Ep. 115: Use Your Earbuds (3/4)

Continuing our deep-dive on earbuds, Kendra and I shift into music with this episode. Both of us get one of the kindest, most surprising comments about what we put out in the world: “I love your Spotify playlists!”

We’re totally floored by this, because we honestly just love making playlists and are happy to share them. And hey, we love that you love them—and to us, this means we must have a thing for music.

So in this episode, we start off with our backgrounds: How did both of us come to love music so much? And then we get into why we still play music all the time, how we do it affordably, and when we play what.

In the final episode, we’ll share specific artists, as well as the art and science behind how we create the playlists we love. If you can’t tell, we adore this topic!

Links From This Episode:

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