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How noisy is your diet?

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De-cluttering means getting rid of the junk that trips you up. When we think of spring cleaning, we often think of the the rooms, closets, pantries and cupboards in our home.

But it is just as important to de-clutter our body as our physical home.

Our inner environment needs to be calm and tranquil if we are going to contribute calm and peace to our outer environment. Pollutant, stimulants, foods that are difficult to digest, and synthetic chemicals are all types of “noisy” foods that disrupt our systems and strain our detox organs.

When we eat whole, real foods, they filter into our body slowly and quietly. Noisy foods bombard our systems and senses, producing intense highs and lows, sending our blood sugar levels, water balance and hormones out of whack.

We all need a tune up from time to time to clear out these kinds of foods from our body.

Lower Your Noise Level

Think about these three types of “noise” in a diet: refined sugar, caffeine and chemical additives.  Consider how your body and mind react after eating them. Pay attention to your energy levels, your moods, and your mental focus. Lessening these ingredients helps us regain balance, calm and health.

1.  Refined Sugar

  • Identify the sources of refined sugar in your diet.

We know the obvious offenders like candy, sweet baked goods, cookies or ice-cream, but there are also hidden forms of sugar in many processed foods.

Did you know that a leading brand of spaghetti sauce has more sugar per serving than a leading brand of hot fudge sauce?  Crazy, but true.  Sugar is added to many items to make them taste more appealing and addictive.

Begin to read the labels on processed foods, take note of the sugary treats or drinks you consume, and think about where you add sugar (like in your morning coffee or tea).

  • Bring more natural sweetness into your diet.

We are hardwired to enjoy and crave the sweet taste. Increasing the amount of healthy sweetness in our diet is an excellent way to reduce our dependence on refined sugar, while still meeting the need for sweet on our tongue.

Carrots, sweet potato, squashes, and fresh fruits (especially berries) are all natural ways to add the taste of sweet without the jolt of refined sugar.

  • Avoid substituting in artificial sweeteners.

We’ll talk more about this later, but replacing refined sugar with artificial chemicals in your diet is not a healthy solution.

  • Reset your senses.

Have you ever gone off sugar and sweets for a few days, and then found that an apple was exquisitely sweet and satisfying?

When our taste buds are overwhelmed with intense flavors we begin to lose the ability to recognize the subtle and satisfying nature of whole, real foods.

An excellent way to recalibrate your senses is to go on a short, food-based cleanse. I’ll share more about the cleansing book I wrote in a moment.

Photo by Bah Humbug

2.  Caffeine

  • Slowly wean the amount you consume.

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant. If your body ingests a large amount daily, your system grows dependent on it.  Going cold turkey off caffeine may cause headaches or bowel upset.

Take special note of times when you rely on caffeine for an energy boost. This will give you important information on when you need to provide your body with healthy, energy giving sources of whole foods.

  • A step-down process to kicking the coffee habit is:

  • Drink equal amounts of water every time you have a caffeine drink.
  • Shift your coffee or tea to decaf, beginning with half caf/half decaf for a few days.
  • Reduce the number of cups of coffee you drink each day by one half.
  • Fuel your mornings with a high energy, natural breakfast.

Mornings are a common time to depend on caffeine for energy. The more you rely on caffeine for your morning jolt, the less likely you are to consume a hearty and healthy whole foods breakfast.

Try a veggie egg omelet, protein smoothie, or whole grain and fruit hot cereal to give you the healthy energy and protein you need to start the day.

3.  Chemical Additives and Fake Foods

The food industry has built an empire marketing chemicals to us as real foods. Artificial preservatives, colors, flavorings, hydrogenated oils– these additives all put a strain on your systems of detoxification.  They simply gunk up our gears.

  • Identify the sources of chemical additives and synthetic foods in your diet.

Check out this post on how to identify red flag additives in the foods you buy. Know how to quickly identify off limits additives so you can make easy decisions in the grocery isle.

  • Wean out processed foods from your diet.

Real food is made in kitchens, not labs. As you move away from processed foods, take out the biggest offenders first. Stick to this advice:  “If you can’t assemble the ingredients in your own kitchen, don’t buy it.”

Make things from scratch that you normally purchase at the store.

Photo by Pink Sherbet

The truth is, no one’s diet is perfect. We all could benefit from a break from foods that strain and burden our system.

Maybe it’s time for a healthy tune up?

Spring is for clearing out, reviving, energizing. Our inner clutter deserves just as much attention as our outer clutter.

Cleansing can be a very effective way to spring cleanse from the inside out. That’s why I wrote the ebook, The Real Food Cleansing Guide. In the book, I take you, step by step, through the process of determining what cleanse is right for you and how to go through a successful detox.  Great for beginners and busy lifestyles, these simple food-based cleanses give you a jump start to feeling cleaner, lighter and healthier.

Giveaway Time!

Yep, we’ve got another giveaway! Lisa wants to give three Simple Mom readers a free copy of her e-book, The Real Food Cleansing Guide. Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post, answering the following question: Which of the three types of diet “noise” mentioned above is your biggest challenge?

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This giveaway will end on Friday, May 14 at 11:59 p.m. EST, and I’ll announce the winner soon after. I hope you win!

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  1. Terri

    The greatest challenge for me is definitely the sugar. I do use stevia in my iced tea and honey or stevia in my hot tea, but I have a sweet tooth.

  2. Nisha

    Definitely sugar! I’m trying to replace it with honey

  3. Ashley

    I think it is a tie between sugar and caffeine. I am new to this whole eating clean thing and we are still trying to eat out the bad in our house. Can’t just throw it out or give it away because we are on a tight military budget.

  4. leslie

    Caffeine is the hardest for me!! In addition to the fact that I just really like and want it, we live in a society where black tea is served constantly throughout the day and is very, very hard to avoid!

  5. Jessica Brammer

    I think that sugar is the hardest one for me. I try to replace it and cut it down in recipes so that we don’t have too much, but it is just so darn tasty!

  6. Daleen

    Chemical additives! Have started reading labels recently and I am horrified at the stuff they put in these ‘fake foods’. Not only chemicals but it is normally packed with sugar (disguised in all sorts of ways and named different things: glucose, corn syrup, dextrose, brown sugar, etc, so as to attract as little attention as possible).
    Expecting my first baby and looking at pureed food labels already – they too are packed with sugar – so we get used to the sweet taste of refined sugar from a very young age.

  7. Jennifer

    Definitely caffeine.

  8. Mari Larkin

    Sugar, caffeine and not eating processed foods. Doing well, but could do better. We fast often and it really is amazing how good food tastes afterwards…and how much less you really need to eat.
    .-= Mari Larkin´s last blog ..Congratulations to our new Nurse! =-.

  9. Micha

    When I have a look at the thing I buy in our grocery store: it’s sugar. And I want to get rid of it.
    .-= Micha´s last blog ..Garten / garden =-.

  10. Merri Ann

    It absolutely has to be caffeine. My favorite part of getting up in the morning is my first cup of coffee. My challenge is … can I stop at one or two.
    .-= Merri Ann´s last blog ..Fish Pants =-.

  11. kathie

    I really enjoy reading your blog and have been a subscriber for a long time.
    Eating healthier is one of my top goals right now , for me learning how to read labels and really know what is in the foods I buy has been a learning experience. No. 3 and No. 1
    I am trying to cook and bake now from scratch….
    This book looks so interesting to me , thanks for the giveaway!
    .-= kathie´s last blog .. =-.

  12. Jennifer

    Caffeine for sure. I didn’t think it was considered bad for your body?

    • Anitra

      Caffeine is an addictive chemical like nicotine, and in large amounts, it can really mess up your system.

      (Not that knowing this stops me from drinking 3+ cups of coffee daily…)

  13. Jenika

    For sure, without a doubt…caffeine! I drink loads of hot tea and it is so soothing to my soul and the pick-me-up is such a bonus. With all the amazing health benefits in tea…is it really such a bad thing? I wonder…

  14. Rachel

    refined sugar with chemical additives a runner up. I love to bake but try not to make sweets more then once a week.

  15. Alice S

    I don’t want to give up my coffee. I also love sugar, but not hidden in other foods. I probably really need this book.

  16. Kat @ Inspired To Action

    If the frosting I ate last night with a spoon, all by itself, is any indication, sugar is definitely my biggest challenge.

    I think it would be easier if my school age children weren’t constantly given sweets and candy at parties and even the bank. Cutting back on sugar is much harder with little ones in the house.

    Thanks for the great tips!
    .-= Kat @ Inspired To Action´s last blog ..Summer of Purpose: Help Your Kids Set Goals (FREE chart) =-.

  17. Kelly

    Oh, sugar. Definitely. it’s everywhere.

  18. Julie

    I struggle with refined sugar.

  19. Carrie Shaw

    Sugar and caffeine is my problem. I am addicted to coca cola. I drink it all the time. I don’t drink coffee but the amount of coke I do drink is way too much caffeine for me.

  20. hannah

    my biggest challenge is refined sugar. i have a real sweet tooth, and love cake and cookies. im not really sure what i can substitute with when i bake.

  21. Sarah

    My biggest challenge is the chemical additives, the processed food that creeps into my diet.

  22. M.E.

    My breakfast IS my coffee & I sheepishly admit to indulging in rocky road ice cream while my toddler is down for a nap.
    Just beginning the transition to healthy eating for my family. Feeling a little overwhelmed but more relieved at knowing that I’m on the right track to taking better care of my family.

  23. mdvlist

    I often feel virtuous about never having developed the customary caffeine addiction, but sugar is definitely my downfall. Just looking at my breakfast makes me a bit sheepish: I’m having steel-cut oats with walnuts, cinnamon, plain yogurt, and banana. But then there’s the sprinkling of brown sugar and the sweetened dried cranberries, and the blob of honey in my herbal tea . . . .

