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How Bundles Work For Me

With bundle sales, I love how I can get a lot of resources at once for one (much lower) price than if I had bought them all separately. What I don’t love? I wouldn’t have bought 90% of it anyway.

So, needless clutter, right?

It can be. But it doesn’t have to be—here’s how they work for me:

1. First, I do the math.

If I were already interested in, say, five or six of the items included in the bundle, the price of the entire bundle is usually still cheaper than buying just those things separately. That means it’s already worth it for me.

Let’s say you were interested in my course, The Essentials, plus a few other things that were in a recent bundle sale:

These six things listed above are collectively valued at $593, so the $29.97 price tag for the whole bundle is a super-good deal, even if you wanted only these.

If you wanted, say, only Haley Stewart’s Literary Medicine Cabinet? Its price tag is only $7.99, so it might be better for you to buy that item individually instead.

2. I don’t download everything.

Ultimate Bundles is my favorite place for bundles because of their fantastic customer service, quality of products, and professionalism. And they’ve got a great, easy-to-use portal for all my bundle purchases with them:

This is how it looks after I log in. I’ve got access to the entire bundle on their server. I don’t have to download everything, and I’ve got a year from buying to do so.

Here’s how one of the ebooks looks in their portal:

And here’s one of the courses:

You can download any product whenever you want. I personally download the few things I want, but I never download the entire bundle at once. Too much clutter for me.

3. I organize my downloads in Dropbox.

As soon as I download my preferred items, I organize them in a Dropbox folder by topic:


I also download the Kindle versions right away and upload them to my Paperwhite.

Ultimately, for me it comes down to the math. If there are items I’d like and their collective value is higher than the bundle price, and if I can afford it, I snag the bundle. If not, I skip it.

The clutter doesn’t overwhelm me, because I don’t let it in my space to begin with.

I hope this helps you decide whether a bundle sale is right for you!

All the best,


p.s. Become an Ultimate Bundles affiliate!