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How Green and Simple Living Becomes Generous Living

Written by contributor Stephanie Langford of Keeper of the Home.

I have noticed a beautiful trend among those who make thoughtful, purposeful decisions about the non-toxic products they use, the whole foods they eat, the scraps they compost and the companies they choose to support.

Generally speaking, that mindfulness also seems to extend to the relationships they nurture and the generosity with which they give. Why is this?

Maybe it’s that as we delve into the why’s and how’s of sustainable living we learn about how crop pesticides from conventional agriculture are making farmers and their families sick, how your cup of Fair Trade coffee actually helps to support strong local economies and entrepreneurialism, and how big box store shelves are filled cheaply on the backs of child laborers.

Knowledge of these issues has bred a growing concern for the well-being of others. Globalism doesn’t permit us to remain ignorant about how our actions and choices affect the lives of real people. We become aware of our power to either help or hurt through the lifestyle we live and I think that awareness helps to foster a greater compassion for those living in dire circumstances.

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The results of green and simple living:

1. Less stuff to take care of = more time for others.

A rallying cry of sustainable living is “live with less.” Less buying, less stuff, less clutter, less cheap junk, less consumerism. When our possessions are limited, so is the time that it takes to care for them. Freedom from “stuff” goes along with an increase in time and energy to give to things that are truly important.

2. Less stuff to buy = more money to share with others.

This one is simple. If you don’t spend it on things you don’t need, you’ll have it to share with those who need something far more than you do.

3. A mindful, conscientious attitude infiltrates all realms of our lives.

Basically, if we are mindful about what we buy and what we use on our body and how we care for the earth, doesn’t it follow that we will also be more mindful with other people and their needs and hurts and struggles?

4. Living more intentionally and simply helps us to get rid of the clutter and figure out what’s really important.

When we simplify our lives and make carefully thought out choices, it becomes that much more evident what our lives are about. We have clarity. We live our days with a stronger sense of mission and vision.

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An Invitation

We hear a lot about things that go on in the world, things that we feel compassionate about and we wish that we could do more. We have ideas about what poverty looks like, some of our ideas more defined and accurate than others.

I’d like to invite you to join myself and four other bloggers (including Tsh of Simple Mom) starting May 29 through to June 4, as we head to the Philippines with Compassion International to get a more in-your-face look at poverty and the needs of those in a developing nation. To see what it looks like. What it smells like. What it sounds, and tastes, and even just the tiniest glimpse of what it might feel like.

Would you come? Pull up your chair, a favorite mug and and a willingness to see and be touched, and maybe even to be changed. I guarantee that those of us on the trip, we will be changed. I can’t yet anticipate what that will look like in my own life. All I know is that I will be there, with eyes wide open, and I will tell you how it looks from my vantage point.

How does simple, sustainable and mindful living allow you to give and serve more freely?

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  1. Sarah G

    We began baby stepping out way into simple living when we found out I was pregnant with our first child. Like so many, I wanted to nourish this baby as best I could. Learning more about whole foods led me into other aspects of simple living and our family is so much happier for it.

    As you said, we’ve been able to give more, save more, and spend more time with the people we love. I’ve even become a better housekeeper now that I’m not overwhelmed with stuff and clutter (which is a balm to my organized husband’s heart).

    I’m looking forward to learning more about life in the Philippines. It’s a country I really know very little about.

  2. se7en

    Oh Just how brilliant and exciting is that!!! I can’t wait to follow!!!

  3. Nicky

    There are so many small, simple things that you can do to be more eco friendly, and they can really add up over time and save you alot of money besides.

  4. Mariposa

    I had no idea that Compassion started up compassionbloggers,com. Thank you so much for sharing. I definitely want to get involved as soon as I can. God bless!

    • Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home

      This is actually the 7th bloggers trip, I believe. They began the program about 3 years ago, and have taken bloggers to Uganda, Guatemala, India and several other countries. I have really enjoyed following along with previous trips and am so honored and humbled to now be going myself!

  5. Jana

    You are an inspiration and I look forward to reading about your time spent in the Philippines. I am on a continual journey to simplify my life and the lives of my family. I do believe that as we live more simply we have richer lives. Thank you for the reminders!

