Ep. #2: The Fringe Hours

A couple times a year I get asked if I know of any blogs written by women who work full-time out of the house, and Jessica Turner is the one I think of first—there’s a reason she knows well the idea of ‘fringe hours.’

Jessica balances working as a marketing director, parenting three small children, and running a successful blog, so her book celebrates what she’s learned in finding time to do what she loves.

The Fringe Hours

Links From This Episode

• Jessica on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest
• Jessica’s blog, The Mom Creative
• Jessica’s book, The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You (also at Target!)
WP Editorial Calendar, the plugin Jessica uses to schedule her blog posts
If This Then That (IFTTT), All your Tweets in a Google Spreadsheet recipe
• Kayla Aimee’s Anchored
• Mary Kubica’s The Good Girl (and new book, Pretty Baby)
• Anthony Doerr’s All the Light You Cannot See
Inside Out, the summer 2015 Pixar movie
• The Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast
• Jockey’s Skimmies, the awesome slipshort

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