!

  288. Kim

    Hi, I’m Kim, and I guess I’m one of those “lurkers” you speak of – sorry! I have read your blog for several years and have shared it with friends who do not have children, telling them that they could still get a lot from the blog. I was right! I found you in my search for simplicity. I’m still working on it and fighting my nature to hold on to things – just in case. I just threw out a bag of dog toys that are beyond repair, but I was sure that I could give them new life. Now I’m sure I can’t.

    I am a Christian, wife and mother of an 11-year old boy. I work 4 days/ week for a community support agency in Southern Ontario.

    Your blog is great! Love the new name!

  289. emily wierenga

    love this Tsh. well done friend!

  290. Martha

    I’m an American living in Kenya. Your blog was a lifesaver to me when we moved back to the US from East Africa 6 years ago and I was trying to figure how to manage our family there. Now we’re back in Africa again with our 4 children. Wherever we are, I appreciate your message. Thank you!

  291. MaryBeth

    Hi, I’m a mom of 4 girls and we currently live in San Antonio, but have another military move coming up very soon. I’ve enjoyed your blog since the beginning… it must have started during the time that we were struggling through the sleepless year of having a toddler and triplet infants.

  292. Jennifer

    Hi, I’m a mostly stay-at-home mom of one child (praying for more for 6+ years) in Ottawa Canada. I dream of having a simpler (which for me mostly means less possessions, and less clutter) life. Your blog is one of many that I read on and off for tips and inspiration. I love the new name!

  293. Leoni

    Hi, I am a mum of 3 girls from Sydney Australia. I have only just found your blog and I like it! Congratulations on the re-branding – I wish you all the best.
    lg xx

  294. Jill @ Called To Be A Mom

    Hi, I find it interesting that you are changing your name. I have also wondered if I was making mine to narrowed by having mom in my name as well! I like your new name by the way!

  295. Danielle

    Hi! I’m Danielle, a social impact consultant by day, and storyteller and aspiring social entrepreneur by night. I started blogging about marriage, faith, feminism, and simply living a couple years ago and then transitioned a couple months ago to an eponymous blog focused on social justice, conscious consumption, sustainable fashion, and storytelling. Excited for your rebrand!

  296. Courtney Bailey Parker

    Hi Tsh! I’m a total lurker. I’m a married twenty-something working on my PhD in English. No kids. But I’ve been reading this blog for years, even the parenting posts. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from this blog, but I can tell you it never felt like a “mom blog.” It was always something more, as you said.

    The name change warms this non-mom’s heart. Cheers to The Art of Simple!

  297. Molly

    Love the name change. Your blog is a tranquil island of sanity in the midst of my small-child chaos. Keep on keeping on, please.

  298. Gretchen Louise

    I love it! I rebranded on a much smaller scale a year ago–Young Ladies Christian Fellowship became Kindred Grace–so I can appreciate your never-ending to-do list. But I love how it’s coming together. So excited for you!

    I’m a farmer’s wife, a very “simple” mom to 3 little ones. I love to write and code and cook and read (not necessarily in that order).

  299. Sharon

    Hey, I’m Sharon. I’m a stay-at-home mom living in Canada. I love getting ideas about living with intention and being conscious of my choices. I love money management, making healthy food that gets a thumbs up from my kids, volunteering in my community and church. First time commenter. I’m one of the lurkers you spoke of! 😉

  300. Amy @ A Journey of Purpose

    Homeschooling mama from Georgia with 3 kiddos. Change can be a great thing! Kudos to you for going with your gut!

  301. Emily

    I am Emily. I started reading your blog over a year ago after reading “Organized Simplicity”. Reading that book made a huge difference in how I view my every day life. I am a stay at home mom of 4 kids. I am also a “lurker” but I love reading your blog and have found many other great blogs from reading Simple Mom.

  302. Megan

    I like the change! I’m a wife, a mom of two (5 1/2 and 3) and an environmental engineer from Ottawa, Canada. Thanks for the blog. I love it.

  303. Melanie

    I live in Northern California and I’m a mom of 2 girls-2.5 years and 2 months. I started reading Simple Mom when my first was a baby and I love it! I will keep reading no matter what the name is!

  304. Elizabeth | Ready. Set. Simplify.

    Hi Tsh! Brave and awesome move on the name change. I’m not a lurker, but I don’t comment all the time. I’m a mom of 3 kids age 9 and under. I have one in school, I’m homeschooling one (first year trying this), and one not yet in school. I’ve lived on the east coast most of my life, but I’ve also spent some time in CA.

  305. Kelly

    My name is Kelly, mom of 3, live in Upstate NY. I’ve been following your blog for years. Love the name change!

  306. Hillary

    Hello Tsh and friends!
    I am a mum, wife, and a simple living convert. Your book helped our home in so many ways. We have decluttered our home and created new spaces in our minds to be with each other as a family. We rave about your books to everyone and give thanks to you.
    If I could I would hug you and thank you.

  307. Kiki @ Choosing to Cherish

    Hi Tsh!
    I am Kiki from California and I have been reader of your blog since your cloth diaper post long time ago. Love the new name. Congrats!

  308. Floria

    Hi! I live in Costa Rica, my name is Floria. I have a two year old and stumbled on your blog when I was pregnant. It’s been a wonderful virtual journey to be able to follow your blog. A blessing for so many reasons and on so many levels I wouldn’t know where to begin to explain. I love the name Simple Mom mainly because I can relate to wanting things to be simple, and to being a mom 🙂 but you’re right and “The Art of Simple” is a better fit for the content. Congratulations and thank you!

  309. Elise

    I love the name change! I admit, I did not subscribe until I became a mom. 🙂

    Like you, I’m a former expat. My husband and I just returned from two years in South Korea, and we’re considering going back for a couple more. I’m hoping to blog more so I can better articulate what my everyday experience is like there. I have really appreciated your voice here in the past year as “living simply” is something we’ve really embraced, especially in living abroad and having a family. Thanks for sharing yourself!

  310. Emily

    Hi Tsh and company!

    I’m Emily, 31, married for eight years to a wonderful man and mom of two boys, ages 2 and 3. I wrapped up eight years of middle school teaching in May to be a full time mom, wife and keeper of the house! I live in Omaha, Nebraska, where I’m from. I enjoy reading your blog each night on my iPhone. Congratulations on your cool new name and thanks for writing.

  311. Jessica

    Hi, Tsh! Love your site and podcast! I’m a 33-year-old non-traditional student from Kansas, married, with no kiddos. I enjoy the advice on simplifying, and though I don’t have children, I’ve always enjoyed reading/hearing the various thoughts on parenting.

  312. Katherine Willis Pershey

    I became a mother right around when you founded the blog formerly known as Simple Mom, so longtime reader and one-time contributor! This blog has had a fairly significant impact on my life – I’ve picked up so many practices and convictions here. And not just personally; I lean on this blog in my work as a pastor, too. I love the new name and continue to be grateful for all the fantastic content.

  313. cheryl

    A friend from the A-TX! 😉 Proud to know you in real life, and to have read since the beginning! It’s been so cool to watch this whole thing completely take off.
    I love the new name, and I have to say, I often refer to you as my “famous friend, Tsh.” 🙂
    You guys have worked so hard, thanks for using your gifts and talents to bless so many others!

  314. J

    Mom of four living in East Africa. Have always enjoyed this blog, lots of useful information!

  315. Deanna

    I am Deanna! Mother of two awesome girls and Army spouse! I have been a long time lurker. I love reading your blog but don’t comment much on any blogs I read.

    Glad to hear you are changing the name, especially if it brings you happiness in your heart!

    Our family blog is to raise awareness of Retinoblastoma (eye cancer found in children). I only use it as a resource for those in the community looking for information on cancer and prosthesis along with family keeping up with us!

  316. Whitney

    I LOVE the new name. New adventures are always scary and exciting but so rewarding. I LOVE “live simply so that others may simply live.” So so true. I am a mom. A mom of three littles under the age of 5 with another one due in March. I need simple in the midst of this chaotic season. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  317. Teresa

    I tried to comment earlier but I think I hit the magical moment that the blog went into maintence mode, so I’ll try again! I am Teresa, from Texas, but now living in Turkey. I have a 3 year old and newborn, but I think I probably started reading back when I wasn’t a mom yet and you still lived in Turkey too. I have had my blog since 2005 and sometimes think about changing the name but have a hard time coming up with something new.

  318. Stephanie

    Single lady here from San Francisco!

  319. Kirten

    Im Kirsten (definitely a lurker!!!) mum of 3 from Victoria, Australia. I love all the “simple” blogs, and they have introduced me to so many more!!!!

  320. Rachael Alsbury

    Hi Tsh! I’m Rachael of Frugal Faye. I blog about how our family lives debt-free. We have a big, crazy dream to pay off our home in two years and be 100% free of all debt. I discovered you a little over a year ago on Twitter! I follow Darren of ProBlogger and he recommended your book Organized Simplicity. I read it and loved it. It encouraged and inspired me, being a growing family living in a very small house. Every post I read on this blog speaks to me in some way. All of the short, practical tips on how to “do simple” that I find on this blog are really valuable to me as a reader. I have also had the pleasure of discovering the blogs of your contributing writers. The Art of Simple is a beautiful name. I can imagine it’s scary to change your name after growing such a following, but I think your intuition is right. I’m looking forward to seeing how the community grows and develops.