  24. Kathy

    Great article! I’m excited to look into the book as it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.
    Sugar is probably the biggest problem for me although we are quite busy right now and not getting as many “home-cooked” meals as usual. So, additives are also an issue.
    Thanks for this article!

  25. Missy

    This is a toss-up between sugar and caffeine. But if I have to choose one, I’d say sugar. I can definitely notice changes in my mood and energy level depending on when I had my last sugar fix. I’m probably addicted and ultra sensitive to it. Gotta get that out of my diet.

  26. Leigh

    I really struggle with all 3 – but sugar is probably the hardest for me! I am so addicted…

  27. kelli

    I stumble my way to the coffee pot every morning as if my life depends on it…that should be a clue that something isn’t right??

  28. Jessie

    Sugar, sugar, sugar! I gave up caffeine years ago, and we’ve been doing pretty well cooking from scratch to get rid of preservatives and chemicals, but the sugar! I still have really bad cravings for it.
    .-= Jessie´s last blog ..Good Thing I’ve Got a Big Garage =-.

  29. Anitra

    Sugar and caffeine. I can (sometimes) replace the sugar with something healthier… but when I’m really tired (which seems to be all the time lately), coffee or tea is the only way I can keep up with my toddler.

    I do feel good about generally eating a healthy and filling breakfast with my morning coffee 🙂

  30. Amy

    Sugar! Yikes!

  31. rebecca Mast

    my struggle… sugar,sugar,and more sugar!
    .-= rebecca Mast´s last blog ..Holy Week =-.

  32. For the Love of Naps - Sarah

    Definitely the sugar…but I have also just started enjoying coffee…I need to switch to decaf. But the sugar thing…it is so disturbing how it is in bread and hot dog buns…and yes the spaghetti sauce. I will pick items up now “just to see” not expecting to find items with high fructose corn syrup or sugar in it and sure enough it is the top ingredient. Makes me want to make more and more stuff from scratch….it might have sugar in it but it is an amount that I am aware of.
    .-= For the Love of Naps – Sarah´s last blog ..Tell me this is normal… =-.

  33. Stefani M.

    Hmmm. It’s a tie between 1 &3 (no caffeine around here)… mostly because they’re so prevalent in processed foods, but I’m working really hard to cook from scratch more. For instance, we have one more can of spaghetti sauce, and then I plan on making my own from scratch (or at least from canned diced tomatoes, LOL).

  34. Pam

    Refined sugar is my biggest offender.
    .-= Pam´s last blog ..Great Freebie =-.

  35. Valerie R.

    Hi, my name is Valerie, and I’m a sugar addict…

  36. Suzette

    Caffine would by my issue. In fact, as I was in labor, I told the nurse that I needed a cup of coffee because if I didn’t have at least one cup I would have a migraine, and I didn’t want to start my first day of motherhood with a migraine. She complied.
    .-= Suzette´s last blog ..The Challenge Is On! and Other Outdoor Activities We Have Been Enjoying =-.

  37. Jacqueline

    Caffeine. I’ve been cutting back slowly but have yet to make the final push towards eliminating it from my diet.

  38. PanJiaLe

    Yes, I, too, struggle with the sugar. If I only fed myself the way I fed my children….

    I also have a question that your book may answer…. I’ve really wanted to do a cleanse/detox/purge for a long time, but I’ve been either pregnant or nursing for the last 3+ years. I’ve heard cautioning against anything too extreme during these stages of life. What is your take? Detoxing requires those chemicals to go out somewhere and I don’t want that ‘somewhere’ to be my milk supply. (Obviously, that happens no matter what, so a healthy lifestyle is the key solution to this problem.)

    • Lisa

      Interested in your answer to this too.

      Caffeine is the worst offender right now, though I limit myself to two small cups because of the nursing. Don’t really know how else to survive the sleepless nights/early mornings without it. Plus, I really enjoy my coffee 🙂 Maybe I can challenge myself to cut back to one a day. Then I could get rid of the big ol’ coffee maker and make my one cup in the french press. Hmmm, I think that is my new challenge for the month- thanks!

  39. Kate

    I struggle with caffeine. Granted, it is only two cups of coffee per day, but still…it is a powerful two cups!!!

  40. Shellee

    It’s a three way tie!! We have been in a processed food rut, and my body is definitely feeling the consequences. :/
    .-= Shellee´s last blog ..Go Philippines!!! =-.

  41. Mozi Esmes Mommy

    They are all issues – but I can give up the other stuff, so caffeine is definitely the worst. I get serious headaches and fatigue if I don’t get my dose in…

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com
    .-= Mozi Esmes Mommy´s last blog ..Baby Girl =-.

  42. Kindra Houston

    Caffeine! I have a cup of coffee with milk and sugar in the morning. That’s the only time I have sugar or caffeine but in all my healthful changes that has been the one thing I have been unwilling to change. All about cooking from scratch, whole foods, cutting out meat and dairy but the one cup of coffee hasn’t made its exit yet…. though I don’t mind drinking decaff, I just enjoy coffee.
    .-= Kindra Houston´s last blog ..Back from Travel =-.

  43. Bethany

    Sugar is definitely the hardest for me too. I’ve avoided additives, preservatives and most chemicals as well as caffeine for years now, but I just can’t seem to kick the sugar habit. About a month ago I really started to switch to honey and natural sweeteners and it has helped, but I still fail regularly. I can stay strong and avoid other junk, but sugar is my down fall.

  44. Heather G

    Sugar is #1 with caffeine close behind. Both are tough for me to avoid.
    .-= Heather G´s last blog ..Done for love =-.

  45. Mama Koala

    Refined sugar mostly, but unfortunately all of the above!

  46. Anne @ the doctor takes a wife

    These are all so important–I definitely am a sugar & caffeine addict!! The sugar comes from a hobby, cake decorating, and the coffee is just a MUST have for grad school. I’m hoping to let it all die down a little bit now that I’m out.

    Great article–love your blog!!

  47. Lee

    For me, the biggest challenge is eliminating refined sugar from my diet. I love to eat sweet cookies, cakes, brownies…you name it. I’m getting married in a few days, so I haven’t been eating sweet foods for three weeks—and let me tell you: it. has. been. hard. (I stopped eating the sweet stuff because all of the sugar makes me break out!)

    Here’s to willpower!

  48. Erin

    Sugar is the thing that trips me up the most….I have such a sweet tooth!
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..April Update =-.

  49. Kara

    I struggle to replace cereal with a healthier alternative.

  50. chelsea

    sugar is definitely the hardest for me…. i have been slowly purging our house of refined foods, sugar and the like…. but my sweet tooth still gets the best of me many a time. although, now, when craving ice cream, i buy the $1 mini cup of ice cream (that comes with the little wooden spoon) or for our family we only get the pint size and not the half gallon. that way it is one evening of a splurge and not several days worth.

  51. Emily

    This is so perfect for me right now. I’ve been talking about eating better, and making some small changes, but I can’t seem to stay away from my addictive foods (hello, Dr. Pepper).
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..Miles Being Cute =-.

  52. betsy

    I love it, I crave it…I need help!
    Soda is my worst nemesis too…sugar and caffeine!
    It’s not an excuse but I find it hard to not buy processed food with the very limited grocery selection in our very small town.

  53. Karin

    CAFFEINE is my “must” of the day … every morning … I have “quit” before but have always come back to it … my morning pot is now half-caf and half-decaf. A day doesn’t start for me until I have had that first cup of warm liquid goodness running through my veins … even my preschoolers know “don’t talk to mommy until she has had her coffee!”

    I am in denial about the importance of sweets in my life – though that has been the area I have been working on lately in my family food. For them, of course. I don’t have a problem (hahaha).

  54. Cory

    I am a stay at home mom that needs some help. I am ashamed of the unhealthy habits I have developed. I drink coffee all morning and iced tea with sugar all afternoon and a coke with dinner.
    I would love to read your book to jump start a cleanse!

  55. Rachel J.

    Biggest challenge for me is the sugar…hands down!

  56. Terry

    Sugar is definitely my worst offender. Could I be addicted? It seems so. When I’m able to stop/reduce the sugar intake, I feel so much better. Why do I go back to it?

  57. Princess Leia

    In my household, the one I’m working on most right now is….well….sugars and processed foods….the caffeine isn’t so much a problem because I went off it many years ago for a medical reason and hubs has a stimulant ADD med, so he only occasionally has a soda or tea.

    We’ve _DEFINITELY_ noticed a connection between ingestion of red food dye and crazy behavior in both my husband and son (as well as artificial sweeteners with my son), so those are the ones I shy away from most. Except for the sodas, it’s only very rarely now that we eat those.

    The hardest part for me is cooking without processed stuff. I grew up on condensed soups and hamburger helper, so it’s been an adventure weaning off of those while still providing meals for my family.
    .-= Princess Leia´s last blog ..Fooled You! =-.

  58. Laura L

    I think that Sugar is by far my biggest enemy right now. I don’t pay nearly enough attention to the every day things to see how much sugar they really have in them.
    .-= Laura L´s last blog ..Every girl needs. . . =-.

  59. Jennifer

    Sugar is definitely my biggest weakness. In any way shape or form, I love it. Truly an addiction, and I love to bake, so it makes it even harder to take out of my diet, but I am going to try. You have inspired me!

  60. Dave (Selfish Blogger)

    At the moment I’m severly decreasing the amount of food I eat (a short sharp shock!), so it’s all the more important that I eat the good stuff. As you say the ‘Real Foods’ – I can’t claim to totally abstain from some of the things I really like, but I do try to make better decisons.
    Thanks for this.
    .-= Dave (Selfish Blogger)´s last blog ..The Secret Of Weight Loss =-.

