Ep. 82: Women’s Work — A Social Entrepreneur

Continuing our special summer series on women’s work, in this next episode I got to chat with a woman helping young Ugandan women attend college because of her smart business acumen.

Liz Bohannon is the founder of Sseko Designs, a company that started with leather sandals with interchangeable ribbons. They now also make leather bags, accessories, and a wide variety of sandals, and they’ve got a fantastic social good model.


liz bohannon

Liz has been on Shark Tank, and she still travels back and forth all the time between Uganda and her home in Portland, juggling her role as founder and CEO while also having a new job title: mom.

If you’re interested in social entrepreneurialism, this episode is for you! Liz pulls back the curtain to show us how she gets it done.

Listen Here:

Notes From This Episode:

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