Ep. 36: Travel with Kids, part 3

Time for another podcast on travel! I’m continuing my chat with Stephanie Langford on extended travel with kids. We’ve both traveled around the world with our families, and love seeing likeminded families getting out the front door.

In this episode, we talk about educationworldschooling the kids and taking school on the road. We talk about what we did with our kids—what worked, what didn’t, our constant nagging concern we weren’t doing enough, and the surprising results in the end.

Worldwide travel with kids

Worldwide travel with kids

Spoiler alert: Kids get a fantastic education because of travel, not in spite of it.

If you’re just now tuning in, here’s the rest of the series:

Listen in here:

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Worldwide travel with kids

Worldwide travel with kids

Stay tuned for the final part 4 next week! And another reminder: if you’re eager to chat with us in the flesh, ask your practical questions, brainstorm future travel dreams, and generally pick our brains about extended travel with kids, you might like to hang out with us at our upcoming workshop in Portland. It’s an Academy with World Domination Summit, but you don’t need to attend WDS to join our Academy! Would love to see you there.

Worldwide travel with kids

Worldwide travel with kids

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