  61. se7en

    Oh sugar, sugar, sugar… My kids get it in tiny amounts as an occasional treat – certainly not daily, or weekly… I can’t say the same for myself. I was raised on the stuff and it’s a hard habit to break!!!
    .-= se7en´s last blog ..The Week that Was – 2.45 =-.

  62. shari bryant

    i would refined sugar is the biggest offender in our home. ice cream at night is our guilty pleasure. oops.
    .-= shari bryant´s last blog .. =-.

  63. Molly

    Sugar is definitely my hardest one. Baked goods just taste so good! I have gotten better in that I’m down to 1-2 a week, which is a huge improvement over 1 a day. I really like the line of “real food is made in kitchens, not factories.” I totally agree!

  64. Liz

    for me it is probably the refinded sugar. I love to bake, which is part of my problem. 🙂 If I want something I don’t have to go to the store to get it – I just make it myself. I am “patient” like that …. unfortunatley.
    .-= Liz´s last blog ..Eric David Autry =-.

  65. Sara S.

    Surprisingly (at least to me), my worst vice on this list is caffeine. I’m getting really good about avoiding over-processed foods and refined sugars – it helps that I love to bake and cook and can make appropriate substitutes – but with my last semester of college nearly over, I’m hitting the coffee pot a little harder than usual. (And taking advantage of the free energy drinks around campus, which also go under #1.)

  66. Emily Walker

    Caffeine! Seriously!

  67. melissa

    sugar – for sure! i only drink one cup of coffee a day. i am struggling to find a healthier alternative to sugar in my coffee that soesn’t make me cringe. any suggestions would be welcome. i’ve tried agave and honey. i think both taste awful. i guess i may just have to learn to like the taste of coffee unsweetened!!

  68. Bre

    For me, caffeine! I don’t have a major sweet tooth and have cut out most processed foods, but my morning coffee is my true love 🙂
    .-= Bre´s last blog ..Frugal Food =-.

  69. Courtney

    Sugar is my nosiest offender…oh and well more sugar! I love to bake all the sweet stuff.
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..Little Austrian girl…. =-.

  70. Debra

    Definitely sugar. I know it’s bad for me and I try not to buy baked goods, but in any social situation I rarely have the self-control to say no thank you.

  71. Kendra

    My greatest challenge is cooking from scratch. I work 50+ hrs. per week and have a 32-mile commute. In a household of just two people, I find it difficult to cook from scratch without wasting food or having it spoil before we can use it all. I love salads and veggies, but my husband has digestive issues that limit the amount of vegetables he can eat without negative effects.
    I’d love to find some practical solutions!

  72. Stephanie P

    As much as I hate to admit it, processed foods are my downfall 🙁

    I stock very few at my home but there are a couple I’ve just come to depend upon that I can’t seem to let go of (i.e. Crystal Lite…).

  73. Jen

    Refined sugar. Just having junk around that I shouldn’t be eating like that.

  74. Meredith

    I struggle with caffeine the most! And I would LOVE to win this book!

  75. sarah w

    most definitely my challenge is refined sugar. i LOVE baked goods of all kind. my husband doesn’t get it. he’s all about the savory. i think they’re equally addicting – just appeal to different types of people.

  76. Cori

    SUGAR! I eat whole, real foods 95% of the time, but that 5% still kills me. It depletes my energy, doesn’t allow me to lose my baby weight and more! I would love to be sugar free, but it’s so hard with so many treats in our world!

  77. Kristine

    Ironically because, for as healthy as I eat, the hardest for me to give up is “fake foods.” I consume diet foods, like power bars and other food alternatives, thinking it’s helping my cause but in all actuality it’s harming my attempts at keeping healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. I just need to clear my head of all the messages that diet foods are better than real, whole foods and not feel guilty when I eat those real things!

  78. Pam

    I’m a sugar junkie! I love baking and white refined sugar is lots cheaper than natural sweeteners.

  79. Lisa

    Unfortunately, I don’t even have to think about this. It’s sugar.

  80. KIN (Kathy)

    My biggest challenge is processed foods. I do cook a lot from scratch, but there is something about a chip or cracker that just calls to me. I am *trying* to wean off, but it is hard!

  81. Monica

    Sugar! Even though I make most things at home, I still use a lot of sugar in the recipes.
    .-= Monica´s last blog ..Welcome Summer =-.

  82. Meg

    It’s a toss-up between caffeine and sugar. Caffeine ingestion is more intense: a six-cup pot of freshly ground dark coffee before noon; while the sugar thing is a slow-drip day long feed. Hm. Methinks I need a cleanse!

  83. Angela @ Homegrown Mom

    I’ve just been redoing my menu plans to be healthier, and many of my favorite blogs have been talking about this today 🙂 I nixed artificial sweeteners a couple years ago, but just started using them again this year on a diet I was on. Well, I’ve lost the weight and I’ve already thrown them all out. So now I just have to stay on track!
    .-= Angela @ Homegrown Mom´s last blog ..To Those of You Who’ve Asked =-.

  84. Fromagette

    It’s funny, but I have a degree in Food Science (which is basically Food Processing), but I really don’t eat processed food. The hardest thing for me would be the sugar. While I do make everything myself, I do like sweet things.

  85. Jennifer S.

    I think my troubled area is processed foods. I suppose it is mostly for convenience. Something I need to start fixing now!

  86. Casey

    Coffee! We have been on a GF whole foods diet for a year, since we found out my son was chemically sensitive and allergic to a bizillion additives and foods. I drink my herbal teas, but I still love black teas and coffee!
    .-= Casey´s last blog ..Sock Monkey Celebration =-.

  87. jaime

    Without a doubt it’s caffeine. I have at least 3 cups of coffee in the morning, and then another one or two in the afternoon. My almost 2 year old isn’t a great sleeper, so I’m relying on coffee to make up for lost sleep.

  88. crystal

    I’m unfortunately very addicted to sugar… especially in the form of chocolate!

  89. kirwin

    My biggest “noise” is refined sugar. I like caffeine, but my only caffeine comes from my 2 cups of daily coffee. Sugar is the beast because it is hidden in so many things! (Like you mentioned the spaghetti sauce…) It sounds exhausting to have to constantly read lables and look for hidden traps.

    I did Kathy Freston’s Quantum Wellness Cleanse, and lasted 12 days out of 21. It was fantastic, but it was a lot of effort. If I ever had to do it again, I’d definitely enlist friends for support.
    .-= kirwin´s last blog ..My own personal Food Revolution =-.

  90. Tammy

    It shouldn’t be, but it is sugar. I know better too! I’ve been working on it, so today’s post was encouraging!
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..~A sweet and sticky, oily, soapy mess!~ =-.

  91. Samantha

    Sugar is the hardest for me.

  92. Jessica

    My biggest is definitely refined sugars. We love to bake at our house, and so we often bake good with refined sugars! We try to avoid too many processed foods, but the ones we do eat definitely have sugars in them too.

  93. Liz T

    I’m really bad… I live off of coffee all morning, sometimes straight into the afternoon and don’t really even eat until dinner. Maybe lunch if I find the time…but find myself grabbing things like peanut butter granola bars and chocolate to hold me over til dinner rolls around. I know….shame, shame!
    No excuses, but three kids and self-employed with hubby running 2 businesses… I come last.
    Have been trying to work on this, your website is a real boost for all things good! Glad you’re here!! 🙂

  94. Nannette

    It is all too easy for me to run through the drive-thru when I’m on the run and hungry! Processed foods are my downfall – more “take it from the freezer and bake” than make it myself lately! Caffiene and artificial sugars are taking their toll on my body as well!

  95. Tricia

    It’s definitely the sugar…I get very strong cravings for baked yummies! I’d love to rely more on fruits to satisfy myself, and it’s not that I don’t have them in the house, it’s just that I often make the wrong choices. A clense could get me pointed in the right direction.

  96. Erin

    Sugar. Hands down. I honestly feel as if I’m addicted. I can’t go a whole day without some type of sweet and fruit just doesn’t cut it. Sounds like I need to give this a try.

  97. Marla

    I’m beginning to find that I feel better with less additives. (duh…)So that is a new thing for me. However, I cannot seem to conquer my sweet tooth.

  98. Jenni

    Sugar, hands down. Usually with too much fat involved. As in homemade cookies and homemade brownies. I don’t keep a lot of junk on hand, but I do have a lot of basic food storage-type ingredients (flour, sugar, shortening). All of which can easily be made into something not good for me!

  99. Nikki

    Refined Sugar for sure. It is so hard!

  100. TopHat

    My biggest problem is sugar like a lot of other people. Whenever I’m bored, I’ll make myself cookies or something like that. I don’t like the taste of honey, so I have a hard time substituting it. I need to get used to it.
    .-= TopHat´s last blog ..Wordy Wednesday =-.

  101. Sarah

    Caffeine is my biggest problem right now. I have been relying on it to get me through my afternoon slump so that when I’m driving 30 minutes to get my kids from school, then waiting another 30 minutes in the carpool line (don’t ask), then driving home another 30 minutes, I can get reeeeaaallly tired. But after the caffeine wears off…. well, you know the drill. I haven’t had a Coke for two days now and my head hurts like crazy, but I’m trying really hard to avoid it. I try to watch labels carefully, but there might be added sugar in unexpected places, like spaghetti sauce. I never thought to read that label! Hope I win! ;o)

  102. Ashley

    Sugar and caffeine are both things I’ve known that I need to cut down (my sugar-filled vanilla latte is the morning treat that gets me out of bed) and this post is the motivation I need to finally do something about it!

  103. Claire

    By far my biggest challenge is caffeine. I drink Diet soda all day long and am terribly addicted to it.