  321. Jen

    I’ve been following your blog from Munich, Germany for about 5 years.

  322. Danica

    I’m a stay at home mom of 3 little kiddos in Arizona, right in the border of Mexico.

    I’ve listened to every one of your podcasts and I’m always saying, “Tsh says this..” and “Tsh says that…” My husband calls you my “best friend” and laughs because he has to remind me that we’ve never actually met. Now I can tell him we’ve at least been introduced. 🙂

  323. Kelly

    Hi Tsh! I’m Kelly. Avid “lurker” (and occasional commenter) on on all SLM sites. I am a homeschooling mama of two young boys. And a new blogger. Your sites inspire every part of my life! The name is growing on me by the minute.

  324. Angela L

    Hi Tsh! I’m Angela, and we (+ my hubby) moved to Portland, OR just over a year ago. (It’s not too far from Bend and secretly [I’m not sure why secretly] hope that I’ll get to meet you someday!)

    I’m also not a Mom (yet!), but enjoy reading your blog and books and following you on IG. Thanks for the encouragement and showing us how to live more simply.

  325. Becky

    Love the new name and your blog! I also log for and it is so nice to come across people whose life philosophy is similar to ours!

  326. Becky

    Forgot to tag my blog! Oops! 🙂

  327. Jen

    Congrats on taking the leap!
    I’m a wife and mom of 2 from British Columbia, Canada. The “Simple mom” umbrella worked for me, but agree “AoS” is so much better. Great work!

  328. nicola

    Work at home mom, with 2 little ones, up here in Alberta Canada. Love your blog and books!

  329. Lynushka

    Hello, Tsh! I am an international mom of three. U.S. born and reared, but adult life spent out of the country, or among immigrant communities. I’ve done Flylady for years, and I like that you build on that, adding the international living piece I was missing. I found your book “Organized Simplicity” in the library, bought it for myself, then rediscovered you through Raising Arrows. Love the name change!

  330. Jamey

    Lurker here! Texas transplant to London, UK, not a mom yet (but soon!), early 30s. The name change is good – glad to know there’s a contingent of male and non-mom or not-mom-yet readers.

  331. Sharon

    Hi! My name is Sharon and I blog at Mrs. Hines’ Class.

    Congratulations on the name change… I’m really proud of you for making the jump. I was just thinking the other day that big brands do indeed rebrand all the time…so why not bloggers.

    I love your blog, no matter what it is called!

  332. Annette

    I’m Annette from the UK a nearly empty nester (college/university kids) and enjoy reading your blog.
    I think removing the term ‘Mom’ is a great idea – in the UK it is always ‘Mum’ and the term ‘Mom’ is considered very much a USA cultural term (does that make sense?). I think you will attract more international interest with your new title as in reality your content is very much relevant to readers across the globe.
    Personally I love the USA and visit at least once a year, but am more comfortable with your new title as it reflects the reasons why I lurk

  333. Bek @ Just For Daisy

    A beautiful change. The name is perfect!
    I’m Bek and I blog at Just For Daisy 🙂
    Look forward to more from you in my inbox! 🙂

  334. Jody

    Hi Tsh. Been a follower for years. Homeschooling Husband and Dad to 5 year old twins. Live in South Africa. Sad to see ‘Simple Mom’ go, it has been a constant on my reader. I was very proud to be a male follower. But hey, good luck with the new brand, and see you around. Jody

  335. Corrie

    I am a mom of 2 girls from Germany, living in Austria. I discovered your blog back in 2007 when I was looking for ways to simplify my household. Been a reader since than.

  336. Louise

    Hi Tsh!

    I’m Louise and I live in Hampshire, England, just across the pond from you ;-).

    I love your blog! I’ve been a lurker for 4 years and this is my first comment. Thank you for all of your inspiring posts over the four years I’ve been reading. You’ve given me much to think about and I’ve changed several elements of my life after being inspired by your posts. Thank you.

    I hope the next 4 years on your blog as inspiring as the past 4 have been!!! Let me know if you are ever in Hampshire ;-).

  337. Yin

    I am a mother of teen boys from Singapore. Have been reading for nearly a year and your posts resonate with me. Love the new name!

  338. Cryssa

    Hi! My name is Cryssa and I live in Newport, RI. I am a mom to a 13-month old, student, wife and work full time. I live your blog!

  339. Chrisy@GoodNorthCoastLife

    Hello from Australia !
    I’ve been reading your blog for around 9 months, originally found my way here from Ali Edwards’. I guess l fall into the lurker category having only ever posted a few comments 🙂
    I’m starting on the journey of living simply, in fact l’m thinking simple may be my One Little Word for 2014.
    Oh yeah, l’m a MUM not a Mom 🙂 changing your blog name will also give it an international flavour too 😉

  340. Pam

    Hi there,
    I am a self employed, homeschooling mom of three and I love the name change! I’m constantly sharing weekend links with my husband and now he can share them, too!

  341. Kirsty

    I’m a reader in Abu Dhabi – can’t remember if I started reading because I stumbled across some of your travels, or if it was cos we were aiming for a simpler life – either way, we’re pretty big on both those things and so I’ve kept on reading – looking forward to your travels next year too 😀

  342. Lottie

    Hi Tsh,
    I’m a long time reader and live in Canada, but I’m from England. I have found your book and blog so very helpful and inspiring. Thank you! I think the new name and logo are elegant and quite perfect!

  343. Becky

    Hi Tsh! I’m Becky – I’m married, have 3 little ones, and live in the midwest (US). I love your new tagline and mantra — it totally suits the blog, readers, and YOU! Congrats!
    xo, Becky

  344. Nadene

    I love your new blog name ~ finding the essence of your vision is wonderfully liberating and I’m so excited for you and your team!
    I kind of started my own blog Practical Pages with a fairly general name a few years ago because I instinctively knew that it would change as we grow and learn … so in a few years time, maybe my posts won’t be about homeschooling, art projects and practical tips … maybe it will be about gardening, self-sufficiency and home-making?
    Much grace and blessings from South Africa!

  345. Linda @ Notes from the arena

    Linda, from Bristol UK. Not a mum, yet, but like the ethics of the site, and your weekly “as you start this week” posts.
    LOVE the new name. I think it fits perfectly. Congrats for taking the leap!!

  346. JenT

    Wow when you said 6 years, I realized I’ve been with you essentially since the beginning!! I’m pretty much a lurker, although I’ve commented a few times and even won a bracelet from Lisa Leonard through this blog (thank you again for that opportunity!). I was part of the book club (3-4 years ago??) and that was great too. Honestly, you have been a great resource for so much that isn’t momhood, I totally support your decision. All the best!

  347. Justyna

    Hi Tsh!
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now and I think the new name is great! I wish You all the best with “The Art of Simple”!

    I am originally from Poland, but now I live with my family in Berlin, Germany. So if you’re around on your trip around the world, just drop by 🙂


  348. Deb

    I will join the lurker club! I am Deb from Cape Town, South Africa. Have been inspired by your blog and love the new name. Art – using skill and imagination to create……..simplicity

  349. Pauline

    Long-time reader and lurker, first time commenter. I’m a French mother of a 5 yo and expecting a second boy for January. Congrats for your new blog name!

  350. Katie

    Hi! I’m Katie. I live with my preacher-husband and two little girls in the Florida panhandle. I’ve been reading since close to the beginning…mid-2008-ish I think? And I didn’t become a mom until 2010, so I don’t doubt you have a high non-mom readership. I love the new name, the blog, the podcast. I’m a fan, and I’m also really grateful. There are so many practical things and so much encouragement I’ve gained from you over the years. So thank you, and all the best!

  351. Leah

    I’m a Canadian mom who craves the simple live for my family. I just found your blog and love it!!

  352. Kelly

    Love it! Isn’t it nice when partners just state the facts and give that little push. Mine is so matter of fact- so not me- and thank goodness!

    I’m Kelly- a writer, facilitator of writing circles, teacher, mama, and blogger of Sagetribe. I, too, write about simplicity and finding joy in what we have or making changes to do so.

    Love the podcasts and wise words, always!

  353. Sandi

    I’m a 44 year old single mom with 2 jobs and 2 teens. We have nothing that looks anything like a simple life. I love this blog for the things it is outside of motherhood. Rarely do those articles help me since my children are way, way past the age that the insight here is targeted for.

    I come here because I’m passionate about doing what’s right for MY little family regardless of what the society around me is doing and that regularly looks very very different than the families around me.

    This blog validates and encourages me in my fight to do just that. It’s less about the specific ‘tips’ that are here – Lord knows I don’t cook or craft 😉 – but more about the vibe of “find what makes your family thrive and don’t apologize to the world for it.”

    I like the new name, but regardless of what you want to call it, thank you for giving us all this little pocket of reassurance.

  354. Lisa

    Hi, I’m Lisa. I live in Central Georgia with my husband of 33 years. Mom to three, Nana to three. We recently downsized as we relocated (for the fourth time in nine years) back to our hometown, where we are able to keep watch over our aging parents. I’m a long time lurker who loves the content no matter the name. Wish I had learned the art of simple years ago when my kids were young. Better late, than never!

