Ep. 40: Knowing When to Quit

Due to a limit of 24 hours to my day, much of them already claimed to important tasks, I keep my blog reading whittled down to the minimum. This means I get to read Kendra Adachi’s, because I find it that charming.

She’s the guest on today’s show, and in this episode, we talk about why she stopped a baking business she loved. Sometimes, loving something isn’t enough—if it’s just not giving you the life you want, it’s time to part ways amicably. Kendra’s a great example of calling it quits in the best of ways.

Kendra Adachi

We also talk a little pop culture, since it’s one of her greatest loves. She recommends to me a TV show that I promptly watched, devoured, and voxed her later to say thank you. This was recorded months ago, and I still think of that show.

Kendra Adachi

Kendra Adachi

Kendra’s a good egg.

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