  104. Sarah

    I’d have to say number 3 – fake food that gunks up the gears. It’s not that I like fake food, just the opposite in fact. It’s just that in these difficult economic times, shopping healthy can be hard on the budget. I feel shackled to cheaper foods that I know aren’t as good for us, but will feed the family for several meals. Luckily our garden is starting to produce and we harvested our first greens last night for a completely organic dinner salad. YUM!

  105. dee

    Mine is probably the chemical/additives. I’m a Diet Coke Junkie and rely on a lot of pre-packaged meals to save time. I’m making strides a little at a time but have not been able to give up my Diet Coke yet!
    .-= dee´s last blog ..Walking for the Homeless =-.

  106. Nikki Moore

    Caffeine is my crutch! I am NOT a morning person! While I don’t think my habit is overindulgent (at least compared to some I know), I drink several cups of coffee each morning. I’ve slowly weaned myself off it in the evenings, since I know it’s really bad for my sleeptime. I need to get better about making filling, healthy, yummy breakfasts like smoothies or oatmeal, so I don’t feel so reliant on coffee to get me going.
    .-= Nikki Moore´s last blog ..Why Are Small Children’s Ages Referred To In Months Instead Of Years? =-.

  107. Catherine

    It would have to be sugar. I make a lot of things from scratch but am still alarmed at how much sugar is in our diet.
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..Mother’s Day =-.

  108. Kat

    My downfall is definitely refined sugars. Although we are working on switching to lesser evils, we still go through a lot of sugar in the house.

  109. Jess

    I have the most problems with sweets. I have to fight the urge to end each meal with something sweet. I have been doing very well with yogurt and honey or some melon. But sometimes all I want is cookie dough.

  110. Kristin

    The hardest one for me is “fake foods” and “chemicals”. I’ve recently started paying more attention to what my family eats, and I’m trying to eliminate the junk. I thought we were fairly healthy eaters, until I started looking at the ingredients on the mac n cheese we eat for lunch… YIKES! Thanks for all the great info!

  111. Adrienne

    My biggest problem is sugar! I seem to always be craving it at 3 pm and after dinner. I really need to look into more natural sweetners and how to use them because I don’t think I will ever be able to give up the sweets!

  112. Melissa

    Sugar but the caffeine is edging up quickly!

  113. O

    Caffeine! I love black teas but also drink a lot of herbal ones.

  114. Catherine

    Sugar is definitely my battle!

  115. Adrienne

    I have always been a sugar addict. I have been doing better the past year or so, but cookies are my real weakness!

  116. Katie Monroe

    Yikes! All three are a challenge…but SUGAR is definitely the winner!

  117. Katie van der Meer

    I am most definitely a refined sugar addict. I have so much trouble resisting their call to me.

  118. Hyeyoung

    i could probably do without my diet coke.

  119. amber

    Refined sugar is definitely my downfall! I have a friend who completely cut out desserts from her diet and I was so impressed. Everything in moderation though, I think if I did that I would just break down and binge on sugar! Yikes. So yes, I’d love to win the ebook on a cleanse to get me on a healthier track!
    .-= amber´s last blog ..My Little Boy Can READ! =-.

  120. Jennifer Ott

    Sugar…but I bake all our own sweets with more “natural” sugars, and we’ve been drinking smoothies. Still, I can’t eat oatmeal without it!

  121. angelica perez

    Well, I’m actually having a hard time choosing only one. In my case, all three types of diet “noise” are a challenge. It is all related to the fact that I don’t sleep or rest enough. Thus, I find myself craving sugar (chocolates, sweet candy), which I then need to complement with a can of soda (caffeine). And because I’m usually in hurry (multi-tasking and chasing time), I do purchase pre-packaged snacks and other items which are full of additives and chemicals.

    Reading this article has really hit home. The information here is something I actually know, but seeing it all together, so well written, makes me think twice about the choices that I’m making.

    Angelica @ Modern Familia
    .-= angelica perez´s last blog ..Your Dream: Self-Employment, Reality: Got Family. 13 Simple Ways to Get You Started =-.

  122. Kim

    The noisiest part of my diet is sugar, with caffeine placing a close second. With three young kids, I feel like I’m always playing defense with food, rather than being offensive. I’m tired and I want quick and easy things for us to eat, and that usually means reaching for “foods” loaded with sugar…. of course “pantry snacks” (as my boys call them) are what they request over fresh fruit and veggies, and they are easier to pull out than anything in the fridge when I’ve got baby girl on my hip. And the caffeine is what I run to when I’m stumbling around the house in a daze every morning. I know something needs to change – this post was incredibly timely in my life!
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..162: LOST =-.

  123. Meg

    Most definitely sugar. I have a sweet tooth that gets me everytime. I cut back on caffeine a few years ago and then cut it out completely with my last pregnancy. As far as processed foods go, we keep it to a minimum, but there is still room for improvement (great fact about the spaghetti sauce, I think we will start making that form scratch now). The book would be great, I need a good cleanse. Great post!

  124. Sarah

    Definitely sugar!

  125. Lyndsey

    Our biggest challenge is the processed foods, but it seems like in the summer we tend to move away from these more with all of the Farmer’s Markets and fresh veggies around. During the winter months though… it is all processed. 🙁

  126. Amanda

    I would love to win this e-book. I’ve been trying to greatly reduce refined sugar from my diet for some time and I just can’t seem to kick it.

  127. April J

    I would love to try this real food cleanse.

    I have recently cut out coffee in the morning – and while I didn’t have the with drawl symptoms, I do feel a little more awake in the mornings. I do still occasionally have an afternoon coffee treat.

    My biggest hurdle is candy. I love candy in all forms and have real trouble avoiding it lately.
    .-= April J´s last blog ..Hands =-.

  128. cagey (Kelli Oliver George)

    My biggest challenge is the sugar – I probably consume too much. While I avoid HFCS like the plague, I am still allowing the white stuff in my coffee. And yes, I really enjoy 1-2 cups, early in the morning. It is one of my greatest pleasures, but I am pretty vigilant about not doing caffeine otherwise because it does interfere with my sleep. The thing is, I do not even have a sweet tooth (my cravings lean towards spicy and crunch) so my heart does go out to folks with a sweet tooth.

    This post has inspired me and I have a new goal for myself – I may still have my coffee vice, but for the next two weeks will use honey instead of sugar. Let’s see what happens. 😉
    .-= cagey (Kelli Oliver George)´s last blog ..This is your brain on crack. The verb, not the noun. =-.

  129. Stacy

    What a timely post for me! I was just thinking that I needed to do a cleanse! Sugar is definitely my number one offender. I am so addicted to it. You are right, sugar does hide everywhere! It is even in the baked chips that I buy (which I know that I should not be eating anyways, but justify it by choosing the baked variety…) . What is the need for that other than it appeals to our addictions? Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  130. jenn

    My biggest trip up is artificial sweetners.

  131. Sarah

    Sugar!!!! I don’t drink caffeine, and we avoid fake foods….sugar is my vice

  132. Danielle

    I’m considered pre-coffee (pc) in the AM. Coffee is my addiction. I also need to learn how processed foods make me feel. Tired and run down.

  133. Shawna Wagoner

    Without question the the biggest offender for me is sugar. I am an addict. I gave it up for 2 weeks and actually felt tremendously better but then fell back into my old ways. I am really looking forward to checking out this book.qq

  134. Mrs. M

    Oh, it’s refined sugar, no question. Let me swallow that last bite of cookie:)
    .-= Mrs. M´s last blog ..More from the sewer scientist =-.

  135. Mindful Momma

    Hate to sound like a copycat – but sugar & caffeine are my vices too! Your book sounds like the perfect kickstart t0 help me lose the 5 pounds that I can’t seem to drop to save my life!

  136. Elizabeth

    Oh yeah, probably the sugar. And the caffeine. 😉

  137. Amanda

    SUGAR! Never again will I buy a canned spaghetti sauce! It may be quicker or easier, but that amount of sugar is outrageous! thanks for the info!

  138. Robin

    Sugar is definitely the most difficult ‘noise’ for me to deal with. MMMmmmmm 😉

  139. Michelle Marsh

    Sugar. I could really use this book!
    .-= Michelle Marsh´s last blog ..Swim season =-.

  140. Lanell

    Sugar, Sugar, Sugar! I’m addicted!! I do my best not to purchase sweet snacks, but I’m a fantastic baker.

  141. kari

    I can live without the rest, but coffee in the morning is my big weakness.

  142. Sarah

    Refined sugar is my absolute worst dietary habit. I have a sweet tooth like none other and I love baking, a deadly combination. I’m working hard at cutting out snacks with sugar in them and limiting the number of after dinner desserts per week. I believe I can get over the super sweet stuff, however I’m having tons of trouble figuring out alternatives that I really enjoy. Thanks for this article, it helps a bunch.

  143. Kirsten Way

    Definately sugar for me!! I love to bake and i love to eat what i bake, unfortunately so do the kids and its becoming a bad habit. i am noticing how hard it is to get them to eat something “plain” as they are used to the sugar 🙁

  144. rhonda

    At first glance, i would say caffeine… however, if i am brutally honest – its sugar. I know I am an emotional eater, and sure enough- sugar is the first thing I reach for…

  145. Jane

    Processed foods are my downfall. I have the tendency to not prepare for my week (in terms of food) very well, and then end up turning to processed foods for the convenience. Because of this, sugar is an issue too. Processed of foods are typically loaded with sugar.

  146. Jennifer Henson

    My biggest noisemaker is my caffeine habit. I drink a coffee-no a latte with flavored syrup everyday. Yep, everyday. I waste too many of my daily calories and time on the drive-thru!

  147. sunny

    My doctor wants me on very low sugar diet. Including fruit and veg that has too much sugar. Man this is hard…. Yeah I need to declutter. I’ll try the tips!
    .-= sunny´s last blog ..Fattily ever after! =-.