  355. Hope Connell

    What a brave endeavor! I have a 2 year old and an almost 1 year old, and our family is living in Alabama for two years while my husband finishes school. I would definitely read this blog even if I didn’t have kids, though (in fact, I may have started reading it before my oldest was born, but I can’t really remember). Tsh, I’m so inspired how you have built this space and community and career.

  356. mindy

    I’m a fellow native Texan, but live in Atlanta now and though a Texan always loves Texas, like you, I am enjoying the gorgeous fall trees of my new home. I’m a mom of two sweet boys. I’ve been reading for about three years, and am excited about you’re intentional use of inclusive language. I also love the podcast (especially with Megan) and IG feed:) I also think it’s fun that you read my other favorite blog, Sarah Bessey. Blessings on this new adventure!

  357. Ann

    Hi Tsh, love the new blog name! I’m Ann from Chicago, homeschooling mother of two girls (ages 5 & 7) and part-time managing editor of the website The Well (, helping academic and professional women to integrate faith, work, and life. I love your Simple Empire!

  358. Colleen

    I’m Colleen from Michigan. I’ve been reading your blog (and several of the others in your network) for a while now. Homeschooling mom of four, freelance writer, author. Congrats on the name change, and I hope more readers discover your great blog because of it!

  359. Holly Waterfall

    Tsh, I will admit that I’ve been a lurker for quite some time. But here I am, Holly from, and I am coming out of lurker status to say that I love your rebranded name. The Art of Simple. Very perfect. Very universal. Love it.

  360. Nina

    Congrats on the new name and the thrill of all the possibilities. I’m Nina originally from Philly now living in Utah but a beach bum at heart! A single parent to an amazing 6! Year old boy, and a big dog named George. Working, school, and a long commute plus all the new floating ads on many sites (this one too keep it wild is covering half these words so hopefully it makes sense) keeps me from commenting on many blogs nowadays. Plus I don’t like to watch videos/pod casts but I do enjoy your simple living mindset and look forward to what is upcoming.

  361. cred

    I’m a homeschooling mom of 2 living in Ontario, Canada. So simple mom worked for me but the art of simple is better suited for all the reasons you mention. The new name is simply lovely.

  362. Susan

    LOVE the name change and the courage it took to change it. Brilliant! It reminds me of the naming of Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. I’ve been a daily reader since I first heard you speak at the Relevant Conference in 2011. Keep up the good work! Oh – Mom to 3 from Virginia – one in college, one in high school, one in middle school.

  363. Jonalee

    I’m a lurker…read when I can and always encouraged and inspired. love the new name! 🙂

  364. Kerry

    Dear Tsh and Kyle,
    I love this. I love the simplicity of this. I love that this seemed hard but you did it anyway. I’ve been a reader for years now and I listen to your podcast over and over again. Thanks again.

  365. Diana

    Was excited when I read this! You know most of us will still think “I read that on Simple Mom” for quite a while right…. ?! 😉

    I’m a mom to an almost-two year old with a new one on the way! I love the idea of things being more simple but I’m so non-efficient by nature that it takes a lot of effort to get things that way. I always enjoy what I read here, and I’m excited for the changes, too!

    Let me go finish my coffee now… 😉

  366. anna

    Mama of 3, homeschooling in the southeast USA 🙂 Great new name, and thank you for the fearlessness! It’s got to feel good!!

  367. gina

    I’m gina from south florida! I have one child. I am a stay at home mom who tries to live the quiet life. I made an effort to make things more simple and LOVE that you take risks like a name change! I would like to take the risk of starting a blog. I have so much to share!

  368. Karla Archer

    I love the name. Before you wrote it in the post I thought “that’s so SIMPLE!!”.

  369. Carolyn

    Love the new name, love the content, have been lurking for a while (mostly due to low-speed Internet here in Central Asia where we live)… Homeschooling mom of three, living overseas, living simply partly by choice and partly out of necessity!

    Thanks Tsh for all the hard work and creativity you’ve poured into this space! Your story is inspiring and encouraging for the rest of us who are still in the dreaming phase of launching an online ministry 🙂

  370. Helen

    I’m Helen, and I’m Norwegian (and live in Norway). But I love reading blogs from around the world, including yours 🙂

  371. Kerstin

    Hi! I’m Kerstin, mama to two lovely kiddos ages 6 and 4. I started reading Simple Mom when my oldest was a newborn and have been a devoted reader ever since. I love the new name!

  372. Rachael

    An art indeed! I do my paid work at home, pursue various “side” writing projects, and am mother to a toddler and kindergartener. It’s a complicated life, so I strive for simplicity.

    Best wishes for the transition!

  373. Allison J

    Canadian-transplanted-American, mom to 3 boys ages 5, 2, and 6mo. On maternity leave (Canada is awesome that way) and wishing for a way to work from home when that time’s up and to transition to a job that is simpler and more nourishing for me and my family. Just putting that intention out into the world… :o)
    Love the blog and the rebranding makes great sense to me.

  374. Sara Kiiru

    Love reading about brave decisions! My husband and I are practicing bravery, too, by turning my dream of being a stay-at-home mom into reality after my 20 years in the work force. We are loving the peace that comes from trying to craft a simple but meaningful life here in Madison, WI with our 4- and 6-year-old sons. And your & Emily Freeman’s blogs inspire me to keep pursuing the passions that God has planted in me. Thanks for stepping up and letting Him keep writing your story!

  375. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Haha! I’m sure you made this change just for me. 😉 I’m not a mom…it wasn’t part of God’s plan…but I’ve worked with kids from elementary-high school in some ministry or another forever so I’m always interested in family topics.

    Tsh…I love the new name. It really is perfect…especially for people like my husband who is a lurker here. And because you are not simple. In any form.

    Congrats on the big change and best wishes for all the not-so-simple behind-the-scenes details.

    BTW…thanks for all your excellent post that make me *think.*

    You are Extraordinary!!!

  376. Rachel J

    Love it!

    Another Rachel here, ex-pat, mother of two, work at home part-time, Crossfit in the early morning as much as my nine month old allows and always looking for ways to live more simply and with less stuff.

    I have a little blog myself and have often felt painted into a corner with the name choice. It started as a motivational blog for some big life changes and while it still acts as that, I do like to branch out into other topics. Hmmm… now I am thinking about a blog name change.

  377. Anna

    I’ve been reading your blog since the early bleary-eyed days with my first baby, two moves ago (military family). There are plenty of parenting ideas out there, but for me it’s nice to learn something ELSE. Congratulations on the new name.

  378. Emily @Random Recycling

    Simple Mom was one of the first blogs I started reading when I became a mom in 2009. The messages hit home and truly have shaped how I raise my children. Plus it introduced me to Simple Bites, which has shaped how I feed my children. Three children at home four years later, and I still love the reminders of how to slow down in a busy world.

    So excited for your name change. It makes me realize that if you can do a blog name change, I certainly can with my small blog!

    Good luck with the change!

  379. Becca H

    Great new name! I’ve been reading for about 6 months now and live in Cave Creek, AZ, a suburb outside of Phoenix. I love your content and have no doubt the new name will bring even better stuff!

  380. Megan

    A mom of three boys from Oconomowoc, WI. Your blog is amazing and so helpful. God’s blessings on the name change!

  381. Karl

    I’m a Dad of a three: 9, 6, and 4 years old. We started homeschooling a couple months ago, and shortly afterward I found this blog. For the record, I don’t feel excluded when I see a web site with “Mom” in the title. Yes, some topics don’t really apply to me, but they might help me understand my wife better, or they might have a suggestion I can pass on to her. However, I’ve found most Mom-centered articles to be useful to any involved parent.

  382. Hannah

    My name is Hannah. Homeschooling mom of 2 in Indiana. Love the blog and the new name. So much of what you say/do have been lining up with what we do here at home it’s a bit creepy, in a good way! Would love to read more about Paleo parenting!

  383. Mary

    While I AM a mom, I love that your site covers more than parenting! We homeschool our two kids and are adopting 3 more. I’m a lurker from central Texas. 😉

  384. Jordan

    I’m a lurker from British Columbia, Canada. I started reading the blog a few months ago after my sister-in-law lent me your book. I’m married, but no kids yet.

  385. Danielle

    I’m a full time working mom of three boys aged 5, 3, and 4 months. I work in higher education and will be starting a PhD program in the Spring while my husband starts building a brand new wine making business! I’ve been reading your blog daily for about a month and it is truly my zen moment of the day. It reminds me to always focus on what’s in front of me, whether work or a teary eyed child.

  386. Pam

    Hi Tsh. I am a wife and stay at home, homeschooling, work from home mom. That’s a mouth full. I love your blog and appreciate your love for the art you create. Great name change!

  387. Lori

    I am a 54 year old stay-at-home wife, grandma, daughter and daughter-in-law to 2 sets of aging parents. I have been following your blog for a couple of years, and have benefited from it it. You are a woman after my own heart! I like the name change- I hope it will attract even more readers. Keep up the good work!

  388. Dianne

    I LOVE the new name. And the logo. And how it twists a little when you mouse over it up there in the header. Bit of a lurker here. I am pretty sure I surfed over from a link on facebook originally. I am in central California, a long time homeschooler and graphic designer, and the older I get, the simpler I want things to be. So, here I am! 😀

  389. BethA

    Hi! I’m Beth, born and raised in Houston. I’m married and have a 17 year-old daughter. I love the new blog name!

