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Ep. 81: Women’s Work – A Digital Storyteller

This spring, I had this realization of how many cool women there are in the world doing seriously great work. Big or small, they’re quietly (or sometimes not so quietly) doing their thing and making our lives richer because of it.

I’m still taking a break from online writing this summer, but I’ve got for you a special summer series for The Simple Show:

Women’s Work.

For the next seven(ish) episodes, we’re sharing conversations with creative women who do interesting work. We’ve got entrepreneurs and artists, all taking the risk of doing something they love. I’ve already learned so much from these conversations. And I can’t wait to share them with you.


First up is a name you might not know, but her work might be familiar if you’re a regular listener of The Simple Show. Tania Landin is the co-creator of Around the World Stories. She talked with me from a guesthouse in Germany, where she and her family are parked for a good chunk of the summer.

They’ve been traveling for over a year now.


Listen in on how they came up with the idea for Around the World Stories, the nuts and bolts of how they create each episode, and how they get their three girls involved, making it a true family business.

Plus, we also talk travel. (They’re traveling with their dog.)

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(Not every upcoming conversation is with a Simple Show sponsor, but it kinda works out when it happens…) If you’d like to give Around the World Stories a try, they’re giving listeners a special deal. Sign up here and either use the code SIMPLE for one month of free stories, or the code SIMPLE20 for $20 off their Full Story Pack!

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