  148. Sarah

    Caffeine, Caffeine, and more Caffeine. I work a 2nd shift, 10-hour day job sitting in front of the computer the whole time and have a 1-year-old daughter to take care of. I fix and pot of coffee in the morning and guzzle the whole thing to even function most days and then will have to other forms of caffeine to keep myself awake when working!

  149. Christine

    Refined sugar for sure is my biggest enemy!

  150. Average Jane

    It’s a tie between caffeine and processed foods for me. I have just been looking into various cleanse diets because I am SO overdue for one. Hope I win!
    .-= Average Jane´s last blog ..Average Jane Puts Her Skills to Work =-.

  151. Jana

    Caffeine… I admit to being an addict. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to break it’s hold on me. I can limit my sugars and refined foods, but I somehow find myself grabbing a coffee while telling myself “no!”

  152. celeste

    Sugar has always been my downfall.

  153. Anna M

    For me its definitely sugar…more and more I’m realizing I crave it, when I am really looking for sleep. Thanks for the great post!

  154. Laura

    Sugar and Caffiene… I think I could beat the sugar thing, but caffiene is a non-negotiable at this point…

  155. Niki from NorCal

    Caffeine!! Definitely my problem. I’ve make huge strides in the other areas over the past year or two.

  156. aimee c.

    oh no! should i be embarrassed that all three are my biggest challenges?! oy! i hope to slowly, but surely, remedy that. thanks for the chance!

  157. Stacey

    sugar + caffeine + chemical additives = Dr. Pepper, my favorite treat! I know that some day I’ll h ave to give it up…but i just love my daily DP break so much!

  158. Alisa

    I would say that the dietary ‘noise’ toughest to get away from, for me, would be the refined sugars. I tend to have a high metabolism so I don’t really watch what I eat as much as I should. I have, however noticed the adverse effects of these chemical sugars on my body though. When you talk about eating and then paying attention to the effects on your body, I understand what you mean! Lately, when I crave sugary foods it’s nice while I’m eating it but shortly after my body hates me. I get a bit of a pain in my head and my body just generally protests. On a happier side of things, when I ate chicken, rice and broccoli that I cooked myself, I was full for hours and felt completely content.
    I may only be seventeen, but I -do- want to take care of my body, and start getting in to healthier habits before my metabolism starts to slow down, and I want to -settle- down. I have a feeling it’s easier to be healthy and take care of kids/family when you’ve already developed the habits. ^-^

  159. Eleanor

    CAFFEINE is by far my biggest challenge. I work at a coffee shop so I’m surounded by FREE coffee and various sugar filled drinks 5 hours every day. I have been slowly switching to decaf coffee but i find i’m crashing at about 2-3 in the afternoon. I know i should pack some healthy snacks to help me push through the moments of exhustation but when you get up at 3:30am who wants to worry about packing afternoon snacks! I work 10-14 hours a day… Its a horrible endless cycle. I’m making baby steps. I would love to read more about this…


  160. Carrie at Rhubarb Sky

    Oh my. Honestly, caffeine AND sugar are up there on the list for me. Ugh.

  161. Court@BeautyFullyUsed

    Sugar is definitely my downfall. While I’ve worked hard on trying to make more homemade foods and eat locally grown produce and meat, I have a sweet tooth. And while I don’t buy much junkfood, if there is some leftover from a party, or we’re out and about, doesn’t take much for me to cave for a cookie or pastry. Caffeine is a close second.

  162. Monica

    Sugar, hands down. I love to bake and I often crave cookie dough, cookies, apple pie, cheesecake, you name it. I try to substitute them with healthier foods but I usually end up eating the healthier food and then eating the not-so-healthy one too. Not such a good idea huh?

  163. Kristen

    Definitely Sugar! I use agave nectar in my tea but, I have a sweet tooth for baked goods and we are trying to cut out processed foods with too much sugar.
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..painting in progress: scooby =-.

  164. Adria

    Totally sweets… they have to not be around AT ALL or else my willpower to NOT eat them goes out the window. Great post… thanks!

  165. jane

    Definitely sugar, especially when my hubs brings home cookies or other desserts. I can go through a half a box in one day, just grabbing a bit at a time every time I feel stressed.

  166. J

    I’ve pretty much given up caffeine and now feel a lot better – less jittery. Giving up refined sugar has been hard. I am still working on that.

  167. Meredith

    Refined sugar is definitely my weakness. I love it!!! Thankfully the summer bounty of fresh berries will help me break this sugar addiction.

  168. A Simple Twist of Faith

    Coffee, & Artificial Sweetener
    Did I mention coffee? Hot in the morning without an breakfast,a bad, bad habit. Cold in the afternoon with skim milk and artificial sweetener. For Lent, a couple of years ag, I gave up coffee, and I had major withdrawal headaches.
    .-= A Simple Twist of Faith´s last blog ..Stress? What stress? =-.

  169. Gabriela

    My main downfall is caffeine. Up to two weeks ago I was consuming 3-4 diet cokes a day on top of the 2 to 3 cups off coffee a day. Well I have recently read that caffeine can cause cellulite in woman with pear shape bodies, and it could be the #1 cause of people having trouble losing weight. Anyway, to make a long store short, I have cut the caffeine completely from my diet and have lost 10 lbs. (okay so I am also dieting, but I always diet and this is the first time I lost weight).

    Thanks for the chance I would really like to win this book.
    .-= Gabriela´s last blog ..Praying for you – Card =-.

  170. Esther

    It’s a toss up between refined sugar and caffeine. I find that if I have caffeine early in my day, then it sets a tone for poor eating the rest of the day. I just have to take the plunge and get rid of the caffeine and then hopefully everything else will fall into place.

  171. Lara

    sugar definitely! I love it!

  172. Hannah

    Processed food is a hard one for me. It’s just to easy (and cheap) to buy the junk food. We live in the north, where fruit and veggies are only fresh and affordable in season (about 3 months of the year).
    .-= Hannah´s last blog ..Womanhood =-.

  173. Jessica

    Sugar is the, unfortunate, weakness for me. It truly acts like a drug for me. As soon as I eat something with sugary a switch in my brain is turned on and it’s all I can think about. I have to have more. It’s pretty scary to think that a food substance could have such an influence over my mind and body.
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Insurance and Wednesday Weigh-in =-.

  174. Carla

    My two noisiest offenders are sugar and caffine. I just don’t feel satisfied unless I have had a sugar fix! I also, don’t know if I could go a day without my coffee. I really need this book, it looks really helpful and interesting . Thanks for the opportunity!
    .-= Carla´s last blog .. =-.

  175. Sandy

    Sugar and sweets are my downfall!

  176. Dana

    Mine is frozen dinners. I am such a sucker for a frozen lasagna or pizza on those days I don’t feel up to cooking. I need to STOP BEING SO LAZY! 🙂

  177. Molly

    Processed foods & sugar! We’re working on it weekly, learning more scratch recipes to freeze to fill the freezer for last minute meal ideas vs the stuff in the frozen section or boxed items. It’s been very rewarding so far, but we have much work to still do!

  178. Jenevra

    The biggest challenge for me is the chemical additives and fake foods. With a full-time job and a husband who doesn’t cook, it is hard to avoid these foods when they are quick and easy to make for dinner. I hate reading the sides of the boxes because I know the foods aren’t good for us and chock full of fillers and chemicals with really long names.

  179. Ashley S.

    The biggest noise in my diet is refined sugar. I would love to win this book!
    .-= Ashley S.´s last blog ..thoughts on being a mother =-.

  180. Cristy S

    Oh easy, caffeine!

  181. Carla

    I am an absolute sugar addict. It isn’t even funny. I especially like sugary caffiene. Double bad!

  182. ThoughtfulBirth

    Sugar… Largely in conjuction with ice cream!

  183. Kel

    Definitely sugar! Although, since I stopped drinking carbonated beverages about 8 months ago, I have found it is much easier to tame my sweet tooth.

  184. Tina

    Oohh, definitely caffeine. I am addicted to Starbucks, Caramel Machiatto!

  185. Kellie

    Refined sugar kills me. 🙁

  186. Kerri

    Caffeine is my weakness. Actually, I’m a Red Bull addict. LOVE the taste and love it for breakfast. I probably shouldn’t admit that!

  187. nopinkhere

    I rarely have caffeine (except in chocolate).
    I’m also trying to fix more stuff at home to avoid preservatives and additives.
    But I LOVE my sweet stuff.
    .-= nopinkhere´s last blog ..Chocolate Chip Snack Cake =-.

  188. logsplitter

    My biggest challenge is the sugar…for my kids AND my husband. I’m ready to go cold turkey on ’em.

  189. Hannah

    Until recently, caffeine wasn’t am issue in my diet at all, but as a mom I have gotten les and less sleep, and have relied on my morning coffee more and more, and just as you wrote, it has caused my breakfast habits to be less healthful and consistent. This is definitely an area I need to work on, starting with getting enough sleep to begin with when possible!
    .-= Hannah´s last blog ..Roadtrip =-.

  190. Andrea in AR

    Chemical additives and fake foods are the worst for me. They taste sooo good!

  191. Julie Andreen

    The number one barrier to eating healthy? COST. I would love to eat more healthfully. However, organic food is PROHIBITIVELY expensive.

  192. Cynthia

    My biggest challenge is #1 refined sugar. I have a major sweet tooth and I need something to curb it. That’s one of the reasons I don’t keep sweets in the house, but on the flip side, I love to bake, so when I do have any sweet at home it’s because it’s homemade. I know that doesn’t make it “better”, but at least I know what went into it. :o)

  193. Lee

    Blurgh… My biggest vice is Pepsi, which consists of refined sugar, caffeine, and chemical additives. The rest of my diet is free of all three, but the Pepsi cans sit there looking way out of place in my otherwise very healthy refrigerator!
    .-= Lee´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  194. Julie

    Hi, my name is Julie and I am a sugar addict!

