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As we wind down this final year of AoS, I’ve been spending a bit more time cultivating Books & Crannies, my subscribers’ community. Every Monday afternoon, I ask a question, and the rest of the week we chat about our answers. It’s one of my favorite things I look forward to in my work.

Here’s a little sampling of what it’s like… A few weeks ago I asked the group, many of whom are bibliophiles, what they’re reading these days:

 My TBR filled to overflowing (even more than it even was)! Here are a few great answers:

This week, I asked the question: Where would you like to travel to this month if we weren’t on quarantine? I love talking travel but was a little hesitant to bring it up, since many of us are currently struggling with cabin fever (I didn’t want to make it worse). 

But it sounds like it was the just-right kind of escapism I hoped it would be, because I’m loving our current weekly chat. Just a few comments:

Anyway, if you’d like to join, I’d love to have you! Becoming a subscriber for just a few dollars monthly makes all my work possible, and I’m incredibly grateful for it. 

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