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Ep. 110: Knowing the News (1/3)

We’re kicking off our new format with a deep-dive on a topic I’ve wrestled with a lot the past two years. I bet I’m not alone.

It’s something on my back-burner on a continual basis as I scroll through the internet, engage in conversations in my community, and make decisions on voting, when to call my senators, and how I spend my money. It’s this:

How do we stay informed on what’s going on in the world without losing our minds or souls?

It’s walking a fine line, isn’t it? No matter where we land on issues, this is a universal struggle because we all live in the modern world, and because we’re all humans.

How do we strike that balance between knowing what’s going on, and keeping up without falling into despondency? Or compassion fatigue? Or anger? Or aloofness because it’s all just. too. much?

This is the first episode of a three-part series, where co-host Erin Loechner and I deep-dive into what it means to stay informed without losing our minds.

We’re breaking up this one long conversation into three parts: What, Why, and How. You’ll get one part a week, publishing individual episodes weekly as we usually do, and at the end of the month, you can binge-listen to the entire series if that floats your boat.

So, this episode: what. What is the news, really? What does it mean to “stay informed”? These ideas may seem obvious, but it’s also too easy to define whatever we see on our Facebook feeds as newsworthy while ignoring other stuff that’s just as important.

Join us here in part one, and in the next two weeks, you’ll hear the conversation rounded out as we discuss why—the good (and not-so-good) reasons for staying informed, and how—what are healthy, reasonable, life-giving ways to stay informed?

I loved this conversation with Erin! I hope you will, too.

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