  195. Kristi

    Sugar and caffeine. Although I was able to cut way back on the amount of coffee while I was pregnant, the sleepless nights with a little one in the house have lead me to increase the amount of coffee I am drinking to at least three cups a day.

  196. Lisa

    Sugar, far and away. I get into a rut where I have a bit and then crave more and more the next few days.

  197. Katie

    Sugar! I wish I could just cut it all but it calls to me and I lose all my will power!

  198. Kate F.

    definitely refined sugar

  199. Rae

    Sugar is definitely my biggest issue. I am allergic to caffeine, and I eat very few processed foods, but I crave sweets something fierce. Cupcakes! I love cupcakes! Sigh…
    .-= Rae´s last blog ..Mix It Up: Independent Radio Stations =-.

  200. Fontaine

    Thanks for the great post. I love the simple-to-follow ideas! Definitly looking into the ebook now.

    Good luck to everyone 🙂

  201. lori

    Definitely caffeine….. I live in Seattle. I really enjoy my first cup of coffee.
    Thank you for idea about equal water to coffee. Sometimes I drink water with a lemon slice for my first drink of the day which seems to help.

  202. Peggie

    My greatest challenge is artificial sweeteners. I am diabetic and sometimes just like something sweet. I do drink coffee in the AM, but usually only a cup or two and no sweetener. Same with ice tea if I drink it. However, when nothing else satisfies a thirst, I do go for a diet soft drink. I liked this post and it was a good reminder for me!

  203. Stacey

    Def. the caffeine for me. I quit while I was pregnant and it felt like such torture!! I was so glad when I was finally able to drink coffee again. Most of the day it’s tough to pry it out of my hands.

  204. Heather

    My biggest challenge is sugar, but also trying to get my husband off of processed junk. It’s no fun sitting and eating a salad if my husband wants to eat all the bad stuff!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..sewer really is just a big pile of **** =-.

  205. Randi

    Refined Sugar is my biggest challenge. I was recently lamenting the realization of how much sugar I actually ingest, yet feel powerless to stop. For me, caffeine and processed foods are migraine triggers so I’m disciplined there. I bake my own from scratch sweets and they’re one of my “safe” foods even though I totally over eat them! Very interested in your program for taking control of this!

  206. Tisha

    No question, I’d say my challenge is refined sugar. As you said, it seems very hard to escape; it’s in everything! I’m trying to make the switch to eating more whole foods, but it’s certainly and uphill climb with the kids and their definite sense of what they like and don’t like. Right now I spend more time trying to convince them to eat the wholesome foods I prepare than actually feeding it to them. But I’m determined to keep introducing it until they bite!
    .-= Tisha´s last blog ..Biz Mommy of the Week: Jennifer Davey =-.

  207. nadia jaber

    caffeine, caffeine and caffeine!

  208. Candy

    Well, I just went off all soft drinks so the caffeine one is going away. But I would say sugar is my biggest one. It’s in everything!!! Living in the Philippines is hard because there aren’t the same kinds of things as in the states. Berries and fresh fruits are so expensive which is what I crave.

  209. Elaine

    my loudest noise is definitely caffeine. I know that when I most need to keep limits on my caffeine intake, when I am running on empty, is when I am most likely to succumb. I shall try to drink a glass of water with each caffeinated drink, then at least I am getting the water too…

  210. Jessica

    My biggest weakness right now is COFFEE! I have three small children and I rely heavily on coffee to get me through the day. In fact, I am drinking it as I type this! I could really use some help!

  211. richelle

    for our family, it is probably the chemical additives and the “hidden” stuff in foods that we grew up eating as normal, which we are slowly trying to wean from our diet. we also travel a lot, eat in others homes a lot, and very few people cook from scratch any more, so i know we consume more than i’d like that way.
    .-= richelle´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – She plays IN the toy box… literally! =-.

  212. Karyn

    The greatest challenge for me is the refined sugar–I’d like to cut back on my intake as well as my family.

  213. Pamela Kramer

    Caffeine is definitely my number #1 challenge. Coffee is my morning ritual and my breakfast. I generally am not hungry early in the a.m. and coffee helps to curb my appetite into mid-morning so I can make it to lunch.

  214. Kathy

    The greatest challenge for me is caffeine. I love, love, love my morning coffee. I usually do fine the rest of the day but the morning time is hard.

  215. Julie

    I think that all three areas are pitfalls for me. I am totally addicted to caffeine, I get bad headaches when I don’t have it. I have weaned myself off of it in the past and need to do it again. I use sugar and caffeine to give me an energy boost in the afternoon after work, but it works against me and makes me feel even worse. I love real, wholesome food like fruits and veggies, but it takes time to plan and prepare them. Buying packaged, prepared food is easier. I think the key for me is planning and taking the time to make healthy eating a priority. When I take the time to plan meals and shopping trips then I am able to eat the foods that make me and my family feel good. When I stop planning and my life gets rushed is when it all falls apart and I go back to relying on the caffeine and sugar to get me through my day. I am excited to read the book and get back to healthy, wholesome eating and to feel good and have more energy.

  216. Jenna

    oh that morning coffee (and the 3pm coffee)! My two year old never sleeps through the night and i rely on that coffee! Though as you pointed out as a result i skip breakfast 🙁

  217. Brookiej

    Refined sugars!! I’m embarrassed to say it, because I the rest of my diet is good. I bake WAY too much & there is too much in our life right now! Caffeine is a close second, but I have been working on that one. 🙂
    .-= Brookiej´s last blog ..Goodbye facebook… =-.

  218. Lauren

    Refined sugar – hands down! I love a sweet treat and usually have one daily. Every now and then I try to cut back some, but it is definitely in phases.

  219. Joke

    I’m a sugar girl!
    I have a hard time not eating ALL the cookies at once, or staying away from the chocolate…

  220. Melissa

    sugar….especially chocolate!!!

  221. candice

    My biggest downfall out of the three would be the fake foods. When I do not take the time to plan out the menu and make the time to be home to prepare the whole foods I quickly turn to pick up the box mentality. This is also true with snacks my children eat. Easier is not better though. Trying to get better and have a day each week to prepare more healthy alternatives for the week ahead.
    Great post!

  222. Patricia Grable

    Which of the three types of diet “noise” mentioned above is your biggest challenge?
    My biggest challenge is caffeine and sugar. Being diabetic sometimes I just really want something sweet! I start my day off with a diet coke. The joke around our home has always been ” don’t ask mamma to make a decision until she’s had her diet coke.”
    I have in the past two months, however, began to limit my diet cokes to mornings, and have been drinking decaf teas in the afternoons. But I still really like that “little jolt” you get when you drink an ice cold diet coke!
    Patricia Grable

  223. Jessica

    About a month ago I would have said sugar since that’s when I gave up coffee. Now that I’ve slipped back into coffee drinking, though, I’m beginning to think caffeine is a bigger issue for me.

  224. deb

    definitely sugar – i really need to think alternatives, but difficult!

  225. Denise

    caffeine for sure. drinking it (coffee) as I type.
    .-= Denise´s last blog .. =-.

  226. Elizabeth

    coffee, pretzels, and Happy Meals from macDonalds (ack!)

  227. Alice

    1 – Caffeine – just like most people, I need my morning fix! I have been doing the half caf/half decaf thing my grandmother used to do 🙂 I’m working on it!

    2 – Processed Foods – They are just way too convenient with my busy family! I don’t love cooking so I used pre-made stuff way too often 🙁

    3 – Sugar! I thought I was doing good until I read above that I shouldn’t replace it with fake sugar! Uh oh! Now what?

    “Reset Your Senses” I like that. Putting that on a post-it on my fridge!

  228. Kristen Taylor

    Definitely sugar. It’s a tough one because it is in everything.

  229. Karen

    Sugar..sugar..sugar…that is definitely my biggest problem!

  230. Sally

    Sugar, sugar, sugar… Being hypoglycemic, sugar is not my friend. However, because of life’s intense circumstances, I tend to enjoy the “escape” when my brain goes a bit numb from sugar. Not a wise choice, but definitely where I’m hiding. I’d love to get out of this cycle!

  231. Angie

    sugar is definately my weakness!!!

  232. Terri

    I love the taste of strong pressed coffee!!! Was just planning to make the transition to decaf, so your post is timely and helpful. Thanks. 🙂

  233. Sarah

    Both sugar and caffeine are biggies for me. I’ve used the caffeine on and off for years as a substitute for other stimulants to control my ADD. I go too far for a while and get too stretched thin by too much caffeine for too long, will wean myself off, and then start back slowly, but am getting ready for a wean. I’m trying to get my body ready for another pregnancy, and would like to try this cleansing diet. Maybe I wouldn’t even need to go back to my daily glasses of coffee!

  234. Beth

    Caffeine is my biggest noise-maker. I LOVE coffee and other than when I was pregnant, I’ve rarely gone a morning without it. I’ve gotten pretty good about reducing my sugar intake and doing away with “fake” foods, but I remain plagued by caffeine!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  235. Catherine

    Sugar! The book looks great.

  236. machelle

    My hardest challenges is refined sugar and artificial sugar. When I put it in my tea, I know I am putting poisin in it but for some reason getting rid of sugar is so hard. Caffiene is also a downfall. In the winter I can drink a whole pot of coffee before I head out the door.

  237. Lorrie

    My first thought was caffeine as an answer to your question because one of my first thoughts when getting out of bed in the morning is about my coffee. Oh, how I love thee! I could switch to decaf though. That wouldn’t kill me. My real addiction that I have refused to admit is bad for me is………………….Splenda. How would I monitor my weight without it? It makes my coffee taste so good and many other foods I eat. That would be much harder to give up. How bad is it?

  238. Heather

    Sugars! I get sugar cravings like nobody’s business!

