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Ep. 72: At Home at Home

Last up in our five-part special series of The Simple Show, I want to talk with you about a place that’s so familiar to us all, sometimes we forget to recognize the foreign and beautiful adventure that lies underneath it.

I think you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Thanks to ‘Very Special Guest’ Myquillyn Smith for sharing her thoughts in this episode. And to catch the rest of the series…

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Get your copy of At Home in the World: Reflections on Belonging While Wandering the Globe.

Reader & Listener Stories:

Friday’s in the spring are made for simple food and good books. Which is why I found myself sitting outside and enjoying @tshoxenreider ‘s #athomeintheworld this evening. Many of you know that I lived in Baja California for 10 years in my late teens and 20s. It is where I became a “mama” to all my sweet girls that I was a dorm mama for. It is where I went from a high school graduate to a full fledged adult. It will forever hold a place in my heart. Near the end of my time there I discover an Italian restaurant tucked into the hills, down a winding and very bumpy road, a few miles from my house. They had the best pizza from @ochentos_pizzeria , where a few friends and I would go on a day off and spend hours enjoying the food and soaking in the beauty of the day. It was and will a always be one of my “homes”. Good food and friendship can be found where ever you go and give you a place to call home. ???? #nourishingsimplicity #ahomeintheworld #simplemoments #homeiswheretheheartis #madefroomscratchlivingwithameasureofgrace

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So inspired by @tshoxenreider ✨her new stories in #athomeintheworld “Lean into the struggles; give thanks for the easy times. Hard doesn’t mean wrong. You’re on the right path.” ✨?I’m jump starting my weekend by soaking up sun and quiet waiting for josh during soccer practice. Some people might find the in-between time in soccer practice a chore, but I never grew up in such ordinary tranquility – and I still pinch myself to have a piece of simple pleasure as reading a good book as josh enjoys his happy place. ? And my friend @tshoxenreider ‘s new book is what I saved to enjoy! Tsh is a kind friend I feel at home with – a loving heart, former missionary who always shares her heart and her journey! Congrats Tsh! Your stories are beautiful like you! ?#ilovethisplace

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@tshoxenreider released her newest book this week titled “At Home in the World”. One of the places I feel home is at the South Store Cafe in Scholls, Oregon. I don’t even remember how @merilee_c and I first came upon it back in 2007. But we loved it from the moment we entered and it wasn’t uncommon for us to be found having breakfast or lunch there a couple times a week. A decade has now passed and Merilee lives in Utah and I work so I don’t go as often. But when I do I am reminded of why I love it so. Smiles from the staff, wildflowers in rust-spotted watering cans on the wraparound porch, a creaking screen door, local art on the walls, a wood stove by a vintage velvet couch. Oh, and the food. Delicious, simple and perfect. Lee, the owner, passed away very suddenly last week. She was young, got an infection, it went into her bloodstream, organs shut down and she was gone within a couple days. My tears are for her family and staff at the south store and also for the entire community. When we started going there a decade ago, Lee took our order, made the food and brought it to us. Recent years she has hired a full time baker and a few more staff although you ALWAYS saw Lee there in the kitchen and she would help bring orders to the tables. The community will miss you, Lee. South Store is where I feel at Home in the World. #athomeintheworld #dlynsdeliciousfood2017 #southstorecafe

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