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Ep #18: Learn by Doing

Yep, another podcast episode, just a few days later! We normally publish The Simple Show twice a month, so hopefully you’ll (happily!) forgive our frequency here this week.

In this episode I’m talking to Maggie Whitley, who created a super-successful online handmade business called Gussy Sews. She’s since become a mom to two with one more on the way, so she’s thick in the early stages of motherhood.

This has caused her to rethink her personal direction and her vocational calling, work-wise, so she’s made some changes that better fit her life and current stage. We talk about how the only constant in life is change, and how to lean into that instead of fight it.

Maggie’s a great model of a young person who wants to create and do work that allows her to be fully with her kids, so if that’s you and you feel a little stuck, this episode is for you.

maggie whitley

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Notes from this episode:

building a handmade business

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The Simple Show with Tsh Oxenreider, ep. 18: Learn by Doing with Maggie Whitley - thoughts about running a handmade business with small children underfoot!
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