  390. Karen Z

    Once a mom – always a mom but my little ones are living on their own and off to college. It is true what they say – in a blink of an eye they are grown.
    Love the new title and have been reading the blog for many years. I am looking forward to your postings as you travel next year.

  391. Naomi

    Hi Tsh,
    I am a Aussie Mum of 4 living and working in Ethiopia. I love the new name for your blog. Simple Mom was a bit misleading because lets face it, being a Mum is not simple….its really complicated!! Also trying to keep your life simple is an Art…so great name.

  392. Guest

    I’m actually thrilled you’ve changed the name. I often want to share your posts but find myself doing an intro/caveat of…hey, I know this says Simple Mom but it’s not just about moms. Sometimes I’ve flat out not shared something with a friend struggling with infertility because I was afraid it would be hurtful to send her over to a “parenting” site.

    Love it!

  393. Jennifer Sheran

    Love the new name! My name is Jennifer Sheran. I am a wife and full-time working mom, a religion PR pro, an advocate for people with special needs, a life artist and super woman syndrome sufferer. I write a blog called Sheran Memories where I focus on harvesting a memorable life. I discuss the traditions and systems in our home, work and faith life that allow us to honor God and loved ones, enjoy life’s special occasions (big and small), pursue personal passions, learn and grow in a variety of areas and, in the midst of it all, capture life in a tangible way.

  394. Jennyroo

    I’m a working mom of three boys, ages 2, 5, and 7. Thank you for sharing your blog with us. I crave calm in the chaos. I don’t feel like I’m close to having a handle on everything, but I strive for it one day. God bless.

  395. Christine

    Hi Tsh! I am a mom of one sweet 8 month old girl, but I’ve been a reader for a couple of years. I love your podcasts and have found several of my other favorite bloggers (Myquillyn Smith, Emily Freeman, Hayley Morgan) from your blog. You are truly inspirational to me and the new name is perfect! I would love to start my own blog in the future because of how much I’ve enjoyed the community of yours. God bless you and your family!

  396. Laura

    Hi! I’m a mama to two little boys, 6 & 3. We live in the Dominican Republic, but are originally from Washington State. I’ve referencedyour blog so many times in preparation for moving overseas, and living overseas. Thanks for all the timeyou put into this!

  397. Cori

    I am a mom from Small Town, Iowa. I’m currently reading Emily Freeman’s new book, so I think the new name is perfect. 🙂

  398. Erin @NaturallyErin

    Lurker from Charlotte…Occasional reader but mostly a podcast listener 🙂 Great rebrand!

  399. Paula

    I’ve loved your blog for a long time. I live in Southern Illinois where I homeschool our two boys who are 9 and 11. Our older two children attend the local community college. I grew up simply and wanted to recreate that life for my kids even though we live a fairly normal suburban life.

  400. Tracie H.

    My name is Tracie, I am married with 5 children, and I live in Topeka, KS. I really love your blog, no matter what it is named! There have been many days when your words on Monday have been precisely what I needed to hear. They have encouraged and comforted me when life has gotten too, um, complex! Thank you ever so much!

  401. Gusgirl

    I’m a Mississippi wife and mom to 3 ages 7, 6 & 4. I discovered your blog when my husband sent me a link to something you wrote on budgeting. I’ve been hooked since!

  402. Cate

    I found your blog back when it was featured on a Thesis theme site and have been a reader ever since. I’m not a mom but was drawn to your writing on simplicity and that you live a global life (fellow nomad here). I love the new name!

  403. Felicia

    Simple Mom and Simple Homeschool were two of my greatest inspiration when I was thinking about homeschooling (and I am now). I can say they inspired me to start blogging about my journey as a homeschooling mum too, so yes, I’ll like to say a big “Thank you!” here. 🙂

  404. Stephanie

    I’m originally from Louisville, KY now living in Brooklyn, NY. I’m really liking the name change! I’ve been following the blog since 2008 (being a ‘non-mom’) when I first started nannying 2 little ones under 2. It has always been a great resource for being a caretaker. But it’s also been an even better resource to me in living simply as a whole. I’ve been enjoying the intellectual grownup series, and look forward to other new articles and series to come. And now that I’m expecting my first little one, I’m thankful for the blog’s past resources I can now dig up from cloth diapering to home organization to inspiring me to travel the world with my whole family! Thanks Tsh!

  405. Carrie

    Hi I’m Carrie, a mom of two toddlers in Michigan. Way to go with the name change, it’s a good fit! 🙂

  406. Lottie

    Hi Tsh. I’m from England but living in Ontario, Canada. I’ve been reading for years now and have found your blog to be inspiring and so very relevant. Thank you. You make simple… achievable!
    I think the new name and logo are elegant and quite perfect.

  407. Lisa K

    I’m a mommy to two pre-schoolers and we live in Massachusetts. I love the name change and think it’s wonderful that maybe even more people will feel welcomed to the blog because it really is such a lovely blog!

  408. Christina

    hi! I think the name change is great. and since I occasionally send appropriate posts to my husband it will certainly feel more welcoming to him. I’m a mom of one in Austin – hi to the other Austinites! and we have been trying to live simply since well before the kid came along. always a constant re-evaluation! but your blog is helpful and inspiring, thanks!

  409. Melissa

    Hi Tsh! I’m a confessed lurker. I’m a SAHM of two girls (9 &7) and 1 boy (8 months)from Southern NJ. Love the name change!

  410. Erin

    I’m a new mom to a 6 month old baby girl – staying home and taking care of her. I am also a military wife and we’re currently stationed in Florida.

  411. Tessa

    Hi 🙂
    LOVE the new name – I don’t think you’ll loose any readers at all, in fact it feels like a breath of fresh air.

    I’ve been reading (read lurking) for over a year, from the tip of Africa – mostly from Cape Town, South Africa.

    Love your work – all of you Simple MomS 😉

  412. Adrienne

    Hi! My name is Adrienne. I am 24 and married almost 3 years to my favorite man:) I live in Middle Georgia and have been reading your blog off and on for a couple years. No kids but hopefully soon;) Love the new name, but the old one didn’t bother me either! I can’t tell you how often your weekly benediction post has given me the encouragement I needed to do something or to change my attitude. Thanks for all you do here in this little(big) blog world!

  413. Rachel

    I am a 35 yr. woman married to my high school sweetheart, mama to 2 wonderful boys and we all live in northern indiana. I have been reading this blog since soon after my first son was born 6 yrs. ago. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this blog but it became my entry into the world of blogs. Since my son was born, I too have been on a journey of what it means to live more simply and intentionally and have always appreciated the thoughtful, challenging, kind and honest words that grace this blog. It has given me encouragement and resources to live the life I want to live even when it feels so different from the rest of the world.

    I love the new blog name and think that it fits perfectly! Blessings to you all as you continue to explore the art of simple.

  414. Erin Greco

    Hi, Tsh! I think I have only commented one other time but I have loved your blog for several years now. I am not a mom (yet), but I have always appreciated the “simple” wisdom on this site. I’m from Eugene, Oregon, and I was really hoping I’d get to meet you some day since we were in your neck of the woods, but my husband and I just moved to Kansas City, Missouri–and it sounds like you may be moving away from Oregon for a while too! Thank you for all that you do, and keep up the great work. 🙂

  415. Jane

    As one of your non-mom readers, I like the name change. I’m also a “lurker” but I’ll start to rethink that. I surely appreciate the blog, perhaps the Monday posts most of all. Thank you for all of it.

  416. Mandi Jayne

    I love this change! I know you have been dropping hints for awhile that you weren’t sure about the “Simple Mom” name, so it’s good that the change is made.

    I am a mom….of three little ones. I live in Michigan. I love your message and I love the new look. Good luck!

  417. Jessica Romaneski

    Hi, I’m Jessica, and I currently hail from Columbus, OH. I’m a Christian, military wife and mom who very much enjoys your blog.

    I really like the reasoning behind the name change since it goes to the broader level of simple living. It’s like when my husband and I were in college and were telling others we were “hanging out” and “just friends.” Let’s call it what it already is: dating! Maybe that was a bad analogy. Anyway, one thing I’ve enjoyed about this blog is how big your perspective is. It’s not just about organizing and reducing clutter in your house or schedules. It’s about finding and truly knowing what it means for one to live simply and in line with one’s values. I’ve enjoyed reading about fair trade chocolate and the history of Syria right along with home organizing techniques. Thanks for being so intentional and purposeful in your blogging!

  418. Rachel

    Hi! I’m Rachel– a non-mom, but devoted reader living in north central Wisconsin. I love your blog and I love the name change, I think it’s great!! Congratulations on taking the big step!

  419. Michelle

    Hi Tsh! I’m a mom of 2 boys in Alberta, Canada. Have been loving (and lurking on) your blog for a few years now. Congratulations on the name change!

  420. Jessica Barnes

    From New Orleans, now living in East Texas. I started reading the blog well before I was a mom. I admit that I felt weird reading it without being a parent. Felt more normal after I was pregnant with my son who is now 17 months and we have a daughter on the way in roughly 8 weeks 🙂

    Grateful for the name change. Just didn’t feel right.

