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The Liturgical Calendar (1/3) | 163

If there’s one topic I’ve been asked more about this year, it’s for us to do a big ol’ 101 on what the heck is the liturgical calendar, and how Haley and I recognize it in our lives.

Some of you know that a few years ago I was confirmed in the Anglican church after more than 3 decades in a purely evangelical, non-denominational framework, and Haley has been a Catholic for not quite a decade. So, neither of us grew up in a liturgical setting, but we’re both now are immersed in that world (albeit in different ones from each other).

But both these expressions of Christianity follow what’s called the “liturgical calendar,” so in this 3-part series, we’re gonna get into it — and how you can participate as big or as small as you want, no matter your faith tradition.

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