Ep. 95: Extracurriculars

There are so many great after-school activities for our kiddos, but we can’t say yes to everything. How do we choose? And how do we balance tapping into the fantastic resources of sports, music, arts, and life skills while still having plenty of free time to just… be a kid?

What if it’s a great option for an individual child in our family, but it negatively affects the whole clan? When you have multiple schedules to wrangle, how do you handle the spinning plates of extracurriculars without becoming the Parent Taxi, throwing family dinner by the wayside, and generally becoming a basketcase of a person?

little league baseball

art class

These are the issues co-host Stephanie and I talk about in this episode: choosing how to help our kids get involved in extracurriculars, while still fostering plenty of free time for play and rest.

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