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Ep. 64: A Year Off The Internet

Not too long ago, Esther Emery decided to take an entire YEAR off the internet. And lived to tell about it! In fact, in this episode, you’ll hear how it affected Esther’s life for the better, and why she’s more than willing to do it again.

Esther and her family now live in the woods—literally. They currently live in a yurt and are building a cabin with wood from their land. They live off solar power, they grow quite a bit of their own food, and they do it all in the Idaho woods.


She’s written a book called What Falls From the Sky, a memoir about what she learned when she went offline. Esther and I get into what it means to build your own home, to disconnect from the online world but still engage in it, and to sit in silence.

If you like goats, you’ll really like this one—her mama goat chimes in quite a bit in the background here. It’s pretty great.

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