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Ep. 87: When to Quit

My friend (and AoS writer) Brooke McAlary recently announced she’s quitting Jackrabbit, the podcast network she helped found—and when she did, I thought, Hmm…. I could use a good chat with her.

So, we poured ourselves some coffee and hit record. We’re 8,400 miles away—she’s in Sydney, and I’m here in Central Texas. (If you read At Home, it’s her house we stayed in for our Christmas down under.)

brooke beach

My own work shift was on my mind, so together, we talk about what it looks like to quit something good in favor of something better. We talk about why we need to know our why, and why we need regular reminders of it.


(If this topic of conversation melts your butter, you’re gonna love this next season of The Simple Show.)

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Also—you guys seemed to love our summer series, Women’s Work, and this makes me indubitably happy. Interested in more? Let me know… I might have something up my sleeves.

Also also—The Simple Show is officially moving to Mondays! You might not notice when new podcast episodes go out in the world, and that’s fine, but I’m stoked to get our episodes more focus here on AoS. Sending them to you on Mondays is part of that plan.

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