  6. Rachel

    I’m so excited that y’all are going to the Philippines with Compassion! I have been a Compassion sponsor for five years and am going on my first trip overseas (to Uganda) in November to meet one of my kids. Praying it is life-changing for y’all. 🙂

    • Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home

      That’s fantastic, Rachel! I would love to go to Uganda. What an amazing trip that will be for you, and what a blessing for your sponsored child. 🙂

  7. sam

    Oh your wonderful! That sounds like a fabulous trip & one I would love to do some day. I think the big thing for me right now is just getting rid of all the “world” products & going more natural, more simple. I was raised & am myself a “pack rat” need all just in case type person & I hate it! It’s so stressful, & I wanna be organized & free to just drop & play with my kids, or read a book, go for a walk at a moments notice – but it is hard when there is so much to do & the only reason most of the time there is so much to do is because of STUFF – stuff to clean, organize, put away, dust – UGH!!! I am working on getting cleaned out & you are a big inspiration & doing what I would love to do! have a great trip!!!

  8. Laura

    I love #1:)! I cleaned our basement this week & took an entire carload of “stuff” to our local clothing bank (it was more than just clothes – pretty much a little bit of everything). I am now working on our 1st floor. In the past I don’t think I was honest with myself about what we actually use & wear – and what we don’t. This time around, though, I have been brutally honest….if we aren’t wearing or using it, it goes. I have been feeling like all our stuff is managing us vs. the other way around. It is so freeing to minimize for me. I’m hoping to finish the 1st floor by the end of the week & move to the 2nd floor next week! I might even finish before the kids get out of school:)!!

    • Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home

      That is one of my big projects for the summer… to really go through my house more brutally than I ever have before and get rid of stuff. I’m going to use Tsh’s book “Organized Simplicity” as a guideline for working through each room of the house. I’m actually really excited about doing it! 🙂

  9. carly

    How i love the result of green and simple living! I just hope we can all apply that so that we can live peacefully. I think it’s a good thing to consider in making our lives better especially after all the trials and obstacles that we experience. This really inspires me to appreciate simple living. Thanks so much for sharing this one!

  10. mike

    i would also live simple with no tv or radio. Thati s my dream.

  11. h.s

    I just wanna say to you, write to you- if I may correct myself,
    “The results of green and simple living”- all four of them,
    are just very clever, and very helpul to me, in my blog.

    Thank you, bless you, i’m gonna read this a few more times.

    I hope soon, all of the world will understand that we cannot go against nature!
    Natural resources run out and an infinite reservoir of energy or resources- won’t be no more. We are in a consumer society, and we aren’t balanced with nature.
    But we are awakening… hopefully, our children won’t live in a worst world, they will have a new world, they will live in a new reality, of connection between them, with love, careness and balance, with truth!… the question is- we know there is a solution somewhere, where is it? one simple solution…

  12. Haley

    A beautiful post.We will have a peaceful and happy life if we follow the green and simple living,but it’s not easy. Be saticify,it’s the best way for us to live comfotably.

  13. Paul P. Jones

    I hope soon, all of the world will understand that we cannot go against nature!
    Natural resources run out and an infinite reservoir of energy or resources- won’t be no more.

  14. watch live tv , live tv

    We will have a peaceful and happy life if we follow the green and simple living,but it’s not easy

  15. live tv

    Natural resources run out and an infinite reservoir of energy or resources- won’t be no more

  16. Ben

    I couldn’t agree more. Reminds me of Thoreau, who said: “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say let you affairs be as one or two and not a hundred or a thousand.” There’s definitely a scarcity of resources on the planet, and we’re all competing for them. Simplicity is just good for everyone to practice.

  17. Brandi Kamph

    I’ve been making this site part of my weekly read list and bookmarked this page AND How Green and Simple Living Becomes Generous Living | Simple Homemade – is a interesting title AND TOPIC OF DISCUSSION! Thanks for remaining a reliable source for sustainable and green living updates. please consider adding a “share” app to your website so that we can share your articles with friends and business colleagues on our social networks, your website is on my top 5 list of bookmarks. Thank you – Brandi Kamph

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