Ep 21: A Neighbor’s Table

“I was expecting you!” is probably one of the most encouraging things that could be said to us, and hearing “Can I bring something?” when I invite someone over is music to my ears. I’m so glad today’s guest feels the same way.

Sarah has done something ordinary that, in my opinion, is totally extraordinary. I first met her at one of my book signings a few years ago, and she was magnetic. If anyone can make you feel like a million bucks, it’s Sarah—she just oozes encouragement.

She recently started something called Neighbor’s Table, which really is a simple concept—a handcrafted table big enough to seat lots of people, brought to your home for the purpose of sharing meals with others. This was spurred on by her realizing how she didn’t know her own neighbors, so she took what felt like a risk and invited them all over for dinner. I love what happened after that—you’ll just have to hear it from her in our conversation.

Seriously, talking with Sarah gives me goosebumps—I can’t wait to hear what you think of her and her love mission. It’s taken off to ten states now, and she has the audacious goal to be in all 50 in just a few years. I think it’ll totally happen. Because who doesn’t love a welcoming table?

Neighbor's Table with Sarah Harmeyer

Neighbor's Table with Sarah Harmeyer

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Neighbor's Table with Sarah Harmeyer

Neighbor's Table with Sarah Harmeyer

Neighbor's Table with Sarah Harmeyer

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