  421. Haley

    Hi! I’m Haley and I live in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. I have no idea how I stumbled across your blog, but I did one night while battling good ol’ pregnancy insomnia. It has become a go-to since then. It is real and refreshing and aligns so much with how I think and want to live. Great job! Oh-love the new name too!

  422. Mary Anne

    Hiya! I’m living the Jersey life, I’m a relatively new mom (to a 21-month old boy) and throughly enjoy the blog and podcast 🙂 Love the new name!

  423. Kristen

    I am a wife of 15 year, mom of 2 boys, 9 and 7, living in MN. I am a lurker. Have read the blog off and on over the years. Reading it more now – I love the message you send out – encouraging and uplifting. Love the new name too.

  424. mary

    I’m a 35 year old mom of three; ages 5, 3 and 2. We live in an urban area of Minneapolis MN. I have so enjoyed your blog, and Simple Bites for a number of years. Love the new name.

  425. Anne

    I’m Anne, mum of three primary school girls, been following your blog for about 18 months, washing my hair with bicarb for about a year, and was inspired by you (and Ruth Soukup) to move from Australia to Scotland (my homeland) for a year. Love your blog, love your new name, and best wishes for next years big adventure!

  426. Rose-Anne

    Hey, hey! Another non-mom here. I like the vibe around here–there’s an almost tangible sense of “keeping it real.” Sometimes other bloggers do posts to SHOW that they aren’t perfect, but that sense of realness isn’t part of the fabric of the blog. It’s just a one-time deal showing a messy kitchen or a bad outfit day.

    It’s a year of transition for me professionally and personally, and I am really inspired by people who have carved out their own career paths. That’s a big, big reason I read this blog and enjoy the podcast. Keep up the great work, Tsh!

    PS I like your personal blog too 🙂

  427. Deirdre

    I’m a Chicagoan now living in Utah. I’ve been an occasional reader for years (first found you via a link from Ali Edwards’ site).

    Love the new name—will make it even easier to share great articles (like the recent one on ethics and buying chocolate) with others who aren’t familiar with the site.

  428. Lacey

    Love the change! I’m not a parent, but somehow I keep coming back to Simple Mom. I love that the change stays true to what Simple Mom is while more fully embracing readers like me. Thanks for all your work making this a bright space of the internet!

  429. Laura Gail Claassen

    Hey, I’m Laura Gail Claassen from Birmingham, Alabama. I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 years or so. I bought your Organized Simplicity book and immediately started a purge which has now culminated in my husband and I becoming minimalists and opening my own business and blog. I now teach capsule wardrobe concepts and de-cluttering and simplifying to my clients. Thank you so much for the inspiration! Blessings on your new direction with your blog!

  430. Sarah

    Sarah, Florida SAHM of 2 (and one on the way). I was married w/0 kids and living in England when I started reading your blog, though–so I agree that the “brand” change is a great way to just reflect what your focus and readership have long been!

  431. Alyson

    I am a mom, but it was your “simple living” that drew me to your blog back in the day. Love the new name!

  432. Dawn @ The Momma Knows

    I’m Dawn and we’ve met before, last year after Allume. I was the one you had an extremely awkward conversation with at Starbucks in the Airport. Oh so awkward. I usually just lurk here. Love the new name and look! It definitely fits. I’m looking into a rebrand sometime in the future too, as I still get called “Momma Knows” even though I changed my Twitter to my name over a year ago, and as my kids are growing up and leaving home I know I’ll need to be ME rather than her. lol

  433. S

    Single, childless 30 year old from Iceland, currently unemployed for mental and physical health reasons. I never thought about it before but am now realizing that the title of the blog, which did seem to indicate its contests were exclusively aimed at mothers, meant I never even considered sharing an interesting article I read on here.
    I really enjoy reading the blog and congratulations on the name change. It really fits 🙂

  434. Melinda

    California mom of 3 just looking for a little inspiration to help me along this journey:)

  435. pt

    Hi! Mom of 2 (7 and 8) from Chicago. Always felt welcome here…even if certain posts weren’t very relevant to me…I’m fine picking and choosing usually. Congrats on your new name.

  436. Lisa

    I’m Lisa, born and raised in south Florida, and just moved back “home” with my husband and six children after 13 years of my husband pursuing advanced degrees in the mid-Atlantic states. I really enjoy the variety from your blog, and I’m looking forward to the new book and your travel writings. Blessings.

  437. Alison

    Alison from Texas. Same place as Kat;) –she’s wonderful in real life as well as online! Long-time reader and I think the change is wonderful!

  438. Caleigh

    I’m Caleigh, from BC, Canada, and I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for over two years now. It is one of my favorite blogs in the world to read, and I think the name change is brilliant! I have two children, so I didn’t mind the “mom” part, but I love how holistic your blog is, and how many subjects you cover!
    Your podcasts are huge highlights to me as well, I seriously feel like I know you, which is weird, but I enjoy listening to the podcasts and find myself feeling like an eavesdropper of two close friends! 😛 Keep up the good work!

  439. Caitlin

    Hi Tsh!
    Love the change and feel that, after being pretty much a “lurker” on this site for the past year and a half – with some comments here and there, the new name is just perfect. I was instantly drawn to this site as I stumbled upon it while Googling for a “stay-at-home mom” schedule template. I officially became a SAHM in 2012 after teaching for 10 years, and needed some guidance in how to make that transition “temporarily permanent”. Your voice has warmed my heart, instilled knowledge, and made me feel completely normal and down to earth – right from the very start. I look forward to all posts, from you and your contributors, knowing my day could be a little richer.

    Love the name. How exciting for you!
    Caitlin T.

    • Caitlin

      By the way, I am from a south suburb of Chicago.


  440. Caitlin

    Hi Tsh! My name is Caitlin. I’m 23 years old and one of your “non-mom” readers. 🙂 I have no idea how I found your blog originally, but I was hooked on it from the beginning. I love the idea of finding simplicity in the midst of this chaotic, multitasking culture and was delighted to find so many inspirational posts that were practical at the same time! I have also loved your blog because, strangely enough, it DOES deal with simplicity in parenting. I’m not a parent, but I’m currently living in Paris, France for the year as an au pair for a family of 4 kids. As you can imagine, life is hectic & can certainly be challenging at times, but I’ve found so many great suggestions in your posts.
    Thank you so much for your transparent and lighthearted writing – you’ve encouraged me in so many different ways! Love the new site name – keep up the great work. 🙂

  441. Angela

    German mom of three little ones (2, 3 & 5), reading this blog for about 4 yrs now, rejoining the workforce soon, being crazy about my family, God and sewing and books and good food, non-homeschooling, really liking the new name. Keep on!

  442. Sandi

    Hi Tsh,
    I’m a stay at home mom of 3 teens (19, 17, 16) and I’ve been married for 23 years. I’m new to blog reading and after I started following you, I realized that I have one of your books :). God has been leading me to simplify and it’s been so cool how blogs and articles and books can all come together to change our paths. I loved (and hated) your post on the chocolate industry and have been missing my Reese’s cups but am discovering new, fair trade chocolate :). Love your blog, no matter the name. Keep up the great work!

  443. Laura

    Hi! I’m Laura, and I live in the Washington, DC area. I’m a very new reader to this blog and I love it so much already. Ironically, it was the “On having kids later in life (or not at all)” post that made me an instant fan (though I did wonder for a moment if I “should” be reading a blog called Simple Mom since I don’t have any kids yet). I appreciate the name change – I think it’s perfect and eloquent, and I definitely feel more welcome here as a result. 🙂 Thanks so much!

  444. Sarah

    안녕하세요! I’m 24 year old America, have been married for a couple years, and my husband and I live and teach English as a foreign language in the Republic of Korea. I subscribe to posts via email and had always wondered why I’m reading if I’m not a mom… now, no more wondering. 🙂

    • Sarah

      Oops. Pretty shameful for an English teacher to make mistakes, but it happens… “I’m 24, an American…” and still waking up.

  445. Pam

    Hi, I’m widowed. Have two grown children and two grandchildren, ages 4-1/2 and 20 months. I’m actively involved in their lives and really enjoy your blog. The old name never kept me from reading, but like the idea of representing a broader view with the new name. I live in Portland, OR.

  446. Aubrey Hunt

    Hey Tsh! I’m a long-time reader and rare commenter (like you!) who blogs over at Smart Kids 101. Since you asked, I’m ducking in to say “hi!” 🙂 I love the new name — it’s a beautiful, natural fit. Nicely done!

  447. Lisa

    Hi Tsh! Congratulations on your new adventure! I’ve been a reader for a couple years, and live in Portland, Oregon. My kids are 10 and 8, and your posts always have a perfect nugget for me to ruminate on, whether it’s about parenting issues or not. I love your simple writing style, your life philosophies, and your designer’s eye for everything you put on your blog page. This is my happy place!

    I know you’ve written about it quite a bit in the past, but I would love to know more about how you and your family are able to travel so much (ie. managing the costs, and working overseas.) Traveling with my family and living overseas is a dream for me too, but the logistics of it all seem overwhelming. I don’t know the first thing about going about it!

    Love love love your blog and all it stands for. You guys do great work! Thank you!
    – Lisa

  448. Lori

    I am a mom of one who loves simple living. I live in Maryville, TN which is in close proximity to the Great Smoky Mtn. National Park. I don’t homeschool (yet) — I hope to though. I enjoy your website and really like your new name!

