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Ep. 30: The More of Less

Minimalism is a word used so much these days, it’s easy to roll our eyes at it. But that’s usually when we think of it as no color in our houses, or some sort of weird backwards race on who can survive with the least amount of stuff.

When it’s defined correctly, minimalism can actually be pretty great.

That’s what my guest in this episode thinks, anyway. Joshua Becker is a dad of two and a writer who’s a big fan of minimalism. In fact, he’s dedicated his work to it right now with his website, Becoming Minimalist.

We talk about what minimalism really is and what are some of its immediate benefits. We talk about what to do when you just don’t know how or where to start, and we talk about why boredom is actually a really good thing for our kids.

Joshua Becker and The More of Less
Joshua Becker and family

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