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Ep. 71: At Home in…Airports

Next up for our fourth installment of the Simple Show special series, I want to talk about a place—actually, lots of little places. You’ve probably been to one.

Some are better than others, and some are much, much better than others. I talk about three of my favorites, plus why I actually don’t hate airplanes. They became spa-like on our trip around-the-world.

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Reader & Listener Stories:

Friends, there’s this book called At Home in the World that released this week. I have yet to read it, but I am so excited for this book and the writer of its words. @tshoxenreider is amazing. This week Tsh asked her readers to share what home means to us and it just lit a fire under me. I’m a military spouse and home is such a loaded word. Home? Home is where the Army sends us. Truly. I grew up in one home for 20 some years, from birth to marriage. In the past 5 years my family has lived in 5 homes. My children think that every Christmas is spent in a new home. And so far they’re right. Right now this is our home. This home is extra special to me. Because this home is straight up out of my dreams. Long ago brokenness told me to stop dreaming. And I listened. And then God began re-birthing and redeeming my dreams. This home is evidence of God’s redemptive grace and love and undeserved prosperity. This house is the one I would draw you as a 7 year old little girl if you asked me to draw my dream house. A stone cottage with tons of character inside and out, painted bright, bold dreamy colors inside. A romantic weeping willow in the front yard. A hammock in the back in the midst of tall trees. My home is the one God drew in my mind as a little girl. And here it is. We’ve only been here for 1 year. We thought we would be here for more. But we’re moving again. And we will reinvent home again. 6 homes in 6 years. Home is where the Army sends us. Home is the walls that surround me and my people. Home is where we live out our days with each other. Where we dream and love and pray. Where struggle and forgive and invest in each other. Where we retreat. Where we open our doors and invite others in. Our home is sometimes a mess (both literally and figuratively), but God is showing me how to make our home, wherever it is, defined by Him. One that is a refuge and resting place and that speaks love. This is my home. And I love everything about it and my heart bursts with gratitude. #anexpectantheart #athomeintheworld

A post shared by Kristin Vanderlip (@an.expectant.heart) on

@tshoxenreider asked us where we feel most #athomeintheworld and for me that magical place is the countryside and small villages of southern Tuscany, Italy. When Seth and I first wandered under Tuscan sun in 2005 (so young, so tanned, so well rested!), it was love at first sight. I knew deep in my bones that the place held something significant for us. And it has, with many special return trips including the #tuscanywritersretreat which I’ve been twice blessed to share with @tsh. The amazing round-the-world trip that Tsh & @kyleoxen took with their three kids (as documented in her gorgeous new travel memoir which releases today!) inspired us to weave travel even further into the fabric of our own family’s tapestry. So last summer Seth and I returned as a family with our 2 bambini, rented a house and car in one of those tiny villages and we made ourselves at home. Thank you, Tsh, for sharing your stories. You are a first rate writer and all of us who love Home AND the open road find the best kind of travel companion in you. Friends, if you’re interested in themes of belonging and exploring this great big little world of ours, I think you’ll enjoy At Home in the World. A post shared by Jenni Burke (@jenni_burke) on

@tshoxenreider #athomeintheworld is full of fantastic statements that just speak to me. ? A post shared by Stacie Helm (@swtgrl1231) on

At Home in the World

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