  449. Ashley Wells

    Lurker coming out of the shadows! Tsh, I love your writing and follow you all around the web from your personal blog to your podcast and here to your long time home. Encouraged by you from Louisville, I’m a foster (soon-to-be-adoptive) mom to four children. Love your writing as well as the contributors!

  450. Cassie

    Another lurker here! I am a non-mom and although the old name didn’t bother me, I am loving the new name!

  451. Sommer

    I’m a new mom to a 4 month old and have been reading your blog since before she was born. We live in Bend, too, and I’ve seen you around town, but always felt like it would be intrusive to stop you, so hello! Thanks for being inspiring on many levels!

  452. Michelle

    Hi Tsh! I’m a 34 year old mother of three living in Ontario. I love reading your very intelligent blog almost daily and have been enlightened on many topics. Thank you for your honesty and advice!

  453. Amy

    Greetings from the Buckeye state. Mom of two and mostly a lurker 🙂 Congrats on the new name.

  454. Bekah

    I’m on the late side, as I only just read this today, (I was working last night when I normally do my blog reading) but I have been reading your blog for maybe 2 years now? I can’t remember exactly how I came across it though, just that it resonated with me as a new mom once I found it. I enjoy all your posts and occasionally send some to my husband as well. I also enjoy your book and am working my way through your ebook, and your podcast makes kitchen cleaning much more enjoyable! We live in Maine and have two little girls, age 3 and 17 months. I work as a labor and delivery nurse a couple nights a week. I’m afraid it may take me awhile not to refer to your blog by the old name (creature of habit) but I think the new name is a great fit, and I’ll still be an avid reader of course.

  455. TC

    I like the name change! I’m a father of 3 and my wife has stopped reading “mommy” blog because so many posts leave her feeling inadequate. I discovered your blog when searching for a gift for her and was drawn in by the post I was linked to. I’ve been a closet reader for awhile now and have shared several posts with my wife the content of which has helped our family. Thanks for being “simple” and not over-the-top like so many other bliss!

  456. TC


  457. Christina

    Hi Tsh! I’m a homeschool mom of 4 in Mississippi. I used to read Simple Mom a few years ago, but stopped for some reason. I’m back full force now, reading pretty much every day and I love it! I love the new name, it fits beautifully. Thank you for your hard work and all the great ideas you share with us all!

  458. Michaela

    Hi, Tsh! My name is Michaela, and I live in the great state of Texas, originally from Tennessee. I like to tell native Texans (including my husband), that Texas wouldn’t exist without all those Tennesseans that came to help settle the land and fight for independence.

  459. Aven

    I’m a mom of two from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I love the blog and think the name change is wonderful!

  460. Rose

    Rose from upstate NY. A mom of two and a budding minimalist. Love the new name!

  461. Jess

    Long time reader, but don’t think I’ve ever commented. I’m an army brat, currently rooted outside Washington DC. I am a mom to 2 girls, and one more on the way, but I LOVE the name change. I think it embodies what you guys do so well here. Thanks for being brave, taking risks, and doing what you do to encourage simplicity in this crazy world!

  462. Rebekah

    Love love love it! It’s such a great fit. Congrats to you all. I remembered how desperate I was to find such a place googling simple living, living simple, etc in hopes that someone like you was out there. Your collective words here have been nourishment to my soul over the past six or so years. It will be really wonderful to see how the new name breathes fresh life into the words you share and reaches out to a broader audience. Many many blessings as the journey continues.

  463. Rebekah

    Oops! Got carried away and failed to finish my intro. Mom of two in NYC. Living simply the city way 🙂

  464. Mandi

    I’m a 28 year old mother of two in OKC. Love love the blog! And it’s the ultimate treat when I check and find a new podcast is up! You’re my adult conversation on those days! My kids are 1&2, so I don’t get a ton of that. Love that the blog isn’t just mom stuff, but stuff that makes you think outside your day to day.

  465. Courtney

    Hi! I’m Courtney from Tennessee. I LOVE the new name! Its a perfect fit 🙂 I’ve enjoyed this blog for years but never commented. Thanks for all you do, I am constantly encouraged and learning through your work.

  466. cori

    Hi Tsh. I’m Cori. I’m 29, married 6 years, have a three year old son. I’ve lived in Portland OR, Vancouver WA, Albuquerque NM, and Sacramento CA, all in the last 5 years. Living for Jesus, moving so much, and your blog and your book, has taught me the value of living simply. And I love the new name, very cool!

  467. Wendy

    I’m Wendy from New Mexico (not originally)….:)

  468. Melissa

    My name is Melissa and I am a 29 year old single teacher from British Columbia, Canada. I did a happy dance about the name change. I have loved reading “Simple Mom” for the past year, but have always felt self-conscious because even though I work with kids, I am not a mom and not close to being a mom. Happy for this change, Tsh, and thank you to you and your team for all the work that you do with this blog!

  469. Crystal

    I’m a homeschooling mom in Sunriver, OR. Tsh, I always secretly hope to “run” into you in town sometime! It has yet to happen but it makes me happy to know your my neighbor and I love your new website name! Yes, I’m a lurker too 🙂

  470. Melanie

    Hi from Dunedin, NewZealand:) I’m a Mum of 2 boys – 11 & 8 years – and a nurse aide. I have followed your blog for a few years now – I really enjoy it and get so much inspiration. Thanks! The new name is ideal and absolutely relevant – great change!

  471. Melanie

    Lol… it’s strange for me to see ‘mum’ not ‘mom’ written on your site!!:)

  472. Julia

    Hi, I am a working mom of two, my 14 year old son Joshua and 10 year old daughter Hannah. I am married to Craig and we will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this year. I am from Cape Town, South Africa and came across your blog by accident. I love reading all your posts on living simplier and never miss one.

  473. Emma

    Emma, Mum in Australia, dear friend of Nicole B.

  474. Susie

    I’m Susie. I’m from the States, but live with my husband and four young kids (4, 2, 2, and 11 months) in Tunisia. I started homeschooling our oldest just a few months ago. A few months ago you had a post on about your life in Turkey and it so resonated with my life. I even use the same brand of dish soap (Pril) that was in the picture!

  475. Katie

    Yesterday, I read a quote from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button that ended with “I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.” I’m sure everyone else knows it and has made cool art out of it and then pinned it already because I’m always late (and underdressed!) to the quote party but it made me think of this name change.

    Though it’s not starting over it does take courage to be true and genuine. Thanks for creating this community and feeding it with such spirit and thoughtfulness.

  476. Kim

    Kim here, checking in from Austin.

    Great work as always 🙂 I’m sure it’s a TON of effort on the back end, and it’s not a glamorous to-do list. But it looks great and totally makes sense.

    Oh, and I’m sure you know this from your family, but it’s actually cold here now. Yay?

  477. Allison

    I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend who loves your blog. As a mom of three boys, I strive to keep life simple so I love the name of Simple Mom but I actually love the new name more! I’m currently living not to far from your home of Austin in San Antonio right now. A northern girl, trying to live this Texas life!

  478. Devon

    Hi Tsh, I’m Devon. Commenting for maybe the second time 🙂 I absolutely love this space and think the name change is great. I am an artist, a wife, mom of 2 littles and 1 fur baby, living in Germany for the past two years via California (and Panama before that). Simple Mom has given me at different times peace, inspiration, ideas to think on, and most often encouragement. I’m sure The Art of Simple will continue the good work. Cheers!

  479. Danielle

    Danielle from Ontario, Canada. I only started reading a couple months ago. Pretty sure I came for something parenting related but have continued to come back for everything else. Love this site! Thank you!

  480. Ann

    I’ve commented a few times over the years. Many of those years I was not a mom. I like the new name – a lot.

    Congrats on going with your gut!

  481. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    The new name = genius.
    I really love it.

    And now that I’m feeling all swoony and strangely nostalgic, I’m about to rock your world (or so to speak). You and I have MET. In the reals. We shared a meal once.


    It’s true.

  482. Kate

    I am a mom of 2, with a full-time outside the home career, who found your blog a few years ago while searching for ways to simplify my crazy life. I think the new name is very apropos, and have actually thought to myself several times how this site is for so much more than just “mom” stuff. Best of luck with the new name, and thank you for such a valuable resource of information, community and support.

  483. Lyndsey

    Love the name change! I’m from Ontario, Canada and I’ve been following (or should I say lurking…) your blog for a few years. You always have quality, meaningful content to share and are an inspiration to me! Keep thinking, acting, being, simple. 🙂 Thanks Tsh and your wonderful team!!

  484. Jessica

    I am a stay at home Mum in Australia with two children aged 3 and 1. I have been reading your blog for about a year, the first blog I ever discovered when I googled a parenting issue. Before that, I had no idea that blogs existed! They really are an incredible wealth of information and ideas and inspiration, so Thankyou! We are a long way off simplifying our lives, we have way too much stuff holding us back, but will slowly get there.

  485. Katy

    Hi, I’m Katy. Mom of two (2 yrs & 3 months) in Arkansas. I like the occasional parenting stuff, but this blog is so much more than that. Great new name!

