Ep. 127: Re-Learning Stuff (2/4)

We’re continuing our series on things we’ve re-learned in our adulthoods, where we explore a few topics we thought about (or were taught) differently when we were younger than what we believe now.

In this one, we’re exploring physical stuff — specifically, eating, sleeping, and moving.

It’s almost impossible to stay static about your philosophy on health, both because what kid cares about omega-3s and getting 8-10 hours of shuteye every night, but also because of science. We simply didn’t know what we know now about nutrition and how our bodies work. (Imagine what our kids will know!)

This was a fun chat about the priorities Erin and I share when it comes to moving, resting, and nourishing our bodies, and how we’ve each come up with our own this-works-for-me plan.

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