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Ep. 37: Travel with Kids, part 4

It’s the last podcast episode of our travel series! This is the last of my chat with Stephanie Langford on extended travel with kids—we hope it’s inspired you to getting out the front door with your own clan.

To wrap things up, we dole out a heavy dose of honesty: the parts of extended family travel that were hard. It’s easy to see all the stuff online and think it was all roses. Real talk in this episode.

Worldwide travel with kids
Worldwide travel with kids

Ultimately, the goods outweigh the bads, because we both still love traveling with kids. It’s worth it! We get into the wonderful stuff, too, and what we did to make those hard things easier. And in the end, we share our favorite countries we visited.

If you’re just now tuning in, here’s the rest of the series:

Links from this episode:

Worldwide travel with kids
Worldwide travel with kids

One more time: if you’re eager to chat with us in the flesh, ask your practical questions, brainstorm future travel dreams, and generally pick our brains about extended travel with kids, you might like to hang out with us at our upcoming workshop in Portland. It’s an Academy with World Domination Summit, but you don’t need to attend WDS to join our Academy! Would love to see you there.

I’m taking a short break from podcasting to—well, travel with my kids. We’re in the thick of exploring the Pacific Northwest, so I’ll be back soon with new episodes!

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