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Ep. 25: Raising Kids on Harry Potter

Whenever I get asked the same question enough times, that’s usually a sign for me to do something about it—whether that’s write a post on the subject, or create a resource page here on the blog, write a book or course…. Or in this episode’s case, record a podcast.

Lots of listeners have asked me the simple but broad (and sometimes loaded) question, “How and when should I introduce my kids to Harry Potter?”

In this episode I asked one of my great friends (and AoS contributing writer), Robin Dance, to join this chat. She’s on the other side of this parenting journey. My three kids are between ages 5 and 11, yet Robin’s three kids are all in their late teens/early twenties and out of the house.

In our chat, we talk about all things raising kids around Harry Potter: Is there a magic age for the series? How about the naysayers in our life? What powerful life lessons can be drawn from the series, and how does that affect and steer our parenting?

Flourish & Blotts
Harry Potter
Harry Potter

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The Simple Show podcast with Tsh Oxenreider :: Ep. 25: Raising Kids on Harry Potter, with Tsh Oxenreider and Robin Dance

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