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Ep. 86: Women’s Work – A Singer

It’s the last episode of our summer series, Women’s Work! (Man, this has flown by.) We’re hearing from entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives as they let us peek behind the curtain so we can learn more about what they do.

In this episode, I’m talking with Liz Vice, a singer-songwriter. She’s a gospel, soul, and R&B artist from Portland, Oregon who loves story telling—she’s gone from behind the scenes in the film and video world to right behind the mic.

liz vice

It was a line of work she got into accidentally—growing up, she always thought she’d be in film, not in music. Liz talks about the heart behind what she does—what motivates her, the risks she’s taken moving across the country, why she’s choosing to record on her terms, even with its limits.

liz vice

She’s got the heart and soul of a preacher, so you just might find yourself saying “amen” a few times in this episode.

liz vice

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