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Fasting, Feasting, & Intuitive Eating | 192

Yep …Our relationships with food. Christine articulates what it means to feast, to embrace a season of coming around the table to share a meal and how that pairs really well when you also embrace more fasting in your life. This is especially great now that we’re in the season of Eastertide.

Tsh shares her own personal guidelines with eating, which sounds stoic and hardcore, but it’s not. It embraces a philosophy of feasting as well, and it’s been a mental game changer for her.

In the third segment, Tsh talks with Stephanie, who’s currently in Guatemala, as they answer another one of your travel questions.

Also: Tsh is closing up her class, The Essentials, for good! As in, it will no longer be open for enrollment ever again. So, if you’d like in, do it now — enrollment closes for the final time on Friday, May 3rd, 2019, so head here snag your spot.

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