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Recommended Reading

There are lots of books on simplifying life. Here are my favorites.

(Psst… Head here for books written by me.)

An Everlasting Meal

by Tamar Adler

Philosophy & instruction on eating frugally and well. Lovely writing.

The More of Less

by Joshua Becker

A compelling case for why our lives are richer with less stuff.

Simply Tuesday

by Emily P. Freeman

A reminder why it’s the little parts of our lives that actually matter most.

What Falls From the Sky

by Esther Emery

A memoir about a woman’s year fasting from the internet. (Here’s my podcast with her.)

Chasing Slow

by Erin Loechner

My podcast co-host’s experience of going from life’s fast lane to the gracious slow.

In the Neighborhood

by Peter Lovenheim

One man’s experience of getting to know his neighbors.


by Greg McKeown

The definitive book about why we don’t need to do 99% of what we do (an annual read for me).

Home Comforts

by Cheryl Mendelson

The bible on simple homekeeping; a fantastic reference for any home (great for wedding gifts).

Deep Work

by Cal Newport

A profound look at why focus matters so much in our distracted culture.

Simplicity Parenting

by Kim John Payne & Lisa M. Ross

A fantastic book about raising the next generation with less stuff—physically, mentally, emotionally.

Your Money or Your Life

by Vicki Robin

My favorite book on how to look at money, income, and lifestyle.

Anything You Want

by Derek Sivers

An irreverent but helpful look at a minimalist entrepreneurial life.

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