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Placemaking | 185

We’ve got another in our series called My Good List: a thing, a habit, a work of art, and a philosophy. (Don’t worry, we’re not nixing our new format! We’re simply still doing MGLs every now and then…)

I’m talking to my friend Christie Purifoy, a former English professor turned writer and gardener. She’s got a new book out called Placemaker, and it’s all about what it means to actually lean in to your soul’s desire for beauty and the need to create, instead of stuffing or ignoring it — and why the cultivation of good and beautiful places isn’t a retreat from the “real world” – it’s a response to it.

Then in the third segment, Stephanie Langford and I answer another one of your travel questions.

(p.s. – Yes, there’s a faint clicking sound in the background… we’re aware, and we apologize.)

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