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Bonus Ep: Anxious For Nothing

A few weeks ago, I talked to Max Lucado, the prolific author and long-time pastor. This was right after Hurricane Irma, and with both of us being in central Texas, Hurricane Harvey was heavy on our minds. Now, more events have happened – Hurricane Maria, the Las Vegas shootings, and more… And sad to say, who knows what else is around the corner.

In this bonus episode, I talk with Max about how to handle feeling anxious*, especially in troubling times like these. With pastoral comfort and wisdom, he shares how he’s feeling in light of everything. Perhaps it’ll encourage you, too?

For Max’s new book, Anxious For Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World, head to AmazonBarnes & Noble, or your local bookseller.

* This is different than clinically-diagnosed anxiety. If you’re feeling the symptoms of this, please reach out to a friend and a trained professional.

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