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  1. Seana Turner

    I have eaten the same thing for breakfast and lunch most days for years. I think it is just simple from brain energy, food prep and shopping perspectives. The funny thing is, by doing this, my mouth sort of starts craving the regular thing as I approach mealtime. For me, it is a win-win.

    • Amanda

      It really is easier!

  2. Melissa L.

    When he was 9 months, we learned my son (who also had eczema) was allergic to milk, eggs & nuts. All of the “healthy, wholefoods” meals I knew how to prepare relied heavily on these ingredients! It was really hard to accept that foods I considered less healthy/natural were safer for him, and that often the organic options meant they were exposed to milk or nuts. Although of the 3, eggs were the hardest to substitute or eliminate from recipes. I think a soy allergy is the most challenging, because they sneak soy into everything – even cans of tunafish! (I became more conscious of hidden soy while doing the Whole 30 diet.)

    My son just turned 12 and eventually he outgrew the egg and milk allergies, but he’s never acquired a taste for eggs or cheese. He’s definitely a “same-a-tarian” when it comes to his eating habits. I believe this is due to his limited meal rotation when he was younger, but to be fair, his dad is also content to eat the same few things regularly.

  3. Amanda Waters

    You’re so right about soy being everywhere. Fortunately, we have been able to add that and wheat back to his diet and it has made so many things easier (like eating out!). I’m glad your son outgrew the eggs and milk allergy. Even if he doesn’t love it, at least you don’t have to worry about it!

  4. Bethany

    I could have written this! The day we found out my son was no longer allergic to soy my husband’s doctor recommended he go gluten free. The information in dealing with food allergies/intolerances is overwhelming. I have found that making a chart of foods we like to eat helps with meal planning. Down the left I list the meals and then across the top I run categories such as 15 min prep, crock pot, gluten free, rice based – whatever is important to me. And I mark the categories that match each meal. This helps me plan the week to fit our schedule. If the meal is too involved it doesn’t make the cut. We also eat lots of leftovers.

    • Amanda Waters

      Your meal planning chart sounds amazing! I have to write everything down too.


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