  486. Emily

    Hi, I’m Emily! I’m an imperfect mom and that’s OK! Love the change! I keep searching the site for “Simple Mom”-type wedding planning hints. Maybe with the more inclusive site name, there might be a space for some simple wedding ideas! Love!

  487. Jess

    Mom of two littles in Albany Oregon, part time in Bend Or. Daily lurker right here 😉 love everything about the site and think the new name is great!

  488. Diana@My Humble Kitchen

    This is Diana from My Humble Kitchen. I changed my blog name earlier this year after having been blogging for three years. Some people thought I was NUTS but it felt so great! I’m thrilled for your new direction. It definitely opens up your demographic and I think just ensures its sustainability. After all, simplemom at age 50 or older might seem kind of weird, ha!

  489. Susan

    I’m 37 years, married, full time physician with twins, age 4. I love the message of simple, intentional living and being grateful with less. Thanks for everything you do and I enjoy all of your posts, motherhood related or not!

  490. Lora Lynn

    Congrats! It’s lovely!!

  491. Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

    As a woman who has a ninja warrior egg fighting off all foreign objects that might impede her freedom (aka my hubby’s swimmers :)), I now feel welcome to read your blog. This is great!!

  492. Sarah

    I’m a waiting adoptive mama (and I’m pregnant…kinda crazy season of life) in Tucson, AZ! I love the name change and I’m excited that you made it as I know you’ve mentioned many times before that you didn’t feel like it matches your content any more!

  493. Cynthia

    Hi Tsh,

    Well I’ve been reading your blog for I don’t know maybe for at least the last 4 years if not from close to the beginning. Occasionally I peak in to say something, but most of the time I’m a lurker (please forgive me!) :o) I was a step mom when I started reading the blog so the information you posted was helpful to me and relevant. After my ex and I separated I am no longer a “mom” but would love to be again someday. I continue to read and enjoy your posts and the website as a whole. I think I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and insight by reading.

    I love the new name and I hope that you continue doing the great work that you do.

    San Francisco Bay Area

  494. Bonnie

    I’m a mom of three in Vancouver, BC. I read your blog for the simple living writing, not the parenting stuff, so the name change is a-okay by me!!

  495. Kameron Bybee

    Love love LOVE your site! Have followed for about a year now, and have a folder overflowing with goodness I’m keeping from your emails. I have to say, though, that at times I was hesitant sharing amazing articles with my non-mom (specifically male) friends simply because I thought they might not take them as seriously with MOM in the title. (But I still did.) So happy to hear you went ahead and took that leap. Can’t wait to continue this journey with you!

  496. Kelly

    Love the name change. I think it much better reflects what this place is about. I am not a mom and I felt a little weird reading and subscribing to a blog called “Simple Mom” but I really enjoy the content. I think it was the downloadable day planner that drew me in… and I stayed. 🙂 Congrats on the switch!

  497. Jenny

    Hi. I’m Jenny, and I live in Saskatchewan, Canada (yes it’s cold here, and we’ve had snow on the ground for over a week now). I’m not a mom 🙁 but I’ve been reading (lurking) your blog for quite some time, and love listening to your podcasts as well.

  498. Libby

    This is my first comment here, but I thought I’d be a good sport and play along. I think I found the blog this summer from a post shared by a friend, and I’ve been following it since then. I am a mom, but I have to say it’s many of the “non-parenting” posts that I find most fascinating. I like the variety of posts and also that they are well-done but not super-long! 🙂

  499. Nancy

    Hi from Canada! I’ve been reading for several years and have always loved the content on this site as well as your book Organized Simplicity. I love the name change – totally makes sense! Thanks for the years of great reading and inspiration – look forward to many more! God bless!

  500. Jan

    Hi, I’m from Manitoba, Canada and we have two daughters, 17 and 19. I enjoy reading your blog and really like the name change as well! Thanks for all the helpful, inspiring posts!

  501. Julie

    I’m a some-day-soon mom, currently both work at home DINKs but lots of student loans to pay even without any kids, non-native Texan. I started reading the blog about 2008? 2009? to learn more about organization, paring things down, being efficient, homemaking without being cheesy and learning more about how others handle this work at home stuff.

    I never minded Simple Mom as a name, as I am fairly maternal even without kids and hope to be a mom, but I do think it will help be more inclusive so everyone feels “allowed” in this space. Not all of us are moms, and that is not always an active choice.

    I always assumed that because the blog/brand content wasn’t always about being a mom, that was why people assumed YOU were “Simple Mom” because it is like, “hey, here are my thoughts and what I’m about, I’m the ‘Simple Mom.'” Especially since you do not want to be THE Simple Mom, this seems like a good move to shift the name.

    Is it okay now to say that sometimes when I would see the words “The Simple Mom” it would remind me of the cartoon from Allie Brosh over at Hyperbole & a half about “The Simple Dog”? 🙂 (Either way, go check her out if you haven’t already — she’s hilarious!)

    Cheers to the new name! May it wear well.

    • Julie

      OH and PS — I love listening to your podcasts! Please keep them going!


  502. Nancy

    I started reading the blog thru your book, organized simplicity, and well before I had a child. It was even given to me by a friend who didn’t have children. Good move on the change and best of luck!

  503. Kathryn

    Lurker, here! Sorry, I mean Kathryn! Love your blog! From Nova Scotia, Canada!

  504. Jeremy

    Congratulations, Tsh & Kyle! So proud that you are willing to risk losing what you have in an effort to pursue something even better!

    And it is better! I’m excited that, as a lurker, I don’t have anywhere else to hide. This blog is now for me, too! We believe in your simple message.

    Cheering you on from Iraq,

    34-year-old male, CEO-type, father, & former lurker

  505. Angela

    Hi there! I’m Angela, 35, from Northern Ireland. I’m a fairly new reader and mum to a 1 year old daughter, Eden. Great new name for your lovely blog x

  506. Ashlee

    I’m a homeschooling mom of 2. We live in Madison, WI.

    I’m confused at what happened with Simple Homeschool, and Simple Kids, compared to this site and Simple Bites.

  507. Tricia

    Hey Tsh, I’ve been “lurking” your blog since I first met you (also the day I met my amazing husband Jacob 🙂 I’ve loved following the growth of this blog and am excited to see how God will continue to touch many people through your gift of writing. Keep up the good work. Selam soyle to all your family!

  508. Alana

    Hi! Have loved the blog for several years and love all the new changes too! Stay at home mom to a 2 and 4 year old, wife of a park ranger, and currently living just outside Crater Lake National Park.

  509. Marie

    HI! I’m Cherrylynn, mom of 2 girls ages 3 and 6 from Austin, TX. I’ve been reading your blog for years. Thanks for all of it.

  510. Jenna

    Hi Tsh!
    I have been reading your blog for awhile now, and absolutely loved Organized Simplicity and One Bite at a Time. I learned about your blog from a friend who lives in China!

    I am a stay at home mom with a 3 1/2 year old boy, 20 month old girl and am pregnant with #3. We live in Texas and you met the wife of my husband’s best friend one time in Austin – Brady & Amber. I think she helped with some design work or something? Anyways, I thought that was fun that you all met:)

    I enjoy your blog and like the new name:)

  511. Shannon

    Hi Tsh. My name is Shannon and I have a master’s degree in Teaching but I choose to stay at home and homeschool my 8 year old daughter and 10 year old son. We lived overseas for 8 years as missionaries before returning home to Oregon. Thanks for all your great information and for sharing your life with us!

  512. Sondra Burnett

    I’m Sondra (mother of 4 grandmama of 5 ) from British Columbia. We share a mutual friend, Stephanie. I like the switch of names – good for you for lots of reasons!

  513. Sharyn

    Have been enjoying this blog for a while – We’re living in rural Cambodia previously working for an aid agency and now working for ourselves setting up a conservation / ecotourist destination.

  514. Sharyn

    Have been enjoying this blog for a while – We’re living in rural Cambodia previously working for an aid agency and now working for ourselves setting up a conservation / ecotourist destination.

    • Sharyn

      oh, and homeschooling 2 girls here!

  515. Jessie

    I’m Jessie from Iowa, and I’ve been readying your blog for about a year now. I love the variety in topics. Thanks for putting such interest content on the web!

  516. PlanningQueen

    So fabulous and so inspiring! Congratulations Tsh.

  517. Alisha

    Hey! I’m a (lurker!) stay ay home mom of 3 in Spokane, WA. I love this blog!
    P.S. My MIL knows your MIL (my hubby grew up in Springfield) so I feel like I kinda know you, but I don’t!
    Small world.

  518. Becky

    Hello! I’m a homeschool mom of 4, loving life in Omaha, NE. The switch looks great! Congrats on going for it. I think you’ll be so glad you did.

  519. Melissa Camara Wilkins

    I’m in Southern California, and I’m a mom — but I like “The Art of Simple” even better than Simple Mom! Love that video. Hope you all get a nap soon! This must have been an exhausting week for you. 🙂

  520. Donna Dorsey

    Lurker coming out of hiding…..since you asked so nicely 🙂

    I lurk from New Brunswick, New Jersey, where I live with my husband and three boys (9, 11 & 13), and too many pets to name. Love the new blog name. Has a very nice, simple ring to it.

