Ep. 131: Grown-Upping the Summer (2/4)

Continuing our series on grown-upping the summer, this time Kendra and I talk about work. Because sure, it’s summer, but also, we’re adults with jobs and stuff.

As self-employed types, we talk about how we get work done with kids in the house — hers are a bit younger, so she shares juggling toddlers and young school-age kiddos, while my oldest is now 13 and I can attest: it makes allllll the difference now in my own work life.

Basically, what I’m saying to the working parents with tinies at home is: before you know it, it most likely will get easier. I’ve been exactly where you are and thought it’d never happen.

It’s still a challenge for me, though, so I share how expectations make or break me when it comes to getting work done in the summer. Plus, there’s a newer pressure I didn’t feel a few years ago when everyone was smaller:

I’ll blink, and kids will start leaving the house. So family-bonded summers actually feel more important than ever right now.

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