Ep. 100: Love Where You Live

It’s episode 100 – woot! (Which is cool, but also a bit misleading, because this podcast has had several iterations since it began in 2011. We’re probably more at episode 263, if we’re being honest.)

But it means one hundred consistent episodes of its current incarnation, and that’s worth celebrating. And who doesn’t want a good excuse to celebrate? So in this Very Special Episode, I’m chatting with all four co-hosts.

We wanted to have one big chat together, but it proved impossible to find time in our schedules where all five of us were free. So, this episode has four separate chats, me individually with Erin, Haley, Stephanie, and Kendra.

All five of us have interesting reasons why we live where we live, whether we recently made a giant move to a brand new place, or we live just a few miles from where we were born—on purpose.

In this episode, we talk about why we’ve chosen to hang our hats in our particular dots on the map. There’s a good chance you’ll identify with at least one of us.

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