Ep. 77: Summer Family Roadtrips

You guys ask all the time, so I’m finally delivering… epic global travel is all well and good, but what about family domestic road trips? You know, average-length family trips during summer breaks.

(What a concept!)

In this podcast episode, I’m talking with Kat Lee, host of the two podcasts Inspired to Action and Hello Mornings and long-time contributing writer here. She and her family are experts on nailing down the epic American family roadtrip.

Every summer, she and her family drive somewhere new in a quest for hitting all lower 48 states with their kids before they leave the nest. They’ve been at it for several summers now, and they do it well.

kat lee

Kat shares their favorite places, how they plan a two-week road trip, tips for being in the car for hours at a time, and why these trips are so meaningful to their family.

Enjoy the chat, but grab a pen and paper—she’s got great tips here! Especially if you’d like to hit the road this summer.

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