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Ep. #1: Wait… What?

I know, I know—this seems out of nowhere. Starting over with a new podcast? Why, you’ve only been doing the other one for four years now.

Well, here I am, doing a brand new podcast. Why? Well, to be honest, it’s a pretty boring reason, mostly having to do with glitches and zipzorps and what-not. You loyal listeners have probably noticed that iTunes hasn’t been updating The Art of Simple Podcast correctly in awhile—and I’m tired of waiting for things to work and for Jupiter to align with Mars.

So, I’m doing what I know to do, and tearing off the scribbles to start writing on a blank page. I’m excited!

I’m inaugurating the new show with a short little intro episode. Tomorrow, the show officially inaugurates with a new “real” show and giveaway (though if you subscribe via iTunes, you can already check out that episode), followed by several “best of” episodes—meaning, some of my favorite conversations from my previous show. Because some of those just shouldn’t get buried.

Click below for the intro episode:


Head here for more podcasty details, including how to subscribe to the new show so you don’t miss a beat! It should be fun. (And pardon the dust on that page—we’re still ironing out the kinks.) Also? If you have ideas for future guests, I’m all ears! Let me know what you think.

The Simple Show with Tsh Oxenreider



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