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Ep. 103: Frugality

It’s perfectly fine to spend money when it’s good to do so—but how often do we ask whether it’s needed?

Co-host Haley Stewart is big on something called “buy nothing” groups, I’m a fan of thrift stores, and we both have still other ideas in between. What does it mean to live frugally? When is it a healthy, common sense, for-the-common-good practice, and when does it become a burden and a dogma?

In this chat, we talk about how we incorporate a frugal spirit into our daily choices while steering clear of curmudgeon-ery. Don’t worry, there’s no guilt trip here—but there is encouragement to not assume every thing is worth shelling out hard cash for.

It’s good for all of us to remember this, right before the holidays.

p.s. – If you are buying gifts for the holidays, check out our Holiday Gift Guide!

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