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Organic Christmas Gift Ideas

The following is a guest post from Kate Tietje of Modern Alternative Mama.

This year, give the gift of sustainability.

Are you tired of hearing that word? It depends on whether you’re the “green freak” or if it’s a friend or family member who is.  If it’s you, well…it’s probably something you’ll never get tired of.   If it’s someone else…you might be completely sick of it.

That’s okay, because Christmas (and other holiday) shopping this year doesn’t have to be hard (even if you’re new to the whole organic lifestyle and just have no clue where to start). You don’t have to sit down and say “What can I get that is green and affordable?”

I’m going to give you a lovely little shopping guide with ideas for everyone on your list, in every price range.

Please note that the “babies and kids” section is appropriate for kids up to around 13, and the adults section may be appropriate for teens. I tried to do a separate “teen” section, but there was just too much overlap with both the “kids” and “adults” section that I just decided two sections was enough.   You know your teen best; choose what he or she will like!

Babies and Kids

There are so many excellent options out there for babies and kids! There are clothes, toys, bottles/cups, snacks…. I could go on, but you get it.

Under $10

Wooden Play Food

Wooden “Made by Me” cars

Wooden Animals

Wooden Dolls for Dollhouse

Cotton Fruit – safe for babies!

Playsilks (small/mini) – safe for all ages!

Wooden Teething Rings

Bear Fruit Bars

Go Fish (and other card games)

Hemp Footbags (hacky sacks, to those of us born before 1990 – pictured below)

Under $20

Organic Pajamas

Organic Clothing – many inexpensive selections!

Cloth Teething Animals

Klean Kanteen Sippys

Volcano Kit

Klean Kanteen Classic

Boy’s Organic Cotton T-shirts

Charades Game

More than $20

Vegetable-based Paints

Baby Dolls

Geometric Puzzle (pictured below)

Crib Bedding

Smart Gear Balance Bike

Build a Castle Kit

Modeling Beeswax

Waldorf Instruments – Some are under $10! Most are more.

3D Wooden Puzzles – for older kids

Green Magic Set

Eco-board Games – some selections under $20


Under $10

Organic Hand-crafted Bar Soap

Organic Coffee

Modern Alternative Mama In the Kitchen: Real Food Basics

Organic Cotton Socks

Organic Lip Balms

Milk and Honey Bath Salts

Pink Sugar Whipped Soap (pictured below)

Vanilla Raspberry Swirl Soap

Under $20

Beeswax Coral Candles

Non-toxic Nail Polish

Organic Aromatherapy Sticks

Natural Body Lotion

Mermaid Blue Large Zipper Pouch (pictured at top)

Over $20

Antique baking pans

Organic Tea Baskets

Klean Kanteen Insulated – for hot or cold drinks!

Aromatherapy soy candles (pictured below)

Garden Flower Press

Organic Cook’s Bible

Hopefully, this list at least gets you started on ideas.

There are so many out there! Books, toys, bath products, bags, candles….

And if you’re not sure where to look (besides all the links above…ahem), don’t forget to check Etsy, which features all handmade items.

Enjoy your holiday shopping!

*Disclosure: I am not affiliated with any of these companies, except for my own ebook, which I snuck in there because I’m the one writing this (wink). Feel free to shop as you desire!

Are you planning to purchase natural or organic holiday gifts this year? Or perhaps you hope to receive some? Share what it is that’s on your list – whether it’s a shopping list or a wishlist! – so we can all be inspired.

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  1. Micha

    Thank you for all the ideas. I buy handmade gifts at small markets we have all over December here in Germany. And I always hope to receive such gifts myself 🙂

  2. Katie

    And your eBook is LOVELY and would make (will make!) a wonderful gift. I have made quite a few of the recipes and they are all very tasty! I know I am getting several more copies to go in my gift baskets. 🙂

  3. Jelly Roll Fabric

    Simply put, what a great list! There’s so much good stuff on here… I could (and will) literally shop for my entire list from it!


    I strictly recommend not to wait until you earn big sum of money to order goods! You can just get the personal loans or small business loan and feel yourself fine

  5. hermes belt

    What a great idea. I love the gift. Thanks for sharing.

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