  239. Meghan

    i need to kick the coffee habit!

  240. Erika

    My problem is sugar. As much as I teach my kids to watch for sugar in their foods, I often put the extra spoonful in my coffee, or sneak a brownie when they aren’t looking. I don’t have a weight issue, so I think that gives me an excuse to indulge freely in my habit.

  241. Elaine

    It’s hard for me to give up refined sugar. I have a sweet tooth and my husband is worse! So we’ll go overboard with desserts. We’re working on it though!

  242. Patti

    Processed foods….because of the time issue. Would love to remove that from my diet!

  243. Leah

    Caffeine is my biggest challenge! just love that boost it gives me.

  244. Elizabeth N.

    Sugar is my biggest downfall though processed foods follows in a close second.

  245. Debbie Gallis

    My worst food issue is definitely sugar! I adore cany and sweets, even though I know I feel more run down and worse after eating them, I crave them.

  246. theresa cain

    SUGAR is my biggest weakness! I am trying to cut back as much as possible, but it has been a real challenge. I would LOVE to receive your book! And thank you.

  247. Laura

    The hardest part for me is RECIPES for my family!!! I know how to eat well, and try hard..but switching my family over has been difficult! Eating poorly really affects my moods too – so everyone is happier when mama is on track! ;0)

  248. Shannon

    Refined Sugar is my pain point. Over the past two years I have reduced my coffee to one cup/day as something I enjoy rather than something I need. But I sweeten it and add cream. So really that cup of coffee (though no longer a caff craving) is not helping me. I love my cup of coffee, but I am trying to substitute tea, which I drink plain.

  249. Erin M.

    I have a new baby so the caffeine feels like a must these days. I also eat more sugar then I should.

  250. Karen

    For me, the most “noisy” part of my diet has to be processed foods — in particular sweet ones. Which is really bad since I also have type 2 diabetes. I am trying to eat healthier and to eliminate most processed sweets, but it is really hard most times. Right now I and my daughter are starting our days with steel cut oatmeal with cinnamon, vanilla extract and dried cherries, blueberries, and cranberries (in various combinations), all cooked overnight in a small crockpot. While my daughter adds a little brown sugar to it, I have found that the mix is sweet as it is with the dried fruit.

  251. Maxine

    Caffiene is by far my biggest problem (not ready to even consider suger as my problem, baby steps).

  252. Jessica

    Refined sugar… definitely…

  253. Heather

    Chemical additives! While I love to cook, I also work and have two small children, so some nights I definitely rely on processed foods to get a quick dinner on the table. If I was a little more organized I could probably make everything from scratch but it is so easy to throw together a taco meal or frozen pizza.

  254. Kim

    My biggest noise comes from sugar. We have been keeping sweets away from our toddler successfully in the home only to sneak them and gobble them all up ourselves once he is in bed. The strangest thing is that when I peel an orange or cut an apple for him and have a bite, I always think, “This is good! I should eat more fruit.” As if peeling an orange is a huge diversion from the rest of my daily duties. It just ends up being the last thing I go to, unfortunately.

  255. Britiney

    Sugar is the hardest for me, by far. Breaking that habit is a humongous challenge! Thanks for a chance to win.
    .-= Britiney´s last blog ..Birthday Card & Other Stuff =-.

  256. Gail P

    Sugar is my biggest problem. It seems overwhelming to try and give it up. But my family has done well with getting most of the processed food out of our diet.

  257. Arianne Evans

    I just can’t stay out of the sugar. My love and my nemesis.

  258. Susan

    I don’t have much problem with caffeine, as health issues caused me to cut most of that out of my diet years ago. I definately have a problem with the other 2-especially sugar. I seem to need the sweet stuff all the time!

  259. Meghan

    Hmm. It’s a toss up between sugar and caffeine. I’ve been slowly weaning myself away from excessive refined sugar to more natural. I’ve been doing great on the caffeine front! I can now miss my morning cup of tea or coffee without a resulting headache which was my goal. I still drink a cup of coffee or tea in the morning because I love the taste but I no longer ‘need’ the caffeine so I can savor it slowly 🙂 I’ve been working on figuring out which naturally decaffeinated teas go well with our local honey.

  260. Kristan Staab

    My loudest diet “noise” is refined sugar, mainly in the form of a baked, sweet treat, like cookies or chocolate treats!

  261. Joanne

    Sugar, sugar, sugar – definitely sugar.

  262. Breanna Sackrey

    Refined Sugar is my biggest problem, I am a carb addict. I have been trying to watch how much refined sugar going into my diet and I have been appalled and the products that contain refined sugar.

  263. Rebecca

    For me I find I drink too much coffee, and would like to drink more green tea and water.
    I was just looking into cleanses and would love to try some.
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..The Gluten-Free Homemaker =-.

  264. Fabiola

    It used to be caffeine but I weaned myself from it since I started a detox program and now I drink aloe juice and bee pollen whenever I need a boost of energy. I want to cook more whole foods for my family who have become dependent in cup of noodles for quick snacks when we are in the run, which it makes me feel guilty because that’s not good type of energy for football practice.

  265. MaryBeth

    #3 Chemical Additives & Fake Foods – a friend of mine recently alerted me to just how much MSG is in the foods my family eats. Ever since I’ve been reading labels more cautiously and reading “In Defense of Food.” I had NO clue how much of what I am feeding my family is NOT food but chemicals/fake foods! Bring on the farmers markets and homemade breads!!!

  266. Rachel

    My weakness is caffiene. With a newborn it has become my crutch. But thankfully my husband is allergic to corn so we don’t keep too many of the junky foods around the house — they are all filled with corn syrup, corn starch, xantham gum, maltodextrin, dextrose, etc. etc.

    That book looks great!
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Hospital Gown =-.

  267. Samantha

    Caffeine. Definitely caffeine. I drink nearly 10 cups a day. I’m trying to cut back but it is definitely my biggest hurdle.

  268. Carrie Frederickson

    Caffiene is the hardest for me. I have to have pepsi everyday, it’s like a routine for me. I have tried stopping but then I just get headaches. I always feel out of energy by the end of the day and want to just crash, wish is never the answer. This ebook sounds amazing and sounds like it may even have solutions for me.

  269. Erin

    Refined sugar is my Achille’s heel! I’m a candy fanatic. I have to stop. I’m off caffeine, amazingly enough, I feel like I have so much more energy. Go figure!

  270. Laura

    The biggest challenge for me is sugar. Just yesterday I found out I may be having a reaction to yeast which means I’ll have to avoid most sugars… Not sure I can do this!

  271. Tamara

    Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Totally addicted. No self control. Only salvation: just keeping it out of the house.
    .-= Tamara´s last blog ..Ta-Da! List =-.

  272. april

    My biggest noisy maker is sugar by far. I am addicted to it but desire to be set free from it. I know it zaps my energy, but it has been the hardest thing for me to reach for the strawberry rather than the chocolate chip cookie, even though I love strawberries. I would love to have some knowledge from your book. Thanks for the post.
    .-= april´s last blog ..Feeding the Ducks =-.

  273. Lynn

    My biggest noise is definitely sugar. I’ve gone off cold turkey and feel better then a birthday party and one piece of cake gets it going all over again!

  274. Audra

    Caffeine. Just typing it makes me want a big, hot cup of coffee. It’s my morning time and afternoon pick-me-up, and it would be a very hard vice to eliminate. I just enjoy the taste and the comfort associated with it.

  275. Jonathan Blundell

    I think the caffeine is probably the greatest issue for me. Although as I’ve been cutting back on the processed foods – I find myself craving sweets more as well.

    But the morning coffee is probably the toughest for me to get away from.
    .-= Jonathan Blundell´s last blog ..Simple Manifesto #44 – Try living without a car =-.

  276. dhess

    Definitly processed foods. I have been trying to loose weight and am feeling better than ever. However. . . . I would have no trouble at all consuming a whole bag of chips. With children ages 3 & 4, I want better family health habits. I don’t want my children to fight all this themselves because their mom didn’t work hard enough at instilling good habits when they were small. Thanks for the post.

  277. Tori

    Sugar! What makes it even worse is that I’m fifteen weeks pregnant and I crave the stuff!

  278. Chris

    I would definately go with sugar. I have a wretched sweet tooth. I can a week without much for dessert, but then the sweet tooth kicks in and it’s dessert every meal for a week…
    As for the others,I don’t take in much caffeine compared to sugar (About a soda a month and maybe one cup of tea a week. No coffee.), and since discovering my daughter is allergic to corn, when we eat in, we make most things from scratch and have to be very picky of what we buy. Our problem with chemical additives is that we still eat out too much (a couple meals a week) and we’re not ordering the same fresh fruit and plain rice for us as we order for our daughter. Overall though, we’ve made huge improvements in this area… I just need to curb the sweet tooth!
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Hold on tight =-.

  279. Jennifer

    Caffeine has been a huge crutch for me. I need a cup every time I think about doing the dishes. Life presents challenges, like relocating a family of 6, and we turn to drive-thrus, lunchables, etc. I really want my healthy life back.

  280. Laura

    What a timely post! My biggest “noisy food” offender would probably have to be sugar. I’m addicted (yes, addicted) to sweetened drinks. Nothing fancy – just sweet iced tea or sodas (Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper, etc.). And yes, it’s the sugar – I drink decaf everything at home, and decaf when I’m out if it’s available – so I can avoid the caffeine easily.

    I did a Perfect Cleanse through Garden of Life in March, and absolutely loved it. I’m gearing up to do the cleanse again – or possibly their Raw Cleanse instead – in June, and this next shoppping trip I’m prepping the pantry with more whole foods. Very exciting to see this ebook giveaway – thanks for the chance to win a free copy – I’m sure it would help immensely in the next few weeks!

