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Ep. 34: Travel with Kids, part 1

A few weeks ago, I recorded a podcast episode with my friend and traveling working mom buddy, Stephanie Langford. That conversation lasted so long that we decided to make it a Very Special Episode. Well, a series of episodes, actually!

Which means the next four episodes, starting with this one, will be an extended conversation on extended travel with kids. We’ve both taken round-the-world trips with our clan when they were (are) young ages, and our family’s paths even crossed for six weeks last spring in southern Europe.

Extended Travel With Kids
Extended Travel With Kids

In this series we hash out stuff like what we packed, how we decided where to go, how we handled worldschooling, and yep, the things that were miserable. We talk about how we handled our own work on the go, the things that made us stronger as families, and ultimately, why we’re both itching to do another big trip before our oldest children leave the nest.

Extended Travel With Kids
Extended Travel With Kids

This first episode is an intro to the idea, where we answer the question we both get frequently: Why travel in such a big way while the kids are so little?

Enjoy this fun special summer series!

Links from this episode:

Part two is coming next week! And if you’re eager to chat with us in the flesh, ask your practical questions, brainstorm future travel dreams, and generally pick our brains about extended travel with kids, you might like to hang out with us at our upcoming workshop in Portland. It’s an Academy with World Domination Summit, but you don’t need to attend WDS to join our Academy! Would love to see you there.

Around the World Stories

Big thanks to this episode’s sponsor, Around the World Stories. They create original audio stories about the adventures of children from other cultures, providing fun, memorable and culturally authentic stories that help develop a child’s interest in the broader world. We love ’em!

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