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Work: A Diversity in Tech Champion | 146

What’s a “diversity champion,” right? Well, Michelle Glauser started a community organization called Techtonica, out of a passion for seeing more diversity in the tech industry — it’s a 6-month tech apprenticeship program that partners with tech companies to provide free tech training, living stipends, and job placement to women in need.

They specifically focus on underserved, diverse populations with this opportunity to be involved in a long-term, tuition free, full-time program that prepares (and then places!) apprentices in the software engineering field, without having to worry about financial instability.

Michelle says since becoming an engineer in 2012, she’s been passionate about helping underrepresented people join, feel comfortable in, and stay in the software industry. If you know much about the tech world, you know that Michelle’s non-profit’s focus on women, low-income, and tuition-free training is a really big deal.

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