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Fall tends to be one of my craziest times of year—and I don’t even have children yet! This season, I began to notice some of the telltale signs of exhaustion. I needed to start taking better care of myself. It was time to break out the list.

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Last week, my daughter, Tate, and I finally checked something off our list: we went on a mother-daughter trip together. We’ve told the kids for several years now we wanted to take them on solo trips when they turned 13, as a sort of rite of passage into teen/young adulthood. We’d explore a place together, […]

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I loved that apartment. I loved the challenge of making it into our first home. I loved those evenings of cooking spaghetti on a hot plate on the floor, while my husband offered spice suggestions from the bed. I loved the floor-to-ceiling windows that filled our home with glorious morning light. I loved that every meal was a picnic because we had no table. There wasn’t room for one. But most of all, I loved how simple it was.

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I would not consider myself a “little kids person.”  I have a one-year-old and a six-year-old at home, but I confess that I can’t wait to fast-forward a few years when we can have substantial conversations and spend less time on those necessary but mind-numbing skills like table manners and personal hygiene. I have, however, discovered a few survival tactics that help preserve my sanity and remind me that this little kid phase is short-lived.

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Last fall I was watching the Carly Jean Los Angeles Instagram stories. I love their styling tips, and I kept noticing the way Carly would respond to questions about fit: “Take it to your tailor.” A tailor? Isn’t that for fancy clothes like bridesmaid dresses and suit jackets? Who actually has a tailor they see on a regular basis? A lot of smart people do, as it turns out. And it especially makes sense for those of us who strive to live a more simplified life.

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