    Good call, Simple Mom–oops, I mean Tsh 🙂

  521. Kate

    When someone says, Hi, you should say Hi back! I’m a working mom of 2 who is trying to find the balance every day. Your blog is an inspiration and reality check…it also helps me to stay focused on what is important. Thank you!

  522. Rachael

    30-year-old mother of 5 (nope, no multiples!) in the Midwest–I teach part-time at the nearby university where my husband is finishing his Ph.D. in engineering. I never comment because I’m usually reading on my iPad while I nurse the baby! Love the new name.

  523. Lindsey

    I’m 31, have two girls who just turned 1 and 3, and work full-time helping businesses improve their worksite policies and environments to help everyone be healthier. Reminders on keeping life a little more simple are good now, just as they were when I started reading – before the wee ones were in my life.

  524. Michelle Waite

    I am homeschool mom of two boys in Portland, Oregon.

  525. Angie

    Hi, I’m Angie from Ft Worth. Stumbled across your blog a couple of years ago when I was researching family mission statements. It was a crazy time and I was and still am craving simplicity. About the same time I had an email from a friend that included a link I hadn’t gotten around to reading…a few days later I thought I had lice , I called up my sweet friend and as she searched my scalp I told her about my search and your blog. She told me she knew you in High School! Small small world. The link she sent me was also to your blog…hmmm 🙂
    We read your book for book club and I’ve been here, reading, ever since. Love the blog. Love the new name. Cheers!

  526. Melissa

    Hi. I’m Melissa, wife and Mum to two lovely kids. We live in Sydney, Australia. I love your two books (s l o w l y working through 52 bites) and have been reading your blog for a couple of years now. I’ve been really inspired by some of the things I’ve read and you’ve helped me clarify my thoughts about running our household and simple living. Love the name change (although would read the blog regardless!)

  527. josh

    Proud of what you’re doing here. Proud to see it first hand. Delighted about the ‘eternity’ part. Go get it, sis.

  528. suzanne drake

    I forget how I “found” you, but I love your site & posts. I am a mom, a photographer, an artist who is dabbling & trying to focus on what matters & keep it simple.
    Keep up the great work & I think the new name is great!

  529. Liisa R

    I am 35, married with no kids but hoping to have some in the future. Almost all of my friends are moms… and I am really into living simply and frugally! Love this blog and all the things you do to make it better! 🙂

  530. Lori

    I’m a mom to 3 great kids and a wife to 1 great husband in Dallas, Texas. Love reading your blog and the theme of simple. Ah, yes- simple.

  531. Marti

    Marti, 39, mom and part-time worker. Austin, TX.. I like to call Tsh my friend. I’ve been following since the beginning and plan to stay until the end. :). I like the variety and the name change is well suited.

  532. Ryann Pinnegar

    I’m Ryann. I live in Northern California. I’m a new mom (two kids 3 yrs and 8 mo). I love geography and writing (and reading).

    I found you about two years ago while I was doing some research on natural cleaning (possibly through Kitchen Stewardship?). I discovered the “no poo” method through you, and I love your posts on finances from 2009/10. I need to re-read those! ….how do I find something posted so far back?

  533. Renee P.

    I’m a California girl, currently in the SF Bay Area. I’m a mom to 2 boys and I’m a mother-baby nurse at a local hospital. I have loved Simple Mom and I’m sure I’ll love AoS!

  534. Carlyn

    Hello! You asked people to go on ahead and do a little introduction, so here it is. Next to “A Holy Experience” yours was the second blog I had ever subscribed to or followed (and I subscribed to Ann’s quite a while before she ever published her book). I’m not a big “blog follower” – as living simply also means not allowing technology and other possible distractions (no offense) 🙂 to be closely monitored.
    I am a stay at home mom of 5 kiddos and lead them all in a crazy “one room schoolhouse” that we call “homeschooling.” I’m married to an incredible man who I met and started dating at 16. The Lord has me on a simplifying journey these past few years – and I will be forever grateful. I don’t have a particular goal in mind, but I do know that “simplifying” can be applied to every area of a person’s life and will look a bit different for everyone. I do know that I will never get these days, these precious moments back again – so my heart’s desire is to do this one life well! To simplify by remembering what is most important – and give way to it with all my heart! My faith, my marriage, my family, my home.
    Thank you for being part of this journey. 🙂
    God bless!

    • Carlyn

      Oh, and we originally grew up in Portland, Ore., but moved to the Seattle area to attend college and have settled here these past 15 years as we raise our family.

  535. Shannon

    I’m Shannon from Northwestern Ontario, Canada. I’m a mom and a weekly reader of your site. I like the new name!

  536. Judit

    Hi Tsh! Here a twenty-something, single, childless girl from Barcelona currently living in a teeny tiny village in Ireland. Loving the new name!

  537. Rebecca

    Hi, I’m a military wife and homeschooling mom in North Carolina. I’ve been reading your blog ever since Organized Simplicity came out, but I’m definitely a lurker. Love the rename! Beautiful design, too. Best wishes!

  538. Anne At Home

    SAHM of 2, formerly a GP (aka family physician) in Sydney, Australia. Lurker and occasional commenter on many blogs. Love your blog (whatever the name!) and your e – books. Keep up the great work x

  539. Cherie

    Hi Tsh, I’m Cherie and I have been a big fan of your blog and podcast for a while now. My husband and I are kiwis (aka New Zealanders) living on the beautiful island of Guernsey (in the English Channel just off the coast of Brittany, France) with our two little girls. We love to travel, explore, learn and create and are endeavouring to live more simple, purposeful lives. After seven years years in this delightful corner of the world we are about to uproot ourselves and relocate back to Wellington, New Zealand. We are excited about the move, but it’s a little scary too….so I’ve really appreciated some of your posts regarding transitions/change etc. Love the fact that no matter where we live we can connect with the Art of Simple (great name) and be inspired. Thanks for all that you and your team of writers do, it makes such a difference!

  540. Victoria


    Thanks for your blog. I’m one of those non-parent readers, but I am a teacher. I love this blog – I recommend it to many of my friends that are parents.

  541. Paula Nix

    I’m a mom of 3 from North Georgia and I found you blog almost 6 years ago (I think?) before I even knew blogs were a thing! I can’t remember now, but I think I was desperately searching for ways to simplify all the stuff in our house and I stumbled upon those converse shoes : ) I’ve loved your writing since then, our kids are around the same ages, I’m a freak for Harry Potter, and we homeschool. The new name is lovely & I think it will do just what you hope!

  542. Kelly

    Hi! I’m a mom of three age 8/4 and 6 months! My comma button on phone is not working! Relatively new to your blog and just starting on my journey to a simpler life! I’m asking for One Bite At a Time for Christmas! We live in a small town in SE Indiana. Keep up the great work! I love it!

  543. Lisa

    Hi! I’m Lisa, an almost 50-year old wife of an awesome husband and mom of 4 beautiful children (14, 18, 20, 21) who longs for things to be “simple” but will settle for “controlled chaos” if I have to! Love the name change, and can’t wait to lurk more! I:) promise I’ll do a better job of commenting!

  544. Beth Werner Lee

    I didn’t get this in my inbox (popped over from Inspired to Action) so maybe I need to resubscribe.
    I usually lurk.
    Although I am a mom. Not simple though.
    Complicated. I get “it’s simple; just not easy.”
    Hard and Provision are two of my words with God, but this year’s word of the year is Dependently. Really hitting that one!
    That’s a little about me, no details unfortunately.
    Back to lurking, with love!

  545. Sharon

    Hi Tsh! I ordered your book “Organized Simplicity” as soon as it came out… and I love it as a resource book that I keep revisiting! My name is Sharon and I live in Spokane, Washington. I noticed that in the bio in the sidebar you mentioned that your family will soon “travel the world.” Oh! Long smile here!! Our family returned a year ago from traveling the world for five years! An absolute dream come true… in fact, we’re already dreaming of doing it again! So… I’m super, super excited for you!!! And may you continue to be blessed as you journey on with Art of Simple! Love it!

  546. Melissa

    Hi! Nearly 40, mom of 2 young girls… Live in Oregon. Love the name change!

  547. Carey

    I’m one of the non-mom lurkers! I love the name change, it makes me feel like part of the group!

  548. Laura

    Hey! Love you blog, have been reading for a few months. I’m 28y/o F living in KS, but from KC, MO. I don’t have any kids now, and while I don’t mind associating with “mom” blogs, the name change is really great, more encompassing.
    Happy Blogging!

  549. Sloan

    Sloan, married, DINK (yet), living the dream in Atlanta (whatever the dream is.) The Simple Mom name never bothered me, probably because 99.9% of the blogs I read are Moms or people wanting to be Moms. PLUS, I am of the opinion that there are a lot more important things to be bothered by than a blog name. However, I do appreciate your sensitivity and I love reading your blog. It has really inspired me, so thank you.

  550. huppicke

    I am married and mom of two daughters 8 and 6 years old. I have been reading simple mom for three or four years. in the beginning it was very much a ‘simple living with kids’ blog to me. and when there was less of the kids i moved over to simple homeschool and occasionally visited you.
    yes, to me, you were the simple mom. and i still depend on your “organized simplicity” for having the home a haven for the family.
    but i am fine with the art of simple too. let’s discover what will be going on here. *smiles*

  551. Kaisa

    I really like the new name! As a matter of fact, I first started reading this