Ep. 132: Grown-Upping the Summer (3/4)

Keeping on in our series on making the most of our summer — beyond just making them fun for kids — for the next two episodes, Kendra and I each tap into our wheelhouses and help each other.

First up… I’m helping Kendra prep for her family’s summer vacation. She admits they don’t travel much, and well — we do quite a bit. So in this chat, you’ll hear me walk her through the ins and outs of packing, roadtripping, and guesthouse life.

Most of all, we get into the most important key to successful family travel: mindset. Because if you go in thinking it’ll be just like traveling with only adults, you’ll be in for a surprise. But if you’re willing to embrace the reality of travel with kids, you might find it’s more fun than you imagined.

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