  281. Jenni

    I guess my biggest challenge is refined sugar. I don’t really know how to use other, more natural sweeteners to replace it.

  282. tricia

    I guess it’s caffeine for me. I usually drink tea and not that much, but it’s that one latte a day that gets me. If I don’t have my latte, it ruins my day!

  283. Joelle

    I’m currently working on sugar. The next one to tackle woud be caffiene. I’m not hooked to it all day…just one or two cups in the morning. However, occasionally I do find myself reaching for it in some form or another, some late afternoons.
    .-= Joelle´s last blog funny guy =-.

  284. Tracy

    It is easy for me to stay away from caffeine because I don’t like how jittery it makes me feel, but it’s harder to say no to sweets (or coconut syrup in my decaf!) and stay away from processed foods. I enjoy to cook from scratch, but sometimes the craziness that comes with kids and running the household takes over and a little help at dinner from a can or a box seems like the only way to stay sane right then. I would like to learn other ways to cope. The book looks great!

  285. Lorus

    My biggest challenge is Caffeine! Sometimes I feel like I live on coffee.
    .-= Lorus´s last blog ..Peas and Potatoes =-.

  286. Vindiciti

    Refined sugars are a huge problem for me. White sugar is the only kind that I’m not allergic to, and I sure do like my sweets! That also ties in to my caffiene problem, too. I heart sweet tea! If we were to move out of the south, it’d help because yummy sweet tea wouldn’t be just everywhere! I’m pretty bad about drive throughs, too.
    .-= Vindiciti´s last blog ..Winners! =-.

  287. Patience

    I’m actually Australian but you can see how well I’ve adapted and embraced my new home with my top 3 noisy foods – Caffeine… Bagels – white dough, salted bagels… and (this is almost too embarrassing)… Fluff, the marshmallow spread. My disclaimer being we don’t have Fluff in Australia, it’s my USA only treat 😛
    .-= Patience´s last blog ..Thank you for the photos =-.

  288. Mariah Miller

    Sugar is my challenge — with out a doubt!

  289. Gail Hinds

    Caffeine is the hardest for me! Drinking a coke or a diet coke is like taking a “happiness” pill. It’s hard to give that up! And if I ever have 1, I’m sunk because I drinking them again. Thank goodness I don’t do drugs, smoke or drink. I might be in trouble!

  290. Nora

    I think sugar is the most difficult for me however I try to replace it with Xilytol which is more natural. Caffeine is on the 2nd on the list, I love my morning coffee very much.

  291. Elizabeth

    Refined sugar, for sure. It’s not that I don’t like more natural sources of sugar: it’s that the junky kind is sooo easy to get and to consume!

  292. Addie

    Definitely sugar! My husband and I both have huge sweet tooths. Our son is following in our footsteps and I want to break that habit for all of us.

  293. Lindsey

    Refined sugar, definitely! Frankly, I don’t know that I could even identify refined sugars if I was reading the ingredients on something. Obviously, I can see how many grams of sugar are in a serving, but beyond that…I’m lost!

  294. Ann

    Chemical additives and fake foods is probably my biggie. Processed foods are just too convenient! Little by little, I’m trying to replace them with healthier foods, though!

  295. Jan J.

    Excellent advice in this post! Oh it’s that nasty sugar for me! Caffeine was given up years ago for the most part and not even missed. We eat almost everything from scratch and my 12 and 13-year-old girls will choose apples and cheese over packaged cookies any day. I used to allow myself a little real sugar to make my tea or a bit of oatmeal bar or somewhat healthified snack, but then I found out I have diabetes, and I do use the nasty artificial sweeters. I just don’t like water with meals, and milk has carbs as well, same as sugar. But we have come a long way to improve our diets and will keep trying!

  296. Carrie

    Sugar is definitely my setback. I really love ice cream. I don’t have to worry about the caffiene because I cannot really have any at any time of the day or I have a hard time sleeping at night. But the sugar, it’s so hard to pass up. Thanks for the chance to win!

  297. kim

    sugar! I have a horrible sweet tooth.

  298. Christy Sheffield

    Hmmm…it’s a tie between hidden sugars and additives/fake foods. We are taking baby steps to get rid of refined sugars and chemical additives found in processed foods but we still have a few things left in the pantry. I’m pretty good about not using prepackaged meals but I haven’t mastered giving up items like ranch dressing or peanut butter. Baby steps for sure!
    .-= Christy Sheffield´s last blog ..Artist spotlight: Danita =-.

  299. Becky

    Definitely sugar!! I would love to win this book!

  300. Karla

    Caffeine is definitely my loudest noise! I just love my morning cup of Joe!


  301. Danielle

    My main problem is sugar. I don’t keep chips, ice cream or cookies in the house because if I’m bored, I’ll eat unconsciously. BUT my husband likes them so I have to TRY to have some willpower when he gets junk food. Intellectually, I know sugar’s bad for me, but emotionally, I want it 🙂
    .-= Danielle´s last blog ..More Visitors =-.

  302. Alex

    Buy 7 Minute Muscle!If you’re like most other guys then you probably want to have a great body that commands attention!

  303. Katie W.

    Processed foods. I grew up on the delicious scratch cooking of my dad, but for me, it just takes up so much of the little time I have at home each day. I often find myself relying on quick and easy process foods, just to get something to the table before bedtime. My dad would scoff at some of the food I make. I know I should be eating better, but I just haven’t figured out how to fit it in. It doesn’t help that my husband still has the metabolism of a 15-year-old and can eat whatever he wants!

  304. Liza

    I am just getting into the whole foods idea. I think I don’t realize all the chemicals my family ingests, though I have started cooking most things from scratch.

  305. Sherri

    My biggest challenge is the sugar. I quit smoking two years ago and ever since then I have a horrible sweet tooth. I’ve tried swapping fruits, drinking more water, etc. It doesn’t seem to help. My latest trick, which does help, is I keep a bag of homemade granola that was sweetened with honey at my desk. If I get a sweet craving I nibble on some but I’m far from cutting out refined sugars. Would love to learn more about alternatives.

  306. Trina

    Sugar has been the most difficult of the three for me. It’s been relatively easy to phase down (not yet out, but getting there) the processed foods, and I’ve never really been a coffee/soda drinker, but I’ve got a horrible sweet tooth. Horrible, horrible sweet tooth.
    .-= Trina´s last blog ..How To: Shrimp Stock =-.

  307. A Nelson

    Definitly sugar!! I love how I feel when I don’t eat refined sugar on a regular basis. I really can tell a difference!

  308. Shannon

    My “noise” is definitely sugar. The statement”We are hardwired to enjoy and crave the sweet taste,” is so true. Isn’t breastmilk even naturally sweet? We are born preferring and being exposed to sweet flavors. Hmmm.

  309. Shellie

    Definitely definitely refined sugar!

  310. Hope

    For me, it’s a tie between refined sugar and chemical additives. Sugar is the one it’s hard to cut out even as I’m aware of it, but chemical additives aren’t on my radar as much so I consume them without thinking.

  311. Katie

    Caffeine & sugar! Specifically my love for Dr. Pepper.

  312. Alyssa

    The timing was perfect for me to be reading this! I was just telling myself today that I need to just resolve to not be eating the junk that I have been. The sugar will be the hardest, I (we) have gotten into the habit of having dessert pretty much every night after supper. It drives me nuts that my husband can’t just have one or two cookies, it has to be a stack of cookies, so to make sure I get a “few” for myself before they are all gone I will eat more than I should but I need to just let it go & either not have any or at least not as much. Thank you for this!

  313. Jill

    Sugar! I crave chocolate at the end of my day and wish I could get over it. A good detox might just be what I need!

  314. Colette Sebat

    Hi there, me again.
    I noticed you deleted my comment which praised your wonderful article. Did you not agree with my point about decaf? Even if you didn’t I still wonder why you deleted it. I was looking forward to your response….

  315. Colette Sebat

    Thank you for another wonderful article. I always especially enjoy reading everything about health, especially when it highlights the misconceptions about what really constitutes healthful these days. I don’t eat anything containing refined sugar and I’ve always avoided chemical additives so the one thing I would have difficulty giving up for good is coffee. It’s my one naughty vice and I really enjoy my 3-4 cups a week. Actually I don’t even feel guilty about it because I associate my lovely warm cup of coffee as my 10 minutes of “me indulgence”.
    .-= Colette Sebat´s last blog ..A blog about poo =-.

  316. Colette Sebat

    I also wanted to give my opinion about decaffeinated coffee, if you don’t mind. I love that you recommend giving up coffee but I have strong reservations about suggesting people drink decaf coffee as a substitute. This is in contradiction to your recommendation of avoiding chemical additives. Generally decaffeinated coffee is made by rinsing the coffee beans in a chemical solvent that removes the caffeine. Unfortunately this solvent is made up of carcinogenic chemicals which we obviously want to avoid. This is especially important for pregnant and breastfeeding mums to understand. It is possible to get decaf coffee that has been decaffeinated using healthy methods (such as the Swiss Water Method or the CO2 process) but I don’t think you’ll be able to find this type of coffee in your local coffee shop, unfortunately. So, in my opinion, it would be much better for one’s health to drink regular coffee (and particularly organic coffee) than decaffeinated coffee.
    .-= Colette Sebat´s last blog ..A blog about poo =-.

  317. kitter

    Aaah! Thank you for this kick in the pants! Sugar and caffeine are neck & neck for me. Otherwise I eat pretty healthy… but I’ve been feeling crummy anyway, and I’m quite sure s & c are to blame. I think I’ll take on sugar first, and caffeine once I’m ready. Thanks!

  318. Roxanne Ervin

    My biggest enemy is refined sugar!!!

  319. Analisa Bailiff

    I have been doing a major diet clean up after reading In Defense of Food, but still love my morning coffee with a little stevia and a good glass of red wine at night.

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