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Ep. 102: Cultivating New Things

Kendra and I have talked about quitting things before… but in this chat, we go a little deeper, beyond just Here are 10 Ways to Know You Should Quit Something. Here, we’re talking about the why—why it’s okay to move on from things. Even good things.

Maybe this is you… It’s hard for you to admit the natural shifts in life because it means needing to quit something—and quitting feels like failure. (Spoiler alert: It’s not.)

Or maybe you’re more like me, where once you decide to end something so you can move on to something new, you just want it to happen already. Quitting the old and starting the new feels really good.

“Why hasn’t it already happened?”

(P.S., I just love that we’re unveiling our new site design with an episode about quitting stuff… I’ve been dying to show you this new layout and move on from our old one for months. Months, I tell you!)

At first, Kendra thinks she’s not good at quitting. By the end of this episode, she admits that maybe she’s not so bad at this after all.

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