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I met God in a mental hospital

I am the only preacher’s kid in the psych ward.

Eleven years old, and my parents have admitted me into a mental hospital and I am curled up on the bed in my green gown counting my ribs, feeling the wind in my chest, my stomach growling like the night Mum snuck into my bed to hold me, because I wouldn’t let her during the day, and that’s when she’d stifled a scream because her daughter was all bone.

Someone is muttering down the hall, and I curl tighter, staring at the blank wall.

No one likes a fat preacher’s kid.

I’d stopped eating at nine years old.

It wouldn’t be the first time my parents would stick me in a hospital and tell me to eat. The next time I’d be 13 and dying. Sixty pounds and dying. This time I am eighty pounds and still too much alive.

But religion feels dead, stuck up there on a cross in the church where my Dad preaches, Sunday after Sunday, me sitting there in my thick leotards planning quietly what to eat for the next week, and then Dad shakes people’s hands for hours and everyone wears that same Cheshire cat smile which peels off the moment the cars peel out of the parking lot.

But sometimes I can still see Him.

And lying there on those white sheets staring at the white walls of the psychiatric ward I can still smell him.


He smells like the rain on the red roads of Africa.


I’d met God as a little girl in the Congo and Nigeria, standing behind a wire fence staring at my neighbors with the night skin and the real kind of smiles, the kind which leap like exclamation marks.

And these people sang while they hung up their bright colored fabrics on the line and they washed their dishes in buckets of soapy water out in the sun, the same kind of buckets my brother and I would bathe in, watching the lizards scurry under the house.

There was dancing, there were women’s hips swaying even as they cooked their supper over a fire and there were no steeples or cars peeling out of parking lots.

There was just a red dirt road and a lot of hard working people.

I lie there on that white bed missing Him.

My Mum comes to the door with a brown paper bag, pulls out a mug which says “I Love you Beary, Beary Much,” and hands it to me.

I look at her, this woman who’s stuck me in a psych ward and then left to spend the day with the family at a theme park, and I scream, “I don’t want your presents!”

She shakes her head. “It’s not from me—it’s from your brother,” and I hear him shuffling outside the door.

I walk to the door in my green gown and he is standing there with his hands in his pockets, my little brother. Girls and boys wandering the halls, all with mental illnesses like me, and I look at this boy who’d sat in the bucket in the hot African sun with me, and I say, “I’m so sorry Keith. I love it, I’m so sorry.”

He looks down.

His hands in his pockets and I meet God there in the mental hospital.

I find God in my brother and his bear mug.

He walks away.

I walk back to bed.

Crawl back into the sheets.

The mug in my hands, and me, counting my ribs.

A Note from Emily

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    • emily wierenga

      Thanks Jennifer! Bless you! e.

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    and I’m so very happy you found God wherever and under whatever circumstance. He loves you so very, very much and you have an important story to share’ thank you for being brave enough!

    • emily wierenga

      Wow, Carrie, this encouraged me SO much tonight! Thank you sister!

  4. Sarah M

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      Wow, thank you friend! Grateful for the encouragement. Bless you, e.

  13. Laura

    I see that red dirt road but instead of red it is dulled yellow and located in Nicaragua.
    the smiles alight on faces with dusty light brown hair that won’t get darker because of poor nutrition. I enjoyed how that excerpt was written. Of course I would love to read more.

    • emily wierenga

      oh girl. I LOVE your heart sister… your Africa-beating heart… bless you! e.

  14. Danielle

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    • emily wierenga

      oh Danielle, thank you! I love that you are “following my trail” 🙂 and that we are walking this journey together sister. Bless you, e.

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    God’s Grace is definitely sufficient!

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      oh Lisa yes–I lean so heavily on God’s grace. Bless you friend! e.

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  52. Lana Waldrop

    Sometimes our “mental hospital” is not a facility. It can be our own home. Sometimes our “eating disorder” presents by another name, depression. Sometimes our not wanting to be loved by others is the same lonely experience so eloquently described by Emily. Always, in His Wisdom, He brings to us a conduit of love, chosen and placed right up against the crack in our armor for the purpose of effectively oozing His Love into our pain as a healing balm. Thanks be to God that He never leaves His children to themselves.

    I am reminded of His Love by this excerpt from the words of His Emily. The balm is always welcomed and often comes as a surprise gift.

    • emily wierenga

      “Always, in His Wisdom, He brings to us a conduit of love, chosen and placed right up against the crack in our armor for the purpose of effectively oozing His Love into our pain as a healing balm.” This brought me to tears Lana. Thank you. So beautifully expressed! e.

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    • emily wierenga

      Susan, YES… how the enemy twists the very things God wants to use to bless us. Thank you for articulating this so clearly for me tonight. Bless you friend! e.

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    amy 🙂

    • emily wierenga

      Dear Amy–I love how Abba doesn’t stop pursuing us, don’t stop caring, just LONGS to delight in us and hold us close. I’m grateful he met you sister, in those dark, lonely places. Bless you, e.

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    Your sentences are beautifully constructed, each word picked out ever-so-carefully, laying the foundation of a beautiful masterpiece.


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    Thankß for letting us glimpse inside your heart

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    I would love to read this. Thanks for the preview.

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    A very good friend of mine was a ministers’ daughter (both parents). She too used to plan her food intake and at one point attempted to ‘go to sleep’ until I intercepted the attempt.
    Unfortunately my beautiful friend passed away after complications from a car accident 9 years ago.
    I suppose that may be too much information. I look forward to reading this book whether I win it or not.

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  335. Brooke

    It’s something how I came across your post. Usually I delete threads but this time I decided to open and read it and your post touched my spirit and put a smile on my face. I can relate with you about meeting God. I went to visit the country South Korea a couple of years ago to visit a friend, boyfriend, and find a job. Everything to me seem to have gone wrong. My friend had to work and didn’t have time to spend with me. My boyfriend dumped me, and then my with my job search I got rejected by each school I had applied to.

    I felt depressed and discouraged. I already had family members back home who didn’t support my decision of visiting a country and thought I was wasting time. So I felt like a failure and that I lost and they were right. I remember sitting on the floor of my best friend’s apartment in this small room and crying my heart out to God and praying. To make this short my situation changed and I met God in South Korea. It’s something because I grew up in the church but that’s where I actually met Him and saw many miracles that he did for me.

    I’m definitely going to check out your book to read and thanks for sharing your post. It’s truly an encouragement and blessing.

  336. Jennifer Dougan

    Hi Tsh, and Emily,

    Tsh, thanks for hosting Emily here. Nice to meet you. 🙂

    Emily, I remember this touching moment from your book Atlas Girl, and have loved getting to “know” your family through your book: your brother Keithm the fellow bucket bather, and the man who speaks tenderly now about you writing memoir with them in it, and your sisters, mum and dad.

    Hopping over to say hi today,
    Jennifer Dougan

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  345. Jennifer and Katharine


    My heart breaks for you. It sounds like a nightmare of an experience.

    You seem like a wise person who is able to learn from the mistakes of others. I’m sure you are a fantastic, loving mother. I pray that it soothes and heals your heart to be able to give out the love you so desperately needed.

    My daughter, 15, an avid reader, said, “Ooooh, that sounds really interesting. I would LOVE to read that.”

    We wish you well. ♥

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