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Ep. 55: Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries + Everyone Brave is Forgiven

Time for another books episode with my co-host Haley Stewart! As it tends to happen—completely unplanned—one of us has picked a classic, the other a newer release. (I promise we don’t coordinate this in advance.)

Haley shares her recent discovery of old world mysteries, particularly the Lord Peter Wimsey series from Dorothy Sayers, who was a fascinating character in her own right. And I chat about my newfound love for writer Chris Cleave and his release from last year, Everyone Brave is Forgiven.

strong poison everyone brave

We chat about character-driven novels and why we like them so much, why it’s good to try a genre we normally aren’t into, and the significance of new books set in World War II. We also talk about why sometimes it’s good to read about the horrors of war, especially when the writing is so on point.

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