Ep. 93: Dating (in Marriage)

We love going out on dates—sometimes. If we’re honest, though, when you add up things like babysitting and eating out, plus the challenge of finding the right time on the calendar… sitting on the couch with Netflix and a killer dessert feels just as special.

In this episode, co-host Kendra Adachi and I talk about dating our spouses. What works for us right now as parents with full calendars, tired bodies, and limited funds? We love our men, but dating them looks differently than when we were—well, dating.

couple holding hands

We say no to classic dating, but we say yes to lots of creativity—Netflix, sure, but game nights, neighborhood walks, front porch mornings, and afternoon outings can be killer. Let’s celebrate the small ways to spend time with our Special Someones.

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Tiny House on the Hill

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