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Ep. 84: Women’s Work — An Artist & Shopkeeper

When I first got Cat’s book in the mail, I stopped what I was doing, poured a cup of coffee, and sat in my favorite chair to leaf through its pages for an hour.

It’s that lovely.

cat seto

Cat Seto is an artist and author, as well as owner of a brick-and-mortar (and online) store in San Fransisco. In this episode, she talks to me about her process as an artist, how her style has evolved over the years, and why going to Paris to re-inspire her in her work opened a whole new path for her.

cat seto

We talk about juggling her work with parenting, what it was like to create her book, Impressions of Paris, and the collaborative work she’s looking forward to next.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to paint, write, run a local shop, or all the above—this episode is for you. You’ll love Cat.

cat seto

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