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Ep. 108: Goals That Actually Work

To ring in the new year, we’re gonna talk about… goals. So original, I know, but don’t change the channel just yet.

Erin and I talk about whether we’re even into goals—and if we are, how we think about them differently so that they’re useful and not ridiculous dogma we’re “supposed” to care about (especially this time of year).

This was a fun conversation, and Erin had some good insight I hadn’t thought of before… Spoiler alert: we don’t know what we’ll care about in 12 months. (That should give you an idea of what we think about resolutions.)

Plus, a chat with my new friend Sara about what it means to live in the unseen parts of our lives, instead of the instagram-able highlight reel.

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And get ready… Like Your Life opens tomorrow! In this self-paced class, we talk about finally understanding your real vocation (hint: it’s not just your job), the healthy, useful way to set 90-day SMART goals, and more. It’s a great way to focus on what really